Rank: Wingrider
Age: 21 (born 8.432)
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Vayari is Tavayna and L’vari’s little baby girl, and as the couple’s oldest child, she is the one that properly embodies them both. Her looks are such a noticeable mix between the two parents that the gadabout riders can immediately pick her out of the crowd as “THEIR child.” And really, Vayari does take after her parents.

She has her mother’s piercing blue eyes, perpetually pursed lips, and high, sharp cheekbones. From her father, she inherited his chocolate brown hair and olive skin which tans quite well in the Istan sun, though not as darkly as her little sister, Tayva’s. She has also inherited his ready laugh.


Vayari is prim and proper, like her parents taught her to be. She is a master of small-talk, and is very comfortable in most social situations. She believes in proper manners, and that there is no excuse for not displaying good manners at all times. She is also not afraid to give her mother’s trademark frown of approval to anyone she feels is not displaying proper decorum (anyone who is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of said frown knows that it is enough in and of itself to stop small children in their tracks). She can come across as being bossy at times, but she means no harm; she is only doing it because she feels it is for the betterment of others. She has a stubborn streak in her a mile wide probably only outmatched by her little sister's own stubborn streak. At heart, she is a sweet girl (albeit a little naïve), a natural mother figure, and Vayari cannot quite shake the old habits she had from working in the crèche with the little ones.

She is close to both her mother and her younger sister (family is very important to her), who took it very hard when her father died. Which is not to say that Vayari did not also take her father’s death hard; it is just that she buried her feelings into the bottom of some very deep well inside her so that she could function. Her father had been severely injured during the First Fall, but she and her mother were unable to sit with him in the Infirmary as he lay there dying; they had more Thread to fight and dragons to look after. And so it had fallen to her little sister, Tayva, to sit with their father, something Vayari felt responsible for, as she felt she as the oldest should have been the one to take on that burden. By the time the immediate threat had been over, her father had succumbed to his injuries, leaving them all devastated. Vayari fell into a deep depression afterwards, having lost not only her father, but also friends and other family alike. She still carries the internal scars of what she went through during that First Fall, and a haunted look creeps into her eyes if she is left to ponder too long about anything.

She has a natural knack for being a dragonrider (her father always told her she had a natural talent with them), to the point where most people think her a bit odd. She cannot explain how she knows where Thread is going to fall, or how she knows just how to position Taryketh so her flame is precise. She is a master of betweening. When asked how she does it, she just smiles her little happy grin. Dragons are really no different from people, and she knows just how to make them talk to her.
Vayari tries not to chafe under her parents’ shadows. Both of them were and are fantastic riders, and it is difficult to stand out in a Wing when a great deal of the other riders are/were friends with her parents. What she really wants is just to be noticed as her own person.


Vayari grew up in the creche with her younger brothers and sister, like most children in the weyr. Her parents were more involved in their lives than some other parents, supervising the Lower Caverns staff with the rearing of their children.

The First Fall came upon them suddenly and hit them hard. L’vari’s death shook them all to the core, breaking up the little tight-knit unit they had formed. They had all blamed the incompetency of the wingleaders for his death, and none of them trust the Outsiders who have come in to replace the friends and family they have lost. She does not talk about what happened during Threadfall, not even with her mother, who saw a lot of the same things she did. It was the arrival of these Outsiders and Tayva’s droppng out of Candidacy which helped Vayari snap out of her depression. She became the rock that Tayva needed, and helped her to rejoin her Candidacy (she is super proud of her little sister). They are all on their way to recovering from L’vari’s death, but they still have a ways to go.


Vayari and Tayva are super close. Vayari was a rock for Tayva after their father died, and Vayari was the one to convince her to rejoin candidacy.

Vayari is the most nurturing of Vayna’s brood, and she’s got a pretty solid relationship with both brothers as well.


H’nalarn of Taralth, grandfather
Talvaya of Cerialth, grandmother
Tavayna of blue Uterpeth, Mother
L’vari of green Aoideth, deceased in First Fall
T’vren, weyrling, brother
Tayva, sister
Lavyar, apprentice Harper, brother
Jalnala, of green Lurinlith, Aunt
Jalnahvi, candidate, cousin


None currently.


Vayari’s Dragon: Green Taryketh

Age: 10 (from the 443 clutch)
Color: Green
Weyr: Ista



At first glance, Taryketh is just plain average. Her colouring and markings are all a reasonable colour, with nothing strange or unusual to make her stand out from the hordes of greens that populate Ista Weyr. She is quite the ladylike looking green, a thin and dainty little thing. She is one of those greens that just exude a sweet femininity.


Everything about Taryketh is sweet. She is a pleasant little thing and always seeks approval: from her rider, from other dragons, from other riders, from holders and crafters. It is not because she has any kind of self-esteem or confidence issue, oh no, she just wants to help! Taryketh is a firm believer that everybody needs a Mothering voice, a shoulder to cry on, a best friend to turn to when the going gets rough. She will always be there to lend a wing, even if nobody asked for her opinion or her assistance. But do not tell her that though; she is as emotional as any other green and her feeling would get hurt very quickly.

She absolutely adores Vayari’s friends and family, especially the ones still stuck in candidacy. Tayva just needs a big warm hug. Tavaren needs to let up a little. Lavyar needs to spend more time with her. Uterpeth is her big papa dragon, and she looks up to him (this is not a good idea for anybody involved).

Her clumsiness in the air is made up by her try-hard attitude. With enough practise, she is bound to get it right! She throws herself into drills and Threadfall with a zeal that might scare her rider and wingmates alike.

When it comes to the male dragons, Taryketh just wants to be romanced. Wooed. Courted. They better not be coming around once she starts getting proddy, oh no. That just will not do. She will melt if a blue decides that HE wants to hunt for her, or if a brown asks for a cuddle at the beach.

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