Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


He's pale, a smooth complexion several paces above what'd be considered sick, and you're thrown into the opposite spectrum from there. Whether you consider his pitch black hair or sienna-colored eyes, neither are less monotone but together each coloration shimmers in their contrasting nature. They seem as something that's just emerged from the shadows, something not meant for daylight because he'd stand out more substantially during the night…where none of it would've seemingly faded against the sunlight. Such a combination leaves his serious expression seeming almost sensuous.

Something about it would've seemed dangerous were his shape more prominent. His muscles, because they're smooth and wiry, stretch the skin covering them taut with ripples teasing across him whenever he moves. Beyond his chiseled pose there's other prominent features keeping his 5 foot-9 inches apparent in a good-looking cross between lovely and handsome. The flat abdomen insures his chest isn't unimpressive, instead it juts outward an inch with hips another inch wider against his narrow waist. Since there's no fat making an appearance either, he's a limber, flexable creature carried around on legs that're somewhat longer than what's normal. Calluses do mar otherwise undamaged, slender hands, in particular his dominant right-hand, giving testament to the writing he's done.

Said smoothness continued onto his face as sharp lines rising from a rounded chin, becoming a narrow oval at nose level. Against the cheekbones set somewhat prominent underneath the hooded eyes, his narrow nose seems rather delicate surrounded in bangs that're no more than wisps. Those thicken into silken, shoulder-length strands on either side with tips curling inward, their feathery ends tickling him rather often, and beginning from his ears is cut across the back at the nape of his neck.


Z'srel will avoid people, watching them pass without really intruding into their lives. The one exception is whoever he lets into his heart, it would take some work getting their but once there they'll have someone that'd never dream of turning against them. Nor would he feel the need for more interactions than what he'll get from that person and from Aleneth. This is because he is somewhat empathic and fears how easily he understands others, as such he's walled himself off after that disasterous first Threadfall. All that pain and loss demonstrated by those around him was too horrifying. Z'srel, however, last experienced disappointment when his father wouldn't even meet him when he found out about Z'srel's existence. Which seemed true until Z'srel let his black hair grow and it wasn't curly, unlike his mother's hair.

Between then and now Z'srel became more bookworm-ish, his goal before Impression was to be a know-it-all. Therefore, whenever not reading, he'll normally tend Aleneth or let his OCD overcome whatever else he could've done. He'll insist his weyr remain organized and everything within must be symmetrical otherwise he'll become anxious, become prone toward frantic reorganization if anything seems wrong. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that he prefers routine and, for that reason, M'drasen has earned his everlasting hatred! But even that hatred must obey the OCD. Frantically announcing or rushing into action is too disorganized, too messy for this greenrider. Instead he's too clever, quiet and patient, and won't move against these Outsiders until he's gathered all the information necessary for formulating a plan. That is why he is so carefully polite, making himself less noticeable. Problem is he won't lead, nor follow unless it's someone he trusts as being a wonderful leader.

Another issue he'll eventually face is that he's the type of person who, if he does something for too long, will get stuck and be unable to break the habit.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.432.1.16

Zoeson was someone Searched from Ista Seahold. He entered into a relationship with the greenrider Rellana and several months later they'd conceived their first child, which ended in no more than a stillbirth. They spent another time together just before Zoeson aged out of Candidacy, nor was Rellana enough reason for him to remain so he left without seeing the greenrider again. Several sevendays later Rellana discovered her pregnancy and after losing one child she couldn't bare to just *between* this one out of existence despite her own anger toward the man who abandoned her. She carried Zesrell until birth, although the youngster was born 1 or 2 sevendays early. She never thought about letting Zoeson know about Zesrell until the boy reached 7 Turns old without latching onto any father figure she eventually tried pushing him toward. He'd grown into somewhat of a momma's boy during his first 7 turns so no one else but actual family would've caught his attention at that point. Since his mother wanted him to have some father figure she brought him to Ista Seahold to meet his actual father.

