Character type: Weyrfolk

Rank: Head of Laundry

Age: 63

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Yehren is about 6’3” with hair that’s gone completely gray over the years to the point it’s hard to tell it use to be dark brown. He’s aged very well - yes, his skin is weathered and wrinkled with age, and he certainly doesn’t move around as well as he use to, but he still has more energy than most of those who work under him think is fair. He uses a cane to move around, but mostly he just needs it for stairs and getting into and out of chairs. Working the laundry has kept his arms and shoulders well muscled, but there’s certainly a noticeable bit of flab in his belly.


Yehren is almost as much a fixture of the Weyr as the walls themselves. He's been working with the Weyr's laundry as long as most can remember so perhaps he can be forgiven some of his curmudgeon-ness. And he does have an absolute gift for organizing and managing the massive chore of keeping the Weyr in clean clothing. He's well known for being a demanding taskmaster, tolerating no laziness or shirking from anyone assigned to work for him. However, those who're perceptive to such things or who've worked with him for a while will realize that while he pushes his people, he also has a very solid idea of their limits, and won't push a person past them, physically or mentally. If you need a break, he'll let you have it, as long as you're not just trying to escape work. He also sees no reason to curtail any chatting while working, so gossip runs thick and fast through the laundry facilities, something he quietly encourages. "All the Weyr's dirt comes through the laundry one way or another," he's fond of saying. He's very good at sifting through the rumors and gossip to figure the truth of situations, and more than a few Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen in the past have consulted him to get a better understanding of the moods of the Weyr as a whole.

Ista Weyr is his home and his greatest love, but nothing can get him angry faster than people assuming the Weyr is just or even primarily the dragonriders. After all, there are at least two support staffers for every dragonpair, and as far as Yehren's concerned, ignoring that fact and the very necessary contributions of the staff is the very height of foolish arrogance. And he will go off about it. At length. Some people say he's touchy about it because it's how he justifies the fact that he's stayed at the Weyr after the loss of his dragon, but no one is fool enough to say that to his face.

It's been many, many Turns since the accident that cost him both his dragon and his fertility, and he has more or less made his peace with it. Mostly by throwing himself into work, his family and the Weyr. But it has left him with a certain amount of antipathy towards the hoards of Candidates that come flooding in each Hatching. He finds them foolish at best, deluded with ideas of grand dragonriding adventures, and blind to the realities and potential pain of being a dragonrider

Yehren is very close to his daughter and his grandchildren, though he is very worried about his grandson. The boy reminds Yehren a lot of himself at that age, complete with the love of dragons and the overwhelming desire to be a rider. Yehren's not sure he could handle seeing the boy Impress, and potentially have to go through the same loss he did.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.387.10.23

Like most weyrbrats born and bred at Ista Weyr, Yehren grew up wanting nothing more than to Impress a dragon. After all, what could be better than having a dragon and doing your duty to both Weyr and Pern? He wasn't just about the apparent glory and fun of dragonriding though - his father was a brownrider and drilled a deep sense of responsibility and respect into young Yehren's head. And at age fifteen, he made his father very proud, walking off the Sands as Y'ren, having Impressed to bronze Hibikith.

The pair distinguished themselves in weyrling training and they graduated near the top of their class. Within four Turns, Y'ren had been promoted to Wingsecond, and many thought it wouldn't be that long until he would be Wingleader. He had a long term relationship with a Journeywoman Healer, and was expecting his first child when Fate decided things were going just a bit too well.

Even in Interval, the Weyr still drilled of course. And those drills cumulated in the big Games, mock threadfalls to keep everyones’ skills sharp. It was at one of these games that Y’ren’s accident happened. The weather was miserable - gusty winds and a light drizzle. Hibikith was diving to flame a clump of mock Thread when a wind gust flung both of them into another dragon’s flame. They betweened back to the Weyr in a haze of pain, but Hibikith's wing was badly burned, and they crashed into the Weyr Bowl. Y'ren just managed to get himself free from the straps and clear before Hibikith fell sideways with a sickening crack - one of his wing spars breaking under the bronze's weight. Everything became a blur - his own physical
pain, Hibikith's pain and panic swimming together in miasma of sensation. Someone pressed a drink to his lips, and he swallowed without thinking and all was blackness.

He woke once, to scream as Hibikith betweened. In the bronze's panic over the pain in his wing and Y'ren's sudden unconsciousness, he'd severed the main wing artery and the dragonhealers weren't able to get close enough to staunch the bleeding. Before Y'ren could do anything rash however, the healers dosed him back to unconsciousness. He found out later there had been many arguments about that, with several healers saying it would have been better to let him die. But the Weyrhealer had been against that as had his weyrmate, who a day later gave birth to what would be Y'ren's only child.

When he woke again, several days later, he asked for the mercy draught, unable to even think about how to live without Hibikith. His weyrmate told him she would, on one condition. And handed him his newborn daughter. "Die if you must, but please, I wanted you to see her first." And at that moment the girl opened her eyes and cooed. Something shifted in him, enough that he no longer immediately wanted to die.

Still, it took several Turns before Yehren really could do more before just make it through day to day. It was suggested that he move to Ista Hold or off the island entirly, but the Weyr had always been his home, and besides, it was where his daughter was. But he was at a loss for what to do until by chance he ended up helping out with the laundry. It was a disorganized mess, and he found part of what he'd been missing. A purpose. It might not have seemed like much, but he found focus in helping reorganize the system, making it run with both speed and efficiency.

Time passed and helped scar over both his emotional and physical wounds. He watched his daughter grow and have children of her own, finding focus in his family and in the Weyr as a whole. He became a fixture of the Weyr, offering his advice to any one who wanted it (and some who didn’t), and just generally ruling his sphere with the efficiency and dedication he would have put into leading a Wing.

The first Threadfall, and the disaster it became hit him very hard. Dragonriding was dangerous enough in an Interval - but a Pass? Obviously Pern needs dragonriders, but it’s made him even more reluctant to let his grandson be a Candidate. He doesn’t want to see a family member have to go through the pain he’s been through



One daughter, age 40
One grandson, Candidate aged
One granddaughter

Yehren's Dragon : Bronze Hibikith

Dragon Name: Hibikith (deceased)
Colour: Bronze

Age: Was 12 Turns

Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.402.6.7

Appearance: Hibikith was a large, solidly built bronze with a longish, graceful neck and almost delicate looking features. Colorwise he edged towards the goldish edge of the spectrum, fading into a pale, almost washed out shade on his underbelly and tail.

Personality: He was a quiet, thoughtful bronze, not prone to the sort of grandstanding and showing off of many bronzes, though he certainly danced attendance on any gold who looked his way. He had a bit of a silly side though, often brought out when bathing or swimming. He loved the water, and loved to dive and splash and otherwise make quite a mess, often to Y'ren's chagrin.


Area: Laundry

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