The Windraiders wing was one of the worst hit by the First Fall disaster that is still in action. While a number of Wings were either wiped out or their less then twelve riders were subsumed back into the other Wings, the Windraiders clung on, with minimal numbers. As such they have a high level of Transfer riders being brought in to bolster their numbers.

Going into the Pass, Windraiders was led by D'lere, the oldest of Ista's then-wingleaders and the one who had served in his position the longest. He and one of his wingseconds, T'lenen, were killed during the First 'Fall, and their loss was felt keenly by the few surviving members of Windraiders.

Predecessor Term
T'tavri Assigned by M'drasen, removed by T'berli.
R'fan Assigned by L'rori, removed by M'drasen.
L'giln Outsider. Assigned by T'rian, died in Fall late in R'fan's Weyrleadership.
D'lere An Institution. Led Windraiders for 30 years. Died in First Fall.
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