Character Type: Healer
Rank: Junior Apprentice
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: A better question might be, what doesn't he prefer?

Basic Information

Zechalu is weyrbred, but unlike his frequent partner-in-crime Pafarden, he doesn't really suffer from any sense of guilt from not choosing candidacy like most of his family. He has always said that he prefers to belong to himself, and while he's loyal to the Weyr of his birth, and to his craft, he draws the line at sharing his headspace with another creature. Oh, he likes dragons just fine, he just doesn't want to be chained to one, that's all! (And if you ask, he'll tell you that he's a lover, not a fighter.)

Healing is his way of giving back, though, and he's better at it than it might first appear. It's true that he has a bit of an overactive brain and has a lot of trouble focusing on the task at hand long enough to master the material in front of him, and an overactive libido that does nothing to help, but he has a good understanding of anatomy and is developing a good understanding of how all the individual parts and processes of the human body work together, too, which can only help his studies in the future. Surprisingly enough considering his usual irreverent behavior away from the bedside, he also seems to have a good touch with the patients when necessary. He may have the makings of a good rehabilitation specialist, someday.

He is also infamous among certain circles in the Weyr for his artistic ability. It started out as simple anatomy sketches in his early studies as an apprentice, but he has since improved by leaps and bounds, and now has a fairly sizable portfolio of sexy pin-ups, erotic artwork, and outright pornography. He is hardly a "loner" artist-type — he's a social young man who fully embraces his talent, and is not above using it to win him friends or lovers or marks or favors. He's also not above circulating naughty pictures of his co-workers for revenge, or just for laughs.

Family: Zechalu is a cousin of Zeff through her mother, Zella

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