Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: heterosexual


Azrea is about 5 ft 2 and built slight, although she's packed on the necessary muscles being a dragonrider requires, more in her arms than in her legs from catching firestone bags. She keeps her hair short so she can tuck it up into her helmet, and when she's not wearing it her dark blonde hair tends to fly around her face in disarray. She has a square face and a wide grin and tends to hear 'cute' much more often than 'pretty'. Her grayish blue eyes are framed by dark lashes. There’s some scarring on her right leg from a threadscore in the first Fall, nothing major, but a slight reminder that she and her dragon are not invincible


Azrea has an extremely outgoing personality, absolutely no hesitation about speaking her mind, and a bad habit of being blusteringly disrespectful to people who outrank her. She hates to be vulnerable and hides insecurity with boastful (but usually cheerful) arrogance. A bad temper and insecurity means that when she does get upset, she tends to lash out and can be mean or even cruel. Idealy she would like to be unemotional and composed, but she can never quite manage that, and her dragon's ability to alter her mood still embarasses her, although she's gotten much more control over it over the Turns.

She is clever, although she thinks she's smarter than she is. She believes that first impressions are the most important, and if someone offends her at first meeting, it takes a lot to get back on her good side. Conversely, she can be an extremely loyal friend, as it takes a lot to sour a good first impression with her. She has a tendency to fall hard and fast in relationships and is easily swayed by flattery. When they inevitably go bad, it tends to be in a public explosion that can draw a crowd.

She takes dragonriding very seriously, and tends to believe that Weyrfolk are inherently superior to everyone else (after all, if they weren't, she wouldn't have had so much trouble adapting).


Birthdate: 3.11

Azrea was clever and pretty, and good at everything she did. At least, that's what she heard every day for the first 13 Turns of her life. As a result, she grew up extremely arrogant, and with an unrealistic certainty that she could do anything she tried. Her parents had lost two children before her, and she was doted on by her mother. When she was 13, she suffered the terrible upset of acquiring not one, but two younger brothers, and suddenly she was not quite the star of the family anymore.

When she was Searched at 15, going to the Weyr was as much an act of spoiled rebellion as of hope that she would be a dragonrider, although she was convinced that she was going to surely Impress a gold dragon and turn out to be just as special and successful as her mother had claimed.

She didn't.

Her first impression of Essyth was that the green was rather ugly. Sand covered and clumsy with too-large wings, she was not the graceful gold she'd pictured. Her second impression, of course, was that the green was perfect, but disappointment was the theme of her early Weyrling training.

The physical labor made her miserable, her green was temperamental and obstinate, and nothing she did appeared to be right. The first several months were the most miserable of her life, and she was certain that she would never figure anything out. Ironically, it wasn't any of the efforts of the Weyrling staff that snapped Azrea out of her miserable funk, but a casual comment by one of her Weyrbred classmates that that was what happened when they brought holders in to Impress, and that her green deserved better.

She hit him. Not very well, and she got in a good deal of trouble, but it served as a wakeup call. No one had ever told her she wasn't good enough before, and if she didn't become the best weyrling, she did become one of the most determined. As it turned out, not spending all her free time being miserable about how bad she was at everything gave her much more time to actually improve.

Graduation was another wakeup call- she'd finally gotten used to training, and now she was trapped in a Wing of more experienced riders, seemingly doing the same thing every day but never getting it right. Criticism was met with sulking, and she started to return to her early weyrlinghood funk. L'syan probably didn't realize he was going to get a shadow when he pulled the younger greenrider aside for a few pointers, but she latched onto him almost immediately, asking endless questions and really just trying to hold off boredom and loneliness.

Eventually, Azrea got over her initial nervousness and attempts to micromanage her dragon, and she stopped needing the older greenrider's guidance so much. By then, she'd discovered she quite liked having him as a friend and ally against 'stuffy, superior bronzeriders' and anyone who thought being a greenrider made her flighty and airheaded. He stuck with her through a handful of disastrous relationships, wing reassignments, and that terrifying first Threadfall. When he was reassigned to Ista, she of course immediately requested a transfer. If the speed at which that was granted was any indication, it's entirely possible she was on the list to be sent already, but she maintains she was a volunteer.

Since coming to Ista, she’s been trying to be a good and dutiful rider, but she doesn’t take criticism of transfers very well and has likely gotten in a few nasty arguments. She probably hasn’t thrown any punches. Mostly because she’s rather fond of her face and isn’t a good fighter.



Mother: Reyana
Father: Azeran
Siblings: Two 13 year old brothers


Dragon Name: Essyth
Colour: Green
Age: 11
Weyr of Origin: Igen


Essyth’s body grew into her wings, thankfully, but her coloring never quite evened out. Her coloring is a dark, dappled green, almost uniform across her entire body, and no matter how her rider oils her, she never quite gets the shine she’d like. She is perfectly average and unremarkable in size and build. There’s some scars from a threadscore in the first Fall they flew in. This has not made Essyth any more aware of her own mortality.


Essyth is stubborn, overconfident, and easily bored. While she doesn’t really remember Weyrlinghood, the trauma of having her rider doubt herself resulted in an extreme tendency to boast about her rider’s prowess, and if Azrea were to claim that water was no longer wet, Essyth would argue that fact to the death. Thankfully for the safety of the pair, Essyth is a very good flier with extremely quick reactions, so the over-confidence is somewhat justified.

Essyth has magpie tendencies and a fondness for shiny or brightly colored things, and tends to bring items back to her weyr if she can make off with them, or if she can convince her rider to carry them back. She has relatively poor memory and grows bored of the objects fairly easy, however, so every month or so Azrea clears out the scarves/rocks/dead flowers.

Much to Azrea’s dismay, Essyth is extremely moody, especially when proddy, and actively attempts to influence her rider’s mood if she feels she’s not receiving sufficient entertainment or attention.

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