Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Near 6 foot-3 with whipcord muscles verged on the wiry side, Yureov's dark and handsome, prominent as someone firm-built everywhere. His chiseled appearance can dominate those smaller since the serious demeanor is even more imposing. The almost majestic blue of what're midnight ocean eyes has given his face a regal air. His high-cheekbones are broad, keeping the otherwise long features in proportion, though such prominence leaves almost a shock over seeing the freckles spread across his nose. In more striking contrast with his blackish-nutmeg hair his fair complexion seems paler.

He does keep the medium-length layers swept messily behind his ears and nothing too fancy appearing though. There are more obedient appearing bangs since they hang neat across his eyesbrows, less rogue then the other strands framing those features. Clothes, once he graduated, will become more important as a brownrider should look presentable and he'll discover a fondness for wearing several colors. No one color'd bring out everything about himself, nor would his small wardrobe make him much of an expert, however, his coloration won't clash too noticeable with fabric he'd keep carefully smooth.


His expression, seeming set in stone, made it unclear what drove him into making certain decisions. Tenacious and single-minded about every project, it'll take some major interruption before he'll notice another chore. Nor would minor setbacks discourage him. He'll take whatever chance he can to work out important issues, even those someone would prefer remaining buried since it'll strain someone's health keeping such issues restrained. Plus, he's someone that rather face problems with pride, something that he possesses in an abundance. Nothing about Impressing brown seems to have phased him either since brown is important, brown was the color his father rode. More importantly Gekkoth seems a fine, powerful brown that won't back down. That common ground let Y'rov become rather close with his brown. There are no complaints either about the hours demanded from since he's an early bird himself. He's asleep early, awake early but there's no in-between. A sound sleeper he's not woken easily and views it as good that he's Impressed now with no more worries he might sleep through a Hatching. Easy-going overall he eases into his vindictiveness but once aggravated he'll remember the culprit to watch him/her for anything else. His attention toward detail even made him into one attentive, thorough lover, one that can somewhat easily romance females. He is more neutral around men since they're more, mere competition that aren't worth more then being suspicious toward.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.420.11.19

Yureov can remember his father, can remember his face and how often he'd overwork himself into being sent home. Overworked himself into an early death. The last time Yureov ever saw his father was during Yureov's 6th birthday celebration wherein Y'tov took him for his first, and only, ride on Orgroth. Afterward Yureov never saw his father alive but several days later keening woke him from the nap he'd been taking, later that day Purre let him know that his father wouldn't ever visit him anymore. That one ride on Orgroth made him certain about what he'd eventually be. He entered Candidacy and would meet Luaka, who produced his first child, about 5 Turns later. From that same clutch Yureov Impressed brown Gekkoth. Yureov. What I want, I get. And what I want is you! Luaka quit talking to him completely, she even never went to see their child. As soon as the WLMs let him Y'rov began to go visit Kuarov. The distraction delayed his graduation but he did eventually graduate into the wings. He hasn't ever found anyone he wanted to weyrmate with though, he had several flings over the Turns, some of which produced him even more children.



Y'tov (father, deceased)
Purre (mother, deceased)
2 half-brothers
1 half-sister
Kuarov (son)
several children

Y'rov's Dragon: Brown Gekkoth

Dragon Name: Gekkoth
Colour: Brown
Age: 13
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.438.4.3


It'll almost seem like someone poured oil over rich mahogany wood, except that wood is Gekkoth. That made him seemingly glisten, seemingly gleam, and will always look like someone gave him a good bath and nice oiling, even if they haven't. This is one solid brown, steadfast and heavy, all without letting himself come across as stocky. From there it almost seems warranted that he'll always tilt his head proudly and will always seem to look at people down his nose.


This dragon's all about wanting and having. If he wants something he'll go about having it because nothing less would suffice and, given his single-minded, ruthless focus, he isn't exactly afraid about bending the rules. His intelligent is cunning, letting him find some way to manipulate others into doing his dirty work. He may persuade some agreeable blue or green, or work his rider into persuading other riders into listening. Whichever's fine with him.

Because of this Gekkoth needed an equally strong-minded rider to cope.

Not everything about him is bad since the determination he possesses will now get him far in surviving Threadfall. He'll take a few too many chances within the air but is a fearsome fighter, making it seem Threadscores are on the horizon someday. That doesn't cause him much concern as far as appearance go, however, were such concern to exist no confident brown would've admitted it either. His fierceness, inside and outside those flights, will come across as somewhat loud and blustery.

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