Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate Maximus
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


Tall, with a leanly-muscled physique, Zubenya looks like he was built to move. As eye-candy he’d look just as good standing still — noble, even, with his smooth oval-shaped face, long straight nose, and olive-green eyes — but that would be a bit of a shame when the strength and energy that comes so naturally to him seems poised just beneath the surface, waiting to be used. His darkish-brown skin is still mostly unblemished, as yet unravaged by anything but his own misadventures, and his short black hair has only a faint hint of careless curl to it.

He loves bright colors in his clothing, but he equally enjoys wearing very little — especially as he’s grown into adulthood and developed a body he’s proud of, though he was always more the natural type. Whenever he can get away with it, he’s barefoot, and his feet have the callouses — and his boots the lack of wear — to prove it.


Zubenya is proud and confident, perhaps even a bit arrogant in that youthful “I’m in the prime of my life and am well-equipped to succeed in life” sort of way. Despite Ista’s losses, despite his own family’s losses, there’s a part of him that still feels invincible, like of course he and his dragon will be different — or perhaps he just doesn’t care? You can see it in his eyes, in his smile, in the way he walks: he knows who he is, he loves who he is, and he’s probably never had a genuine regret in his entire life (even when he probably should have). He’s very energetic — not bouncy (he’s too in-control of himself for that), but vigorous. He’s one of those people who rises early and can go full-tilt all day, hands strong in everything he does, mind bright and alert for anything he might encounter. Work or play, both are equally stimulating for him and may very well frequently overlap depending on the task; just because he takes it seriously doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of enthusiasm, after all! He genuinely enjoys being active and his friends know him as the guy who’s almost always up for anything — all they have to do is suggest something, and he’s usually ready to go. Challenges really get his blood pumping, whether they be physical or mental, and he can be very competitive in good fun to start with, but can get caught up in the game easily and get a bit too aggressive.

Emotionally, Zubenya is very open in some ways, but less so in others. He tends to attach himself to those he loves very closely — he’ll almost always be seen with those people, and is very devoted to and protective of those he chooses to call his own. But at heart, he’s a very loving person, and a very social person. He may have that special tiny circle, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also have a larger circle, a more loose grouping of people he moves among and also enjoys the company of. Deep-down, he wants to be able to welcome as many people as possible into that big circle, but he’s not quite naive enough for that. He wants to give you the benefit of the doubt, but there’s a side of him that’s wary and keeps an eye out for danger or competition, too: he’s very perceptive to mood and mannerism and tends to be a bit sensitive to how he’s approached (particularly the first time). Blow your first impression with Zubenya, and you may never get a second chance to mend his opinion of you.

And that would just be an awful shame, because he can be a really amazing, loyal friend. But, just as he tends to suffer for lack of activity, he also suffers keenly from lack of social contact, too. Luckily for him it happens very rarely in his life, living at the Weyr among his family and friends as he does, but on the few occasions he has found himself left alone of left behind (when most of his friends entered candidacy before he did, for instance) he gets out of sorts very quickly. It’s part of the reason he likes to keep so social outside his preferred group, in fact: he’s not stupid, he’s learned from his experiences and compensates for the ones that he knows make him feel bad. He’d much rather feel good, and while that may seem like an obvious thing, there are plenty of people in the world who seem to enjoy wallowing in their misery, and Zubenya is definitely not one of them. He’s a bit of a hedonist who loves everything about his life, and will readily admit that he’s incredibly lucky to be born to dragonriding despite its dangers.


Birthdate: 433.01.12
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

Zubenya comes from a long line of Istan dragonriders on his father’s side, though there’s been nothing particularly distinctive about their line other than their steady presence among the Wings. There may have been a brownrider or two in there somewhere — maybe — but no bronzeriders that anyone can remember… and what’s wrong with that?

Certainly nothing in Zubenya’s eyes. He wasn’t raised with any particular closeness or care by either of his parents — his mother, a weyrborn lass turned weaver, was always as busy with her loom as his father was with his dragon — but that didn’t mean he was unaware of who they were, or that it was just generally expected that a weyrboy put himself to the eggs as soon as he was old enough.

Well, seven turns llater and he’s still waiting for The Egg to come along. The disastrous first fall may have heightened the pressure to impress, but has done little to change his life overall. Day after day is still spent at chores or with his mates, waiting for his life to begin. It’s not an unpleasant wait, there’s always a bit of joy and fun for any weyrbrat who knows to look, and ‘Benya is surely one in the know, but for a young man who hasn’t ever bothered to consider not Impressing, it’s starting to get a little worrying.



Father: D’bur, bluerider
Mother: Manu, weaver
Siblings: Bros, Hot ass sis


Jovirlyn, candidate




A few.

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