Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Bisexual


Z’davien is on the cusp of being a man and he’s starting to lose that real angular gawkiness that comes with being a teenager. He’s tall and strong, built for strength and power and his arrogant stance and proud bearing only accentuate that. Some might call him handsome, he’s certainly appealing to look at, but mostly its his air of power and restrained energy that make him attractive.

He has short spiky blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes along with a hard mouth and jaw. There is nothing soft about Z’davien’s appearance, he’s lean and strong, built like he thinks a warrior should be.


Arrogant and haughty, Z’davien is not someone to mess with. He believes with all his might that his life prior to Impressing Kartoth was leading up to that one defining moment, only this is not a recent revelation. He’s lived his whole life with the end goal of being a dragonrider, or a weyrguard should he fail, and so has disciplined himself in every way he can imagine. He wants to be the perfect dragonrider, brave, strong, something the people of Ista can be proud of. Especially now after the First Fall.

And woe betide any of those Outsiders who say shit about his Weyr, Z’davien has a terrible temper, something that has gotten him in serious trouble more times than he can recall. He’s not afraid to smash someone’s face in, or break bones. Although he knows that he can’t really do that with Dragonriders…they need everyone right now. Still…he can give them a pummelling without taking them out of the fight. The problem is restraining himself once he flies spectacularly off the handle. He smashed a room to smithereens after the First Fall out of grief and fury at the Weyr’s failure.

The problem is that Z’davien is a very physical person. It’s how he communicates, he doesn’t tell you things he shows you. If he cares, he shows you he cares. If he is furious, he shows you just how much. Talking things out is not his style. He’s all about those base animal instincts, those primal urges.

As such he is quite possessive, be it of his possessions or of his chosen bed partner. He gives a very ‘hands off or I’ll take them off your wrists’ type vibe when people mess with what he considers his own. He’s not prudish about sexual things at all, in fact he’s quite comfortable naked and with his body, and the others in his bed.

Basically he’s a bit of an arsehole, prone to violence rather than reason and one of those very spirited men. There is a lot of fire and passion to this young man, often channelled in the wrong ways. But he respects strength, spirit in others, and although he won’t take being challenged well he does respect it. He won’t hesitate to crush you…but he may chuck you a pot of numbweed afterwards.

He will feel at his most comfortable with a pack of people he trusts and respects, but earning that kind of consideration is tough. If he’s lonely though…he doesn’t show it.


Birthplace : 8.431.6.23

Zardavien was born an Istan through and through and his loyalty to his Weyr is paramount. From his earliest thoughts he was watching the dragons in the sky, and was always determined to be a rider too. He watched the riders avidly, and as he grew, he became more and more physically imposing. He thrived on activity, on the exercises given to him and the crèche workers encouraged him to work hard.

When he became a Candidate he did a turn or so trying out various crafts but after that he insisted on training with the Weyrguards, learning from them. He thrived on the physicality, on the rush of being able to push himself, of his body moving exactly how he wished it to. He was an eager student, and the turns passed easily, standing for clutch after clutch being rejected time and time again and then going back to the guards and training once more.

Until finally the in the last clutch laid before the First Fall Zardavien was shocked to be chosen by Kartoth and became Z’davien.

He embraced Weyrlinghood with enthusiasm, and has pushed himself hard the whole way through. Until the First Fall. Everything has changed now, with the Outsiders coming in. Hell they've even invaded his Weyrling class. He’s going to watch them, closely, and if they even breathe a word wrong about Ista he’s going to make sure they regret ever stepping onto the island.



Father: D'vien, rider of blue Zibith
Mother: Zarave, rider of blue Foroxth

Half Sister: Deccia, rider of Green Thiprith, professional heinous bitch.
Half Brother: Zaravay, Candidate, cutest little dickhead bro ever.

Half Brothers: 7
Half Sisters: 4

Offspring: None


W'kiax, Rider of Brown Maraxith, Sup Bro!
L'cion, Rider of Blue Tanikith, dude who seriously needed help to get laid.


R'kharo, Rider of Green Kierikath, sweetest assed greenrider in the Weyr. Who can kick your ass. (Kinda loves him but won't ever admit such wussy sentiments)

Z’davien’s Dragon : Brown Kartoth

Colour: Brown
Age: 3
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: SkyRiders
Date of Hatching: 8.450.3.15
Wing: Windraiders


Kartoth is one of those lovely rich shades of mahogany, like hardwood that has been polished and lacquered. He gleams like he’s been polished to glisten, with all those rich tints to his hide. To know the true meaning of subtlety one would only need to look at his hide, and all the myriad of shades contained within. He’s a long brown, very neat and very elegant, always very clean.

Fastidiously so.


Kartoth is a gentleman, one of those refined beings that is courteous and well spoken, and always very straight laced. He’s charming, and adores spending his time around the lady dragons, complimenting them on their many admirable qualities. He is a dragon of smooth words, and genuine charm, rather than his rider’s tendency towards being physical first, ask questions and permission later.

His riders brutish tendencies tend to distress him somewhat, but he also finds them rather exciting and risqué. So even as he knows he should feel horrified at the primitive uncouthness of it all…he still watches avidly, enticed by that wildness he’ll never be able to let himself go to experience for himself.

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