You'll Save The World But You Can't Give Up

The hatching ground was quite still after the tiny blue let out his sad cry, nothing moved, not even the eggs, and the audience seemed to hold their breath.

Then…into the stillness came a single, decisive crack!

Taigith twisted around, eyes wide as he searched the eggs to find which one of them had just split apart so firmly.

((Who is it?)) he called tentatively.

((Rorrecath!)) a voice called immediately, unafraid, almost a challenge. Fittingly, the Duality Contained egg had split right up the middle — fire on one side and ice on the other — and in its remnants stood a tall, strong dragon with a grass-green hide, pale belly, and gradually lighter wings, braced and looking around her as if ready to defend herself at any moment. ((Who are you?))

((Taigith…)) The blue uncurled himself and trotted over to her, eager as always, and happy again now he was no longer alone. His pale almost iridescent hide seemed to glow softly in the dim light of the cavern as he came to a stop before her, ((Hello! It is very nice to meet you!))

She blinked at him — obviously she had been expecting a fight — but when she got none, she brightened. ((Oh, hi! I guess I was expecting somebody… taller.)) She looked around. ((What’s going on around here?))

((Well…we come out of eggs, we seem to choose one of those flappy people over there,)) He nodded towards the candidates in their billowing white robes, ((And then disappear towards the yummy smells…The others seemed pretty happy about it…))

((Sounds boring,)) Rorrecath said, feigning a yawn. ((Is that how come you’re still here?))

((Well no…)) Taigith blinked at the green, ((We were going to sneak through the masses and I was going to bring meat back. But Cavarith found his person…then Shuriketh and then finally Loninth….and I was just left here…alone…I was being sad when you turned up!)) he gave a little wiggle, ((Yay.))

((Don’t be sad! I mean, it’s nice to have other dragons to play with, but there’s lots of stuff you can do alone, too. I guess you don’t really have to, though, since I’m here! What do you want to play?))

((Uh…)) Taigith wavered uncertainly, ((What games are there? I am not sure…))

Rorrecath crouched down, tail in the air, wriggling her hind end playfully like a puppy. ((How about the one where you run and I catch you?))

Taigith eeped.

And then took off, surprisingly swift for a tiny, tiny dragon, and nimble. Still he was still a little baby dragon, and one misstep, one foul up and he went careening, with a desperate squeak of disma, straight into the At Home In Ice egg, smashing it against the ground. There in the debris, Taigith lay stunned, as the occupant of the broken egg rose up in a great fury.

((What do you think you were doing!)) The green roared at the top of her lungs.

Rorrecath paused in her pursuit only an instant, then tensed and leapt nimbly into the fray next to Taigith, drawing herself up to her full height. ((Hey, what do you think you’re doing? He just fell; it was an accident!))

The new green whirled on Rorrecath, bristling furiously, ((This freakish runt smashed my egg!))



Taigith's little face crumpled, and he gave a soft quavering sob.

((Hey, he didn’t ask to be small!)) Rorrecath retorted, incensed. ((And you don’t look hurt to me, so pipe down and stop being a baby about it! It was way past time for you to be out, anyway — look, there’s only two other eggs here that aren’t already hatched!))

The new green hissed, and prepared to retort when the soft sobs seemed to finally reach her ears. She turned, and saw the distraught little blue, and instantly she deflated.

((I'm sorry…)) She moved forward to crouch beside the tiny blue, ((I was angry…I didn't mean it. I think you're beautiful…I'm Akrath by the way…what's your name?))

((T-Taigith…and that's Rorrecath….))

Akrath shot the other green a look…not a very happy one either, ((Pleasure…))

((Oh, the pleasure’s all mine,)) Rorrecath replied flatly, setting her jaw stubbornly and returning Akrath’s look. ((Taigith, are you okay?))

((Yes, thank you Rorrecath.)) the tiny blue rubbed his little fists over his face before looking up at her with a small smile, ((It was fun! Until I tripped of course…))

((Why were you running around anyway?)) Akrath asked, brow arching.

((Rorrecath suggested a game of chase!))

Akrath shook her head, ((That's a waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere….))

((Maybe we’ve just got a lot more energy to spare than you do,)) said Rorrecath. ((There’s no sign saying we can’t play, so we’ll play. If you don’t want to join in, then you can stand over there instead.))

