Weyrling Information

After Impression

The Weyrling Master will greet each new pair, teaching the weyrling how to feed their dragonet. As the Hatching continues, he will monitor each new pair, pointing out signs of satiety, and passing on the method of denying an overly-greedy dragonet.

Once all the dragonets are fed, the Weyrlings will be allowed a candlemark to show off their new life mates to their admiring families and friends. Then, the group will be taken to the Weyrling Barracks, assigned cots and wallows according to dragon colour impressed, and the pairs will go through the new process of oiling and bedding down the drowsy hatchlings.

Once all the infant dragons are safely asleep, the new Weyrlings may join the festivities of the Hatching Feast, for a few candlemarks. "Lights out" comes early for them, however, as dragonets wake with the dawn. Besides, most are made groggy by both the empathic link with their sleeping soul mates, and by the sheer emotional drain of the day. There are few protesters, when the Weyrling Master declares it time for a return to the Barracks and bed.

Day One:

Dawn brings the first of many unwelcome wake-up calls. The Weyrlings are given their first lessons in butchering carcasses for the needs of an infant dragon. Just as all riders must know how to create their own riding straps from a tanned hide, all Weyrlings need to know how to cut food for their own dragons.

As the dragonets breakfast, the Weyrling Master, and the Master DragonHealer check over the younglings. After the meat is consumed and all the dragonets are vetted, the pairs are led through bathing, oiling, and if necessary, mucking out, for their soul mates.

Only then are the human halves of the pairs allowed to bathe and breakfast. A short period after breakfast is devoted to making cots and cleaning the Barracks. After that, the first of an 18 month period of lectures and hands-on lessons begins.

Typical Daily Schedule

6:00AM - Wake, feed, bathe, oil dragonet
7:00AM - Bathe, breakfast
8:00AM - Care for human/dragonet bedding, clean quarters
9:00AM - Lessons
12:00PM - Midday meal
1:00PM - Lessons
5:00PM - Study
6:00PM - Feed, bathe, and oil dragonets
8:00PM - Evening meal
9:00PM - Study/Extra Dragonet care
10:00PM - Lights out

Weyrling Barracks

Each dragon pair is assigned an alcove of their own, comprising of a cot for the rider, a wallow for the dragon and a clothespress in which to keep personal effects and clothes. They are required to choose a wallow that is appropriate for their dragons size, and there are markings to signify which alcoves have wallows of a particular size, whether for an average green dragon or an average bronze dragon. The wallow must be able to comfortably hold the dragon until it reaches 8 months of age, at which point they will move out of the Barracks if deemed ready.

Gold dragons and their riders have a selection of one of four private rooms, spacious enough for the large dragon but not extravagant. When there are no gold Weyrlings, these four rooms are designated to the bronze weyrlings currently in training.

Current assignments can be found here.

Major steps in Weyrling Training

Month 0 - Impression
Month 4 - Dragon's first glide, riderless.
Month 6 - First Flight
Month 8 - Moving out of the barracks.
Month 10 - Between
Month 12 - First Flame
Month 17 - Beginning to Fly Fall
Month 19 - Graduation


• This list is meant to give weyrlings and weyrlingmasters (and their players) a general idea of what they should be doing at what month. Feel free to use this as a guideline for posts. As a note, these lessons are not one-shot moments; they're meant to be taken throughout the month. (M indicates a milestone lesson; this lesson is typically the most often played out and/or the most important in their training.)

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