Character Type: Staff
Rank: Cook
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Basic Information

Zella is one of those invisible people in the Lower Caverns, quiet and good-natured, friendly to her friends in the kitchens but shy with people she doesn't know as well. She's average in height but slight of build; as she's aged, she's put on a bit more mass thank goodness, and she's become a bit more outgoing. In her youth, she looked like she might blow away in a strong breeze, and barely spoke at all. Maybe that's why she found young R'fan's attentions so flattering — boys typically didn't notice her, standing off quietly behind her more outgoing friends — and to this day she still treasures her time with him, and the child that resulted from it. She didn't feel ready to be a mother at first, but R'fan was just so happy and he kept visiting, and the attention, even if most of it was on baby Zeff and not her, warmed her in a way she had never felt before.

That may have been part of what motivated her to become a little more outgoing, because ever since then she's enjoyed being pregnant more than anything in the world. She's not confident enough to snag men as often as she'd like, and often the fathers of her children disappoint her by being… well, more like normal uninvolved dragonriders and less like overly-interested R'fan… but at least she has the children to adore. And for a few short turns, they adore her in return.

As she's gotten older, though, each pregnancy has gotten more and more difficult, and the healers have warned her that she might want to consider not having anymore. She doesn't understand why life has to be so unfair about it, when there are plenty of women at the Weyr who have had more than the mere five that she's managed over the past twenty-one turns, and she's not likely to heed their advice.

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