((I just think there's more important things to do…and besides your game is dangerous. Look what happened!)) Akrath fluttered her wings, ((and it could have been worse. No I don't want either of you getting hurt.))

((But….)) Taigith began.

((No more…))

((It’s not your job to tell me what I can and can’t do,)) Rorrecath insisted. ((You’re younger than I am! And way younger than him! And anyway, everything in the world is dangerous — are you going to stop everybody from doing everything that you’re too boring to do? Come on, Taigith — you don’t have to listen to her.))

((Stop trying to lead him down a bad road!)) Akrath fluttered her little wings, ((There is so much more to this life than foolish games and smashing into people's eggs! He needs to have hope for better!))

The tiny blue looked between the two determined greens and slowly, without them noticing, due to their intent focus on each other, he edged towards the candidates.

Finally he came to a stop in front of one friendly pair of legs and leaned against them, ((Shh Tristara…we must go before they realise! They're scary!))

((Whoa lady, where did you get the idea that I’m leading him down a bad road?)) Rorrecath demanded, only vaguely aware that Taigith had wandered off. She didn’t feel the need to restrict him, so why should it matter if he took a walk, so long as this other uppity green wasn’t in his face? ((We were playing a game. One game. He fell into your egg. When did I ever say I thought he should only play games, or that he should smash eggs? You’re making this huge stretch and putting words in my mouth and stuff! Geez, you need to listen to yourself sometime — you sound sort of paranoid.))

((You can both shut it, because you’re both loud and obnoxious,)) said a strong new voice through an opening in the Forged From Iron egg. The dragonet inside gave a mighty stretch and the rest of the egg broke apart around him, revealing a rock-solid, muscular young brown who somehow managed to look irritated as he settled back down in the remnants of his egg. ((The little guy’s already gone. He’s somebody else’s problem now.))

Akrath paused at the arrival of the new dragon, startled out of her intense…something..with Rorrecath and blinked at the solid, strong brown, ((And you are?)) she enquired, a little wary, and unsure if this dragon was going to be as…stroppy as Rorrecath seemed to be. At least that was her opinion anyway.

((Beyrinth,)) he said, shaking off the last of the eggshell pieces and a bit of the goo clinging to his hide. ((And do you have any idea how grating your voice is when you raise it? I could’ve heard you /between/!))

Rorrecath laughed. ((I know, right? That screech when she yelled at Taigith…!))

((You’re not so quiet yourself,)) the brown grumped. ((Not as grating, but you think really loud. I just need the both of you to settle down and find something to do other than argue.))

((And who died and put you in charge?)) Akrath asked, disliking the browns rather high handed manner, ((And besides, you’re hardly perfect. You’re super annoying being all…sour.) So there. We’re all works in progress)) equal works in progress, she thought firmly.

((Are you kidding me?)) Rorrecath burst, giving a surprised flap of her wings. ((You’re the one who was just trying to boss everybody around, Akrath, and now you’re gonna criticize some other dragon for doing the same thing? You’re really a piece of work.))

((I never said I was perfect,)) Beyrinth said firmly. ((Just telling you the facts: your voice is annoying, so keep it down. And if you really want to know, my hide put me in charge. I’m not asking you to do something ridiculous, I’m just asking you both to pipe down. Is that so much to ask?))

He stepped forth finally, eggshell crunching beneath his large feet, and stretched his wings, looking around.

((Just one egg left,)) he observed. ((If you want to make yourself useful, go check it out and make sure that one’s okay.))

((Excuse me?)) Akrath hissed, ignoring Rorrecath’s insult in favour of the one more grave, ((You think that just because you’re a brown that that makes you better than me?)) She drew herself up in fury, ((I’m as good as any brown! And as for you!)) she whirled on Rorrecath, ((Shut your candyhole!))

((Never said it made me better,)) Beyrinth replied hotly. ((Just that it put me in charge. There’s a difference, green — and not being able to tell the difference is exactly the reason why you do need somebody else to give you orders.))

((Me shut up? You’re the one who’s screaming,)) Rorrecath said with a little pout. After a moment, she shrugged one shoulder. ((Whatever. I’m gonna make sure this other egg is okay. Beyrinth’s got a point — what if there’s a dragon sick, or trapped?))

She bounded over to the Pink Aura egg and impulsively gave it a little shake. ((Hey… everything okay in there?))

