Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Unsure


Zaravay is a big lad for his age, always was and is often taller than most of the boys his age. He still has plenty of growing left to do, but he’s already a respectable 5’6 with less and less of childhood baby fat every day. He’s a bruiser and likely will skip most of the awkward growth spurts to land right into a strong teenage body.

He’s native Istan, but there’s definite Northern heritage somewhere that insists on being dominant. He’s fair skinned and freckled with light auburn hair that sometimes shows signs of deepening to a more red shade in the winter months. He still has a young-looking face so it can be a little unsettling at how much hatred and anger her can carry in his expression if you’re the wrong person.

Zaravay seemed to grow a lot all of a sudden. He was always a big kid, but it seems like overnight he shot up a few inches and his build became one of a young man rather than a boy. There's still a youthfulness to his face that shows that he's not as old as his frame might suggest and his face still stubbornly refuses to grow any kind of useful beard, but he's starting to get a bit more maturity to his looks. Rather than being awkward and having to grow into his body, Zaravay settled right into it with ease and with enthusiasm. Physical activity is one of the few things that keeps him from blowing his lid completely so he works hard and it shows is in physique already. The recent surge of testosterone did nothing but help him and *finally* he's starting to look like he actually might be able to kick your ass.


And if you’re not Istan you’re the wrong person. If you’re friends with those invaders you’re possibly the wrong person, though Zaravay’s much more lenient towards the natives of his home. At least for a while, but its hard to forgive someone if they’re going and betraying their Weyr by accepting the *them*. He hates the Outsiders with an unrestrained fury and isn’t shy about showing it. They shouldn’t be here and if they think they’re going to replace the Istans they lost they have another thing coming. Its even worse when it comes to the transplanted candidates and he’ll certainly be going out of his way to make their life miserable. And if he can find a way to keep them from the eggs that belong to his people then he won’t hesitate.

Its probably a good thing that he’s still pretty much a kid: so far his attempts to get at the Outsiders haven’t been anything dangerous. Mostly his hazing and pranks are more childish than anything, but it probably won’t take long for him to move past putting bugs in girls hair. He certainly has no problem jumping straight to physical intimidation, regardless of the other person’s size. After all, he’s got folk to back him up. (Or he always assumes so and generally the Istans tend to stick together over the Outsiders anyway).

He’s been too busy being pissed off and upset about everything that’s been going on in the Wery to really consider much else. He has his friends — though there isn’t much thought about anyone romantically —, and he likes to have fun and get into trouble like any other teenager, but he’s still grieving over the loss of his father. Causing trouble for the new folk coming into Ista is his only outlet; he’s not a boy who’s really in touch with emotions so pretty much everything comes out as rage.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.437.5.10

Zaravay was unusually close with his father growing up for a rider-son relationship. He didn’t mind his mother, but it was P’layn that was really something special and the man took the time to know his son. It was the bronzerider that hammered home the thorough Istan pride that Zaravay holds dear. Istans are the best of the best and rider folk in particular are a big deal. Holders and crafters are okay and anyone else? Nothing.

Zaravay was always a little standoffish with any transfers from outside of Ista, but it wasn’t until thread fell and the reinforcements came that all of this twisted into an immediate hatred of these intruders. He’d known and idolized many of the riders that had died and having these losers coming in to fill their places was an insult he took very personally.

He never expected that his father could become a casualty of fighting thread. To him the man was invincible, a hero that was going to become Weyrleader and save Pern. But the very next fall P’layn was taken by thread and Zaravay’s world ceased to make any sense.

With no idea how to handle this sort of grief he turned to the easiest thing: anger. And this was directed at the people he already hated. No one really saw was happened when his father died, but Zaravay is convinced that it was some Outsider’s fault. It had to have been, since there’s no other reason that *his* father could have been killed with loyal Istans at his side.

And so now nothing else matters but punishing these invaders and its his goal to find a way to send every one of them packing.



Father: Bronzerider P’layn (deceased),
Mother: Bluerider Zarave,
Half-brother: Brownrider Z’davien

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