Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Fluid


Toeing the fine line between masculinity and femininity, Velladyn stands among her peers as a more toned, physically fit, and tall example of women. Her strict physical fitness routine has given her a set of well-defined muscles that break up the otherwise soft, feminine curves of her body. Whether in the nude or dressed to the nines in her riding leathers, people can tell she's not someone who will break easily. She's not a woman for fanciful things or cosmetics. Her dark, reddish brown hair ends just below the shoulder line when it's let down, though most of the time she keeps it tied up in a leather thong just so the damn thing stays out of her way.

Everything she does exudes a hell of a lot of confidence, from the cocky smile she loves to flash to the sway of her hips. It's rare to see her in any mood other than perfectly pleasant.


In sharp contrast to her brother, Velladyn has always been about the spice of life, and that spice is usually the finest bottle of wine and the ability to do whatever the hell she feels like. She's a free spirit who refuses to be tied down for very long, making her quite the pain in the ass for any Wingleader who tries to bring her in line. The arrival of Thread and the horrible casualities it inflicted has taught her the important lesson that life is unpredictable and short — it's only a matter of time before she takes the long trip between, so she wants to have as much fun as possible before she has to meet the dark.

For all of her wild child antics she has never let her duties as a rider slip nor has she let her playful, carpe diem attitude interfere with how well she and Ivanoth can perform. When it comes to flying Thread there is no more serious a pair. Her riding harness is always impeccable, her riding uniform pristine, and her dragon's hide carefully maintained. Every morning she has a strict workout regimen and nothing short of an unexpected greenflight will sway her from keeping her body in peak physical condition.

Unfortunately, dragonriding seems to be the only thing she's both good at and takes seriously. Once the helmet comes off, she's on her own time, and that's when she's happy to take to the nearest wine bottle and challenge a few of her fellows to a game of strip dragon poker. Over the Turns she has accumulated quite a reputation for herself as someone to both beware of and to know, depending most on what you want. Her decisions are impulsive and usually suited toward what she wants, and she changes her mind at random. Among greenrider stereotypes she embodies a little of them all: she can have her notoriously flighty moments, tends to be a bit sexually promiscuous, and lets her emotions rule her judgement rather than logic. Her instincts have yet to steer her wrong.

She's not openly resentful of the transfer riders since she realizes how important they are to keep Ista at fighting strength, but she loathes many of them for the uppity, holier-than-thou attitudes they sport, and she's not at all opposed to standing up for herself if need be.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.419.9.12

Velladyn was born a healthy baby girl to her mother Thalda and grew up among the other children of the creche with a bubbly, bouncy attitude that endeared her to many. She was always well known for her love of fun and games, shirking off lessons in favor of whatever game she could encourage her friends into doing. Popularity was her middle name. Despite the incredible age gap between herself and her brother Darveld, she tried in earnest to annoy him at every opportunity and grew quite close to him. When he Impressed his bronze she was left completely awe-struck and starry-eyed for a dragon of her own, though she would have some years to wait before she got her chance. Not knowing any better, she hoped for a bronze of her own.

She chose to Stand at the early age of 12 in order to Impress her own dragon as soon as she could. Many considered her to be completely ineligible for Impression given her lackadaisical attitude and her inclination toward skipping out on lessons or dumping her duties onto the shoulders of others. For all that she wanted a dragon she had no interest in putting forward any actual work to prove that she deserved one, not when there were games to be played. All of that came to a screaming halt at 13 when she Impressed to Ivanoth.

With the addition of Ivanoth in her life, Velladyn took the metaphorical step back to look at her life and her choices, re-evaluating herself in a way that helped mold her into a better rider. She poured herself into her weyrling lessons as if making up for all the time she'd slacked off as a Candidate and came out on top, better than ever.

After graduation not much awaited her. She was a greenrider who was too young to fit into any real role and had no Thread to fly against, so her life consisted of finding things to occupy those moments that didn't involve caring for Ivanoth. As she broke into adolescence she discovered the world that was truly waiting for her and she sunk her teeth into that waiting apple with fervor. Living in the Interval made for a carefree life full of drinking, dancing, and dining. Ivanoth's intense and regular mating flights made for equally intense and regular bedfellows, the most frequent of which was R'fan.

When the Pass arrived, her world was turned upside down. There were so many that died — she herself came away from the experience with several broken limbs from Ivanoth's devastatingly quick maneuvers. The one thing she was most thankful for was that D'veld survived.

In the wake of that tragedy she has continued to pour herself into her drills when necessary but she's also managed to develop quite the taste for living on the edge; it seems so perilously close now that she's stared into the face of so much death.

With the recent promotion of M'drasen and the subsequent demotion of her brother, she finds herself torn between wanting to dropkick her Weyrleader down the corridors and being totally relieved that D'veld might finally take a moment for himself. More importantly she's curious as to how this Bendenite will handle things and whether or not his decisions will be good for the Weyr — and if they aren't, she knows where one can find a good bottle of wine to forget about it on.


Father: D'venkel rider of Green Lidth
Mother: Thalda, Lower Caverns Worker, Cook
Brother: D'veld, rider of bronze Menorth
(Half) Sister: Kevahni (adoptable)
Nephew: S'verian, rider of bronze Oteth
Nephew: S'vero, rider of brown Pazrielth
Nephew: D'koi, rider of brown Yorvandth
Niece: Devella, rider of blue Caeruth

Velladyn's Dragon: Green Ivanoth

Dragon Name: Ivanoth
Colour: Green
Age: 21
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Ivanoth is a scrappy little green who serves her wing well as a quick, agile beast with a propensity for quick bursts of speed. Her mating flights are almost always overly acrobatic affairs; her winning suitors are predominantly blues. The color of her hide is a bright, uniform mint green with no discernible markings or patterns.


Greens are known as notoriously flighty emotional creatures, a label that Ivanoth has heard applied to herself in countless number. While she may be guilty of letting her emotions get the best of her, it's rarely anything more than pure, unchecked thrill, the kind that Velladyn needs to temper lest Ivanoth fling herself into the sea on a whim because she decided swimming was a keen idea. Much like her rider she hates to be told what to do and when to do it, though over the Turns she has learned that there's a time and a place to be grumpy with authority. She wants to taste the spice of life without truly knowing understanding what Velladyn means by it, though she does understand how fun it is to take off from the Weyr and go diving in the ocean on a moment's notice, or to fly around the thick Istan jungles spying on local wildlife. It's the freedom of choice that's so alluring. But when it comes to Thread, she quickly comes to heel, turning into the well-trained Thread fighting beast that she was hatched to be, spitting small but deadly accurate flames.

Another stereotype she upholds is the flirtatious behavior of her color. She's drawn to other dragons on any given day, chatting and cuddling up to whichever dragon will have her company, but her mating flights can be particularly heated affairs. It's not hard to tell when she's about to rise — in the days before, she becomes infamously flirty with any male dragon unfortunate enough to cross her path, and she's not in the business of playing favorites. The only reason she's had the same dragon twice is because they've been quick or clever enough to catch her. Not that she's complaining! At the end of the day, she thinks just like her rider: it's all about getting yours.

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