((In charge implies better.)) Akrath wasn’t giving up, facing off with the bigger brown, ((You are not in charge of me. I do not do what you say. I do what I think is right, and what is right for the greater whole. We all need that hope to achieve the best we can be. To be in control of our own lives, to achieve our full destinies!)) her voice took on the fervently rapt tone of someone who believes what she’s saying utterly, ((There is so much we all have to learn, but I believe we can all achieve our destinies!))

In the ringing silence after the green finished her grand speech the Pink Aura egg wobbled.

Followed by the sound of a raspberry being blown from within.

Beyrinth sighed heavily. ((Oh great. Another one.))

Rorrecath gave the egg another little nudge. ((Well, at least we know you’re not dead in there! Come on out! I need somebody who’s less talk and more action out here!))

With a pop the top of the egg opened, followed by the lithe, sinuous form of a beautiful green. She climbed up and over, her long tail waving slightly as she looked down at the others with a content expression on her pretty face, before she slid down the side of the egg and onto the sands.

For a hatchling, or even a young or adult dragon, she was unusually graceful, perfectly balanced as she stretched, bending herself backwards to stretch, ((There are too many negative energies out here. It’s definitely affecting my wonderfully pink aura!))

Maybe the Harpers were spot on…or maybe she’d absorbed a bit too much of that chit chat in her egg…

The new green peeked through her legs up at Rorrecath, ((Hello! I am Tavalinth!))

((Hi Tavalinth!)) she replied. ((I’m Rorrecath. And that’s Beyrinth, and that’s Bossyface Fussytail. I mean, Akrath. What’s an aura? And…)) she cocked her head, ((how are you doing that?))

Beyrinth winced. ((Hurts me just looking at it.))

((Stretching!)) Tavalinth answered perkily, pushing herself back up onto her legs and then sitting back, held entirely on the weight of her tail, sitting comfortably, ((You can’t bend like that? Why not?))

((Because the body isn’t meant to bend that way?)) Akrath muttered, annoyed that yet another green was there to steal her thunder, especially one as pretty, and frivolous as this one seemed to be.

Beyrinth shifted himself, and his back popped audibly. ((Ugh. There wasn’t exactly any room to stretch in my egg, especially recently. You must’ve had a roomier home than I did.))

Rorrecath braced herself, and then tried to bend herself around like Tavalinth was doing. She was pretty flexible, as it turned out, but not that flexible — partway through the motion she made a face (((Ack!))) and stumbled, but managed to catch herself and sweep around neatly so that she didn’t actually fall. ((Whoa, okay, I thought I’d try, but I guess that’s not something I’m cut out for.))

In the background Akrath quietly tried herself, but scrambled back upright halfway down.


((Huh…))Tavalinth mused, honestly surprised, ((I don’t know why that is….I just knew I could.)) she tipped her head to the side. ((I did a lot of this in my egg,)) she leaned forward to gently take her tailtip in her jaws and then rolled off down the slope, little wings fanning out to steer and brake as she rolled like a ring along the sands of the Hatching ground.


Rorrecath cheered. ((Wow, that’s great, Tavalinth! I bet you’re fast, too! Hey, do you want to fight? I mean, for fun?)) She jumped at nothing, swiping with a claw ferociously, whipping her tail around in a demonstration.

((Ha, I don’t think she can fight!)) said Beyrinth. ((All that flexibility gives her some potential, sure, but being able to roll around like that — which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen today, I might add — doesn’t make up for some good, old-fashioned toughness!))

((Old fashioned toughness is only useful if you can hit meeee.)) Tavalinth sing songed as she swooshed around a corner and up a egg slope to launch herself at Rorrecath, suddenly spread and little mouth grinning ((Pounce!))

((This is so…juvenile…)) Akrath muttered, sighing gustily.

((It’s exercise,)) Beyrinth rumbled, watching as Rorrecath reared up at just the right moment, catching Tavalinth in the mid-section with her front feet and tackling her down. ((Honing reflexes we’ll need to use later. Don’t join in if you’re too prissy to practice, but keep your opinions to yourself.)) He crouched, bracing himself, watching.

((I’m stronger and almost as quick!)) Rorrecath pointed out joyfully as she leapt back, letting Tavalinth right herself.

