Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 8.426.6.20 (26)
Birthplace Benden Weyr
Sexuality Yes
Played-By Morena Baccarin
Aliases Via
Player Siarna

Vialynka is a small and curvy, standing at 5’4’’. She is lovely to look at, with long black curls and warm brown eyes. Her round face is full of expression; her face just lights up when she smiles. She’s a natural beauty, but some of that old, meek Vialynka filters through in that aspect. She needs at least half a candlemark for her to get ready in the morning, from her perfectly coiffed hair to plethora of powders and creams.

Her body is curvy, partially because she’s only developed as much muscle as necessary. She’s prone to lethargy in the hot Istan weather and will bounce between extra exercising and new diets to maintain her figure and sneaking in extra candlemarks sunning with Anquith. The hot Istan sun is still difficult on her skin. Since she loves spending time sunning or stripping down for a swim, sunburns are frequent and awkward under her riding gear.

She has a fondness for quality clothes and shiny jewelry, and while she doesn’t rashly waste her marks, the majority of her spending money goes straight into obtaining more make-up, more baubles, and more fancy dresses.


She is a sexy, sensual greenrider, and she has embraced her dragon's colour's stereotype. She /wants/ to be that greenrider, the vampy, man-eating lady rider and so now, with the confidence of her green's unwavering support, she goes for it. All the powerlessness she felt before, the hurt at rejection, the dismissals, the lack of attention, all that has been channeled into a quest for power. Not power through rank, but through having a sexual hold over those she pursues. She craves the rush of seduction, the joy she gets when a man or woman eyes her with appreciation. She has no wish to be tied down, she's loving being a rider and doing what she does. She has little interest in threadfighting, and really Anquith is the reason the pair are still alive. It's fortunate that at least one side of the pair has a level head…but it's a problem that it's the dragon.

Vialynka is no bully, she remembers too vividly what it was like when she was at the bottom of the barrel to ever do that to someone else. In fact she's quite sweet, when she's in a situation where she's not trying to attract someones eyes. When she's with her friends, people she trusts, or even sometimes with wingmates, she can be the sweet, slightly dorky girl who used to drool over the riders she's now a part of.

Common Knowledge
- She has many friends in the Lower Caverns, consisting mostly of drudges that sigh over the big, handsome bronze and brown riders. She likes to regale them with tales of conquests.


Once upon a time Vialynka was the drab little drudge that served the riders their food. She was overlooked, and often either mocked or treated like she was invisible by the men and women she catered to. A sweet girl, she had no confidence in herself to either change their perspective or stand up for herself. It was luck that had her chasing after a candidate who had dropped something while heading out to the Sands. Luck that huge Anquith spotted her and immediately demanded her as her own.

It was an almost overnight transformation. The arrival of Anquith allowed Vialynka to step out of her comfort zone, to feel loved unconditionally, and do all the things and be all the things she'd always wanted to be. Unfortunately for the fighting wings, she was less interested in thread fighting and more interested in her latest ‘catch’. Her mistakes haven’t yet killed anyone, but the leaders at Benden knew that it was only a matter of time.

When the call came from Ista, begging for riders, Vialynka was at the top of her Wingleaders list for riders to transfer. The pair had potential he said, but the rider couldn't stay focused on actually fighting thread long enough for them to reach it. So they were sent for transfer, something Vialynka isn't sure about…




Parents, handful of siblings in the lower caverns of Benden Weyr
Viala, daughter, 5ish?, Benden Weyr



Color Green
Birthplace Benden Weyr
Birthdate 8.442.2.25 (11)
Wing Red Tide Wing

This green is huge. And not just in one way like length or girth, she is huge all round. Tall, long, and bulky she's without a doubt one of the largest greens ever produced by Benden. There is a nice look to this green, a steadiness to her broad face that reassures people. Her hide is dark dark green, uniform all over except for two streaks of lighter green down her sides.


As solid as her build Anquith is not a green to panic at the first sign of trouble, or even at the second and third. She's a rational thinker, easy to be taught and slow to forget. She's a strong fighter of thread, taking pride in being good at it, although she refuses to think that her rider might be holding her back. It's rare to see Anquith lose her temper, although you can pretty much narrow it down to the times that someone hurts her rider, or one of her friends. Then she has no compunction with teaching them a lesson. Not maim or hurt them too much…but certainly knock them silly.

A dragon of few words Anquith prefers to watch those around her and then contribute after she's sure her idea will work, or after she's thoroughly thought through what she wants to say.

She's not a green who rises over much, but she does rise more than she would if bonded to another rider, driven by Vialynka's appetite for the chase and the love she has for it.

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