Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider, potentially Searchrider
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Vofali is about 5’1” and 130 pounds, a good size for a greenrider. Her wavy hair is a dark brown to almost seem black, especially in contrast to her vivid green eyes, though bright sun can create soft highlights of gold. Her slender curves and small frame belie her actual physical strength that she has no qualms about displaying in wrestling bouts. Her eyes are narrow and quick; they can pick out the slightest movement in a person to give away their intentions and true feelings. Her fingers are narrow and well-suited for an instrument, yet as strong as the rest of her. Her hair is slightly less than shoulder-length, and at first glance she can be mistaken as a boy.


Even though at first glance Vofali may seem shy and withdrawn, she is actually quite sociable and flirtatious if you catch her at the right time. After Seisilth’s first flight she fell victim to her dragon’s sexual whims and had difficulty in keeping a partner for any extended period. Never adverse to trying new things, it’s not uncommon to see Vofali volunteer to test new formations, straps, or really any new method for anything. She gladly talks to everyone, yet keeps any secret told to her. She doesn't like rumors, and will not spread them no matter what. She is fiercely loyal to those who have her trust, and will follow her superior's orders almost without question. As far as Searchriding, that is nearly sacred to her. Talk of Searches being bought with money or special favors is enough to rile her beyond belief.

The one type of person Vofali has never much cared for would be an Outsider. Raised with the Weyr view that Istans are perfectly capable of handling things themselves, she accepted the fact that they helped wounded and sick Outsiders because those Outsiders would go right back home when they healed. It’s the ones that choose to stay that bother her. Outsiders sent to help after the First Fall, though, have her on edge. Ruffians, most of then, sent by their Weyrs to get them off their own backs. Yes, there were some decent ones, but Vofali chose to err on the side of caution. That was solidified when Vofali was assaulted at a Neratian Gather by a group of Outsider riders. They’d cornered her in a place out of the way enough that the crew an enraged Seisilth alerted didn’t find her until it was too late. The resulting pregnancy left her dazed and confused about how to progress. Outsiders were scum but the baby inside her was, well, hers. Vofali was still torn until someone pointed out that the child would be half-Istan. That alone was enough that she kept the child. Vofali’s Istan pride saved the baby from a short jump *between*.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.415.2.23

Vofali was born on the twenty-third day of the second month fifteen Turns before the current Pass in the warm security of Ista Weyr. A singing child, she flourished under lessons from the Weyr Harper, quickly picked up new music and delighting her teacher in the process. Like most Weyrbred children (and especially/mostly with a Pass coming), she applied to Stand at age 12 while keeping Harpering as her craft. Vofali held little hope for Impressing a dragon and honestly had no interest in the thought of riding on one of the beasts and endangering her life many times a week. She preferred to just sing about riders. Unfortunately for her, green Seisilth had other options and Impressed to her during Vofali’s 14th Turn. The muscular green confidently strode up to the girl and headbutted her proprietarily, announcing herself as Seisilth. Vofali was left dealing with the aftermath (in her own mind) of Impressing her green.

Weyrlinghood was a difficult and unwelcome thing for the young greenrider. Her family had told her at the feast that Impressing a green wasn’t a bad thing- it was actually a cause of joy for Vofali to be the first of their children to Impress. Eventually, Vofali came to terms with her Impression and she and Seisilth evened out. Their relationship improved to the point that it soon became evident that Seisilth had the abilities of a Searchdragon, a position that Vofali considered applying for.

Her distrust of people from outside was solidified when Vofali was assaulted at a Neratian Gather by an Outsider rider who’d had far too much to drink. He’d cornered her in a place out of the way enough that the crew an enraged Seisilth alerted didn’t find her until it was too late. By the time Vofali was found, she’d been thoroughly violated. The rider was long gone but were found in due course and castrated as punishment. That helped ease Vofali but it took some time before she even began to come to terms with it. By that time, she realized she was pregnant. Discussions between her, healers, and mindhealers, along with a very close friend had Vofali decide to keep the baby. After all, it would be half-Istan and that was something to be proud of. There was a Pass coming up and Ista would need the child. Nine months later, her son was born. Naming him Resofali after her father and herself, the boy was raised between her and the crèche.

Vofali barely survived the First Fall, barely missing a large clump that surely would have killed her or her dragon. When that made Resofali decide to be a rider, Vofali was both proud and a little scared. Proud because he would be one of the revered Istan Riders but also scared because he could very well wind up a victim of Thread. Seisilth firmly pointed out to her that the boy would make a fine rider. After all, he was half Istan. When the horde of Outsiders came in to replace the painful casualties her home had suffered, Vofali was livid. How DARE they?

When M'drasen took over Ista after thoroughly cheating in Tameketh's flight, Vofali was livid. No longer was Ista governed by an Istan who knew his people and what he was doing, no. No now there was an upstart of a Telgarian shaking the Weyr upside down and uprooting all that they knew. The Wingleaders they trusted, who knew the skies and their riders, were heavily demoted and cast into other wings to be replaced by Outsiders. Vofali herself now flew under a Fortian! The fact that Fort was at least somewhat closer to Ista and was occasionally affected by their weather was a bit of a balm, but not near enough. For the first time, Outsiders were divided into two groups; M'drasen-supporting shitstains, and M'drasen-opposed potential allies. M'drasen sending to Telgar for further "support" was met with eyerolling and little else.

Now T'berli winning Sirasri's next flight? THAT was something! Finally, Istans in charge again.



mother, father, at least one older brother


R'fali, son (f. nameless Outsider)
Others open for creation


R'fan once
B'ziah likely more than once


T'berli (he's like that annoying little brother she can't help but still love)
Liles (depending on the day)



Rather Fond Of

M'tugo (motherish)

Grumpy Flutter Rumps


Needs To Die In a Fire

That one Outsider that one time

Vofali's Dragon: Green Seisilth

Dragon Name: Seisilth
Colour: Green
Age: 25
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.429.4.14
Wing: Windraiders


Seisilth is a medium-sized dragon with emerald hide that seems shot with gold when she sits in the bright summer sun. Her head is shaped to give her a rather stern appearance that often puts off people who meet her until they learn of her sweet and nurturing nature. She is strong, like her rider, only not as thin as some greens. Her build is muscular and she has the endurance to match but nowhere near enough to last an entire Fall. Seisilth is built more for straight flights and hauling than zipping and darting about.


From the get-go, Seisilth had a very nannying nature. Her clutchmates were always being worried over by their sister as well as their riders. Vofali’s near rejection of her only seemed to reinforce that feeling; Seisilth wants no one to feel unloved or unwanted. She is a social dragon and talks to many people, but especially the youngsters she Searches. Could she, she would mind the children in the creche as she did her rider’s son when he was little.

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