The bendy little green flipped herself back up, completely unruffled, and making a happy little chortling sound. Rorrecath was stronger…much stronger, and fast…but not as fast as her, she was right. But that first encounter had taught her something too. The green favoured bold, aggressive tactics.

Maybe she could frustrate her! Frustrated people made more mistakes.

So the swift little green began to zig and zag around her, keeping just ahead of Rorrecath’s pushes and occasionally tapping or teasing with her very long, dexterous tail. Akrath couldn’t help but watch the display, the two athletic greens circling each other, Tavalinth letting out a soft giggle every now and then.

It culminated in Tavalinth’s long tail wrapping around Rorrecath’s feet and deftly tripping her up, the green dancing away with a happy bounce, ((That was fun!))

It was fun… at first. Rorrecath enjoyed testing herself, trying to tag Tavalinth, watching the other green’s movements, trying to learn and anticipate. She honestly enjoyed the physical exertion, and the challenge of getting better.

But just when she thought she almost had it, she was face-first in the sand, and it wasn’t fun anymore.

((Grrr…)) she picked herself up. ((That’s not fun! You aren’t even fighting!))

Beyrinth shrugged. ((Let her dance!)) he called. ((She’ll tire out a lot faster than you will. That’s why that kind of thing’s only good for so much — it only lasts so long.))

Rorrecath, however, was too determined to really hear him. She gathered herself and pounced at Tavalinth.

The other green rolled away with a soft giggle, flipping up onto her feet again as she watched Rorrecath.

Which was when Akrath snapped the end of her tail sharply against first Beyrinth's flank and then Tavalinth.

((Don't forget your surroundings,)) the other green teased them, a little smug at getting a hit in.

The smugness faded though when Tavalinth bounced away and came in with that long tail, waving.

((It is so on!)) the happy little green called.

((I wish I could forget my surroundings,)) Beyrinth grumbled. ((But they won’t shut up long enough. I’m warning you: don’t slap me with that tail unless you want to lose it.))

Rorrecath, encouraged by her foe’s split concentration, circled around behind and feigned a leap at Akrath, only to twist mid-jump and kick Tavalinth with her back leg. ((Ha, gotcha!))

The three greens twisted round and around all three getting hits in on one another. And if Akrath happened to put a bit more force behind the hits on Rorrecath well…that was her business.

All in all Tavalinth was better at avoiding hits, she was fast and bendy, and even sometimes managed to misdirect a hit from Akrath or Rorrecath to hit each other rather than her.

Akrath was accurate, but got cross when she was hit in return, as well as sometimes getting lost in the combat, instead of heeding her own advice on being aware, which was how she turned to maneuver away to a better position and ended up taking a step and crashing headlong into the solid Beyrinth.

((Ow!) she nipped at him crossly, ((You're built like a rock!))

He grunted a little at the impact, but otherwise didn’t move — until she nipped at him, and one front foot lashed out quickly, pulling her in and pushing her down as he moved in, pinning her to the sand beneath him. ((Yes, I am,)) he said. ((And I suppose you all thought that just because I’m big and I’m not running around that I’m slow, too?))

His tail, not as long and whippy as a couple of the greens had, but a force to be reckoned with just the same, curled out from his body suddenly, forcing Tavalinth to twist and compensate to keep her footing — just barely — but Rorrecath, in hot pursuit and single-minded on her target, couldn’t react in time and went tumbling right over the tail and onto Tavalinth, landing in a heap with the other green.

((I learned,)) the brown said. ((But I’ll have to practice more to get better at countering each of you. I can learn those maneuvers, too…))

((Oof!)) Tavalinth huffed as Rorrecath landed on her, ((Big but not slow…point well taken…Rorrecath, I think you are incredible…but please hop off?))

Akrath meanwhile was more displeased than her sanguine sister and once Beyrinth's foot lifted off her she growled in annoyance, ((you may learn but so will I, so you will always be one step behind.))

((You have a funny definition of “behind”,)) Beyrinth replied. ((But please do learn. It wouldn’t be any fun — and we’d all be useless — without real competition.))

((Not my fault you ended up under me,)) Rorrecath groused, but it was without malice, and she rolled off of Tavalinth and shook herself off. ((Now what? There has to be something that’s more of a challenge than just fooling around play-fighting!))

Nearby the great bulk of their mother shifted slightly. She'd observed her babies, unusually physical bunch, until now, but these little ones seemed lost.

