Writer: Rendrian
Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Alive


Z'san's appearance doesn't help his arrogant personality- devilishly handsome with flowing dark brown hair, the kind that likes to fall in his face yet the wind can also flow through. He has thick eyebrows the same color that are in just the right position over his eyes to add a brooding expression to his face. Dark brown eyes the color of too-strong klah mixed with rare chocolate bore out at the world with a look of impatient demanding that's honestly pretty rude considering he's supposed to be down in Ista to help. The rest of his body doesn't disappoint, either- well-toned, muscle built and maintained, and he's definitely not lacking in the bedroom department. For being seventeen, he's already scored his fair share of partners.


Z'san is a headstrong young man, one with a stubborn streak a mile wide. He's proud too, proud of his northern bloodlines, and he hates that the Istans think themselves so much better than him. To him, they were the ones that needed help, help that the riders of the Weyr's answered, just because Ista couldn't hack it like the others. That doesn't mean he thinks Ista sucks, in fact he quite likes the warmer climate and he likes some of the people too. He just hates that he's expected to almost be apologetic for turning up at their home. He's here now. And he's going to be better than you. Deal with it. He's not going to apologise for being here and he's not going to grovel or play nice to make them like him.

Not everyone can be a genius, Z'san knows that, and he makes up for his perfectly average study smarts with competitive drive. He wants to be better, so much so he'll do a great deal to prove himself, even as he pretends to himself and the world that he doesn't care. He's very charming, with excellent people skills and a habit of honing in on people's insecurities. He can be a touch cruel when provoked, but often feels bad for it afterwards, sometimes even apologising. In private of course. At first Z'san wasn't sure he would like Ista, or its people, but now he's determined to /make/ them like him. He's going to be someone. And then all those who snubbed him will have to eat their words.


Birthplace: High Reaches Weyr, 8.435.10.24

Zasean and his half sister Zaphia grew up at High Reaches Weyr, the children of two rider. Like most Weyr kids their parents didn't have a lot of time for actually parenting them, they were raised primarily by the creche, and didn't grow up particularly close. Their father turned up regularly to get reports on them however, on their behaviour, their aptitude, and when they went into candidacy, their performances. He considered them his legacy, and he was hard on them both, expecting them to live up to his high standards. When the First Fall disaster happened, and Z'seph was transferred to Ista he insisted that both of them accompany him, which they did, Zaphia not caring where she went, and Zasean a little resentful of being made to go.

When they arrived at Ista, Zasean didn't exactly fit it. It seemed that Ista had had its fill of annoying assholes with bronze aspirations so Zasean really found himself a special little snowflake. He had little luck with the first three clutches after his arrival, but once an Outsider dragon caught the junior queen, his luck changed. There were bronzes on those sands! Everything changed when green Myriath approached him and claimed him. This wasn't right. No, this was a green, not a brown or a bronze! No, this way he would be the bitch, not everyone else! This was just fucking unfair.



Z'seph, Father
Zaphia, Half sister, Candidate




Z'san’s Dragon: Green Myriath

Colour: Green
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: Seafury
Clutch: DreamChasers


From the moment she hatches there will be no doubts that Myriath is a classy and rather beautiful young green. She’s built long and lithe, not curvaceous like some greens, but rather every limb and line is long, elegant and sleek. She’s fine boned, almost delicate in the slenderness of her body, neck, tail and legs, and she moves with purposeful grace in a prowling, sensual little sashay. Her bone structure renders her larger, in terms of length, than other greens, but she lacks much of the bulk that they others may have. Her hide is the colour of slate green and metallic, gleaming even before she’s given a coating of oil. The slate green fades in a curving wave towards her head, the shifts in shade so faint that it’s almost a shock when you realise that the green has faded to the most pastel of soft new growth greens at her head. Her wings are perfectly in proportion, elegantly curved, as are her headknobs.


This green is absolutely a little lady. Her voice is a little husky, warm in tone, and even when she’s angry she doesn’t raise it; it simply acquires a sharp, biting edge. There is nothing she likes better than spirited discussion, she loves debating things, asking questions, knowing about things, and finding out other people’s thoughts and positions on things. Fiercely intelligent, Myriath will soak up learning like a sponge, and will likely drive her rider relentlessly to find her, and them, more and more things to learn. As she grows older her debates with male dragons may take on a flirtatious edge, but she is at heart a seeker of knowledge and truth. She knows her limits though and while she will never apologise, even if she knows she is completely in the wrong, she will seek every way to make amends, and even…make things even better.

Myriath is a dragon of intelligence over brawn, and while this doesn’t mean she’s hopeless when it comes to the physical aspects of being a fighting dragon, it does mean she leans towards the lower side of average in performance. She’s just not a physical dragon, and it frustrates her when she sees her siblings, or other dragons able to succeed so…effortlessly. Her greatest tool is her mind, and while that is keen and will make tactics, memory and information gathering a breeze for her, she hates feeling inferior simply because she is not as fast or strong as another dragon. Surprisingly Myriath will almost do better in harsher weather conditions than she does in stable ones. This is because she is able to compensate using her intelligence, measuring speed, wind and therefore manage to navigate beautifully. She also finds the storms thrilling, the lightning, the snapping winds, the biting rains…it’s….electrifying.

If Myriath has a weakness for anything, it’s for power. She’s fascinated by powerful things, by dragons and riders who wield power or are naturally powerful and even by the forceful power of nature. She’s not awed by it, she’s not drawn to it because she craves direction or subjugation, rather she finds it attractive, exciting, thrilling. She understands it’s not really in her nature to be powerful herself, she’s secure in her own gifts and her abilities, but she cannot help but be drawn to it. Her intelligence makes her the mental equal or even superior of other dragons, and could earn her a place in the high regard of a bronze or a brown, and when she’s old enough for such things, she will favour the larger dragons who chase her. She will undoubtedly be a dragon to push her rider to be the consort of a Weyrleader or Wingleader, and she too will pursue the dragons of such men and women. Of course she will never pant after them in a desperate way….desperation is such an ugly trait…don’t you agree? She’d much rather be alluring, and lure them in, her way.

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