Only to be turned away because Zoeson was married, had gotten married mere months after leaving Ista Weyr, and didn't want his wife to learn about Rellana or Zesrell. This once more upset Zesrell's mother and, in turn, that upset Zesrell. For the rest of his childhood Zesrell found it more fun watching others play than joining in himself…there was too much he would've missed being in the thick of things. So it was natural that reading eventually caught his attention, eventually turned him into a bookworm. Despite that he couldn't resist following his mother's footsteps into Candidacy once he reached 12 Turns. That distance unfortunately became one habit he couldn't break once the hormones growing boys were known for developed, with it urging him into more social interactions.

Interactions that threw him somewhat off-balance given his inexperience and the embarrassment made him quiet for some time until he couldn't ignore it anymore. As such it forced him to become rather clever about how he phrased things so he wouldn't embarrass himself. He never told anyone else about those struggles, although it might've been somewhat obvious to those who'd already been through such a phase. It wasn't until he was 17 that green Aleneth hatched, prowling through the various shadows, occasionally swiping out at her clutchmates, before she approached Zesrell. They're not important. You ARE! During the first months of weyrlinghood Z'srel would quote things he'd read to his classmates and not talk about much else. Z'srel would see the troubles and pain (emotional and physical) others experienced after the first Threadfall, which made him wall himself off even more from others. Once graduated he was quite happy to become an active part of a wing but had somewhat forgotten how to be social. He knew what to say to get information but seemed withdraw and shy other than that.



Seacrafter Zoeson (father)
Greenrider Rellana (mother)
several younger half-siblings from Zoeson

Z'srel's Dragon: Green Aleneth

Dragon Name: Aleneth
Colour: Green
Age: 4
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.449.8.11


A creepy egg produced this likewise creepy green. There are long, thin limbs that're slow and methodical, never lashing out until they'll strike with unerring precision toward her prey! This dark emerald creature even appears as if she could use a good manicure and pedicure, those claws on fore, and hind, feet are way too long…even when she was just hatched they were ridiciously sharp. Unfortuntely, or maybe not, they stayed that way even after she started walking, playing, eating and otherwise giving them wear and tear. It just shows that she has incredibly strong claws and it won't be easy at all to keep out of their way…unless she wants them outta the way. Nor are those claws all that's strange about Aleneth. Once she opens her long muzzled maw you'll see teeth. Teeth that make it obvious why her limbs seem long, her body rather lanky and her head a touch awkwardly large. Her head must be large to hold all those long teeth, teeth that looked like adult teeth even when she was just hatched. Whatever strange goings on occurred during her growing inside that shell this green is known as being very fierce and yes, rather scary.


Aleneth won't do anything to discourage that perception either, she's too busy moving either incredible stealthy and slow, or whipcord fast so that you don't know what the shells she's doing. She won't be loud at all mentally. In fact she's going to be a very, very quiet dragon that will need a lot of coaxing from her lifemate to get more than a few words from her. She'll never outgrow her strangeness either even if her rider hopes she will, they'll be hoping until they're old and gray it just won't happen.

Despite that quiet Aleneth will be very smart for a green. Her tendency to eat her fill on the feeding grounds and then kill an extra beast and wrap it up in furs to hide it away for later will gross out just about anyone who discovers this eccentricity in her. Oh yes, she's not perfect by any means. Her amazing threadfighting ability is where she'll excel while living day to day might be more of a challenge. She loves scaring animals, and so what if they faint, or even die (not that many or any will) when she frightens them, it just makes her somehow more powerful. It was just animals starting out until the Outsiders came. They're not welcome within her territory and she isn't reluctant about expressing her discontent toward them. In her mind they're no more than the animals she's used to scaring.

Luckily this green is an incredible thread fighter. She'll last as long as the bigger blues in the sky and her flaming will be nearly perfect. If she's ever scored it won't be her fault but that of her rider or another dragon. She's just too aware of her surroundings and knows just how to find even the trickiest of threads caught in a sudden wind gust.

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