((You will have many challenges.)) the large gold informed her green daughter, ((But you need partners before you can begin that work. And food.))

((Food…)) Tavalinth seemed pleased by that thought, ((I could eat a mountain! My aura would be even pinker!))

Akrath however had something she thought far more pressing on her mind, ((Beyrinth isn't in charge is he mother…)) she huffed, ((Or Rorrecath.))

((No one is in charge in here.)) Tameketh answered, bemused, ((Except me. You will all have a chance to prove yourselves worthy of such trust….in time…))

((For someone who’s in charge, you sure haven’t done much,)) Beyrinth said, eyeing his mother skeptically.

Rorrecath kicked at the sand. ((But I don’t need a partner! I can do stuff on my own! Didn’t you see?)) She glanced back at the candidates. ((What if there’s not anybody who can keep up with me?))

((I do not meddle when there is no need.)) Tameketh informed her son firmly, golden head lowering to look at him, ((It is important to know when to act…and when to let things take their natural course. You are the stronger for me not interfering over much. But have no doubt…I AM in charge.))

((Of course there is someone!)) Tavalinth rolled her graceful way up to join Rorrecath, nudging her sister affectionately, ((You’re the most beautifully talented dragon ever! Of course there’s someone for you!))

Rorrecath nudged her in return. ((Thanks, Tav, but that’s not really what I meant.)) She looked at the candidates again, considering. Maybe the right one would be obvious if she were just closer. ((Race you there?))

Beyrinth looked back at his mother, her golden head larger than his entire body, and stood his ground, unafraid. ((I’ll be watching, then. I expect to see great things.))

((As do I…)) A note of the natural commanding timbre that only gold dragons possessed had crept into her voice, but she reigned it in. She did not take being questioned, or judged, well at the best of times, and with the Weyrleader being a toolbag…well…she did not like doubters, especially male doubters. Still this was a baby dragon, her baby dragon. So she allowed him some slack.

This once.

((Do not disappoint me my son.))

((Ooh a race…)) Tavalinth bounced to her feet again, nimble and athletic as her tail curved and waved in eager anticipation, ((Lets! On the count of three! 1, 2, 3!))

Rorrecath was already crouching in preparation, and it was all she could do to keep herself from jumping the gun and rushing in on the count of two, but somehow she managed it. As soon as three came, however, she was off like a shot, bounding towards the candidates, uncertain of what might be awaiting her but eager to find out just the same. She spied a tall, athletic-looking boy and headed in his direction, but then something about him didn’t seem right, so she did an abrupt change of direction, kicking up sand in her wake as she rushed off to the other side. There was a strong one, but no, not that one either… and here, this little short one, but even though he seemed energetic and enthusiastic, something about him didn’t suit her, either.

She barrelled right into the midst of the candidates, then, looking all around, getting more frustrated with each unsuitable face until finally, she saw it: the perfect person, exactly what she was looking for.

((Ha!)) she called, rushing over to the girl and grabbing at the hem of her robe with a possessive paw. ((I win! I found you first, Rennitz! With the two of us together we’re already pretty great, but when we’re all grown up we’ll be the best in the Weyr! We’ll protect everybody from everything!))

Tavalinth didn’t have Rorrecath’s charging speed, she was far more of a bounding, skipping, rolling sort, and so she loped after the other green, as fast as she could, a happy hum coming from her as she did. She watched Rorrecath choose, and while she was happy for her sister, a part of her was confused at her choice…there were so many here…why that one? Why not…

((I do not know why she did not choose you…is it Minkle? Minkie…Minquel.)) She crooned the name lovingly as she twined around him like a sensual cat, her tail looping up to wrap around his waist possessively, ((But I do. I am Tavalinth, and together our Aura is perfect.))

Back on the Sands, Akrath watched the two other greens Impress, feeling a little hurt and resentful. They hadn’t even thought to include her…and all she’d tried to do was help them reach their potential. She was missing something…she needed someone by her side to help her…but they’d gone off and found theirs and left her alone…

Or rather…with Beyrinth.


((I suppose we should go make our choices as well…)) she muttered to the brown, a trifle snidely.

((I’ll get there when I’m ready to get there,)) Beyrinth grumped sharply at her. His eyes had still been focused on his mother — he did not like the tone she took with him, entirely too commanding and smug (to his ears) for someone he barely knew and who had done nothing so far but watch a bunch of greens run around him, but he could recognize the fact that he couldn’t really do anything about it right now. Well, he’d show her. And whiny Akrath, too. He’d work harder than anyone, and he’d prove them both slackers by comparison.

He let his look linger on Tameketh, and then he looked away, back to Akrath. ((Are you so attached to me that you have to wait for me?))

((I don’t want to go and be successful and then find out later that you keeled over because I left you behind.)) Akrath sniped back, bristling, ((I don’t want any harm to come to you. Or anyone.))

((Could’ve fooled me, with your shitty attitude,)) Beyrinth spit. ((I can take care of myself just fine.))

((Fine!)) She stormed off, deliberately showering him with a spray of sand, feeling rejected and hurt, but still angry, ((Something happens to him, it’s not my fault!)) she told herself as she strode purposefully towards the white dressed Candidates.

Once there however she paused, a touch uncertain. This was an important decision…a life altering one. She needed to be careful. She had to be sure.

And then…suddenly she was…and with a glad cry of joy she rushed forward to throw herself against her candidate in a whole-hearted embrace, ((Avorella…my Rel…together you and I will change the world!))

Beyrinth watched, glad to be rid of her but also glad to see her paired and happy… though that “change the world” nonsense almost made him gag. Ugh.

Still, though, he was the only one left, and there was no sense putting it off any further.

He headed towards the candidates, looking at the eager young faces as he went. The want was clear in some of those eyes, but he wasn’t so easily swayed. There was fear in some, too, or nerves at least, and those he found almost as disgusting as Akrath’s determined naivety. He searched the crowd, his body language solid and confident even though a part of him wondered if they were judging him right back. What if the one he wanted thought he was too… prickly?

No, he had to shove those thoughts out of his head. It didn’t matter if they did — he was what he was, and he wasn’t going to change, so they’d have to just get used to it. It wasn’t like either of them really had a choice, after all. He just needed to find the right one… the one who would work alongside him, and train and practice, until they’d shown the Akrath’s and Tameketh’s of the world what real skill and determination was like.

And just like that, he saw the one he wanted — and when he did, the look in the boy’s eyes didn’t matter at all. He just knew this one was right.

((Dethyn!)) he called sharply, sternly, determined not to allow the young man the chance to reject him. (Discipline, he told himself, that’s all it was.) ((You’re with me. We have a lot of work to do before we’re ready to do what we have to.)) He paused, considering his rumbling stomach. ((First we’ll need to get some food, though.))

And that was it, all the dragons had found their way off the Sands, to their riders and Impressed successfully. In the Stands everyone began to get up and chatter filled the cavern as Tameketh surveyed the egg shell remains of what had, a candlemark ago, been her clutch of eggs.

She looked up towards her rider who had watched the whole event with her Weyrleader beside her, as was right. She could feel her riders unease though and a low growl rumbled from her throat, unheard now in the exuberation of everyone enjoying the euphoria of post Hatching.

M’drasen meanwhile had a hand around Sirasri’s upper arm, holding a little tighter than he perhaps needed to, as he leaned in to speak in her ear, “Last clutch your gold managed to squeeze out a gold dragon and two bronzes.” he murmured, pretending to be saying sweet nothings to those neaby, “This time…no gold, no bronzes, just browns, blues and greens.”

“That happens.” Sirasri’s voice remained steady as she looked at him, dispassionate, “As well you know. Bronzes and golds…they don’t hatch every time. But we have 16 beautiful new dragons…”

“Just know, Weyrwoman….” he spat the title, disappointment at the lack of metallic dragons causing him to lose his cool a little, “I hold you…and your gold…personally responsible.”

Sirasri shrugged as he let go of her arm, “As you said…last time bronzes and a gold…this time none…” she smirked as he turned back to look at her, “The only thing that changed…was the sire…”

M’drasen strode away from her, infuriating woman, and lead the crowd of people towards the Lower Caverns. As far as he was concerned, and Zogeth too, the gold pair had done this. They’d done it to embarrass him. To shame him. He needed bronzes…sons he could mold into his image. And she had denied him that. Still…he’d sired some new dragons for the Weyr…and who knew…maybe they would prove useful to him.

So the Hatching came to an end…and the celebrations began.

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