Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Goldrider
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Vausse is the very definition of girl next door. She's naturally very plain and uninteresting to look at, with teeth that are a bit too big. Not ugly exactly, but nothing that really stands out when she goes out just as she is. Which is why she really never leaves her weyr without at least a half an hour of preparation. Any product that's ever been invented for beauty on Pern is in her extensive collection and she despises being seen without having her face and hair done up as much as possible. At the very least she tends to often have leftover eye colour still on from the night before. Its possible no one has actually seen her in all of her natural un-glory. Her hair is a cheerful shade of blond with some decent curl and is usually teased into some kind of fun style. (Because that just-rolled-out-of-bed look is really only attractive on men. Duh.)

She's tall and strong, built for a farm life with broad hips and very little in the way of daintiness. Fortunately, she *does* know how to dress this up to the best advantage and how to show off all the goodness of her curviness and muscles. She's prone to a little extra weight very easily, despite her strength, though in this new hot climate she'll put a little more effort into maintaining her figure because she can *actually* show it off. No parkas here! She's a master of taking something boring and making it fabulous. Bright colours and glittering accessories are key and she has no shortage of wardrobe, much of it brand new in anticipation of moving to a more tropical climate.


Vausse is the kind of woman that tends to give women a bad name. She is usually the stereotype that people think of when saying just *why* girls shouldn’t be in any positions of power. She’s the goofy, air-headed, self-centred, absent-minded person that creates more work for those around her because she’s screwing something up or simply not bothering with any of it. Everything else is far more important than actually doing her job, so *if* anything gets done its usually wrong or half-assed. Perhaps she’s at the meetings but she was late because she was busy ogling the candidates working out and she’s likely more focused on doing her nails anyway. (Because her own appearance and a hot dudes are pretty much the only two things in life that can hold her attention, she’s a little bit ADD.)

For the most part she’s not exactly a malicious or ambitious person — she’s not quite smart enough — she really just uses her power to enjoy herself, and to help others enjoy *themselves*, if they can be dragged into it. What’s the point of being a goldrider if it doesn’t get you things? Why should she have to go around doing what everyone says… they’re supposed to do what *she* says, right? And what she says is to go get a drink and take your shirt off so she can inspect your pecs. Oh and go get your handsome friends.

Truthfully she *might* be a little boy obsessed. (Might = TOTALLY). She loves everything about boys or men and really doesn’t discriminate. Older guys, younger guys, several guys at once… She loves them pretty/handsome/classy, but she won’t say no to your average fellow either. They all need love and if she can make some poor schmuck’s day better by eating dinner with him, well then that’s her duty as a beautiful person, right? It might *seem* that she swings both ways by the way she acts, but honestly the idea of doing the nasty with another girl’s stuff weirds her out a bit. She’ll flirt and tease and has a good time making out with a lady after a couple of drinks, but at least half of that enjoyment comes from the attention it gets from the men around. She doesn’t mind sharing a guy with another girl (because totally fun, right?), but really avoids having to do any serious business with her business.

There’s a bit of a backwoods holder feel to her that comes out sometimes. She can be a bit vulgar, often drinks men under the table (or would if it didn’t make them useless in bed), and isn’t afraid to get into a fight. Well, she’s not afraid to, but she really avoids it because nothing is less sexy than a black eye. On a woman anyway. There isn’t many traditional holder values to her though, especially when it comes to promiscuity or having things like appropriate shame.

On the good side though, she did pick up a mean skill with their one busted up old flamethrower. She has a way with the machines, and there are many times she wishes she could join in on the *real* fight because she would kick all of the asses. Still, she'll throw herself into battle without a second thought (or even a first thought, thinking is really too much work *all* of the time) and she'll be bellowing out her ugly horse-laugh the whole time. The adrenaline is *fun* and a giant turn on, and anyway she's a *goldrider*, its not like Thread is going to try very hard to take her out. That's just not how it works. No really, look at the numbers, she says, how many golds have died in Fall compared to greens? The facts are undeniable: math says Thread eats greens, not gold. Or everyone else and not golds. Duh.

At first Vausse never really took notice of when folk might interfere with her dragon, especially as her little gold was always so stoked to do things for others, but when she *does* realize that someone is taking advantage of Varaswith she’ll be one hell of a redneck to reckon with. Vausse fights hard and dirty when she’s pissed off and she has no problem pulling hair or scratching out someone’s eyes if she has to. She might not bother doing her job and being the boss of her dragon, but fuck if anyone else is either!

This is assuming she can pull herself off of her latest boy toy to realize what’s going on.

Birthdate: 12.01


Birthplace : Unknown Hold, High Reaches Protectorate, 8.426.12.01

Vausse grew up in a teeny backwoods hold just on the border of High Reaches territory. They weren't *quite* poor, but they often only just got by with their little farm and there were some winters where they were far leaner than they would like to be. Vausse was the oldest girl of the family and spent much of her time raising the other many, many kids. There was bit of a community feel along the edges of the territory with many of the less fortunate little holders banding together and looking out for each other. (Or in Vausse's case, her looking after many of the youngsters while Daddy and his friends drank too much on the front porch.) It wasn't a bad life and Vausse didn't really have time to dream of more, nor did it really occur to her until the dragons came on search.

It was one hell of an event since the riders had never come out their way looking for candidates that most can remember. (Rumour is that a couple of generations ago her Grandaddy's daddy may have been some horrible to the searchriders that came through and they never came back because of it.) Which was unfortunate as they went away this time with half of the area's young. Apparently *some*one had good rider blood! (And don't you dare say its passed around because they're all inbred, Vausse will knock your teeth out.)

Weyrlife was an amazing experience for twenty-three turn old Vausse and her siblings and cousins and friends that had come along. There was some tension in the barracks leading up to hatching when all of these hillbillies invading the proper Weyr folk, but in the end they showed up the locals with Vausse taking the gold and six of their group also impressing. And what a weyrling class *that* was!

Vausse was lucky to graduate, but she scraped by with the leadership hoping she would mature with mentorship with the senior queens. This, of course, did not at all happen and the young goldrider became almost more of a headache than they were willing to deal with. High Reaches was doing well enough in its population and had another gold egg on the sands (with prospects for it that didn't make anyone cringe) so when the new Weyrleader of Ista put out negotiations to get his own gold brought over they weren't opposed to the idea. Varaswith was a High Reaches queen, so they would have rights to her if they ever needed her back, but mostly they were just happy not to have to deal with the pair of them.



Ma and Pa: Non-existant anymore… or never really were

Brother: N'khara, rider of brown Radakath

Clutchmate relatives/friends (all adoptable!)
Sister: Trissin (17), green Daljrith,
Cousin: N'kylor (14), green Castrolth,
Cousin: B'githal (12), blue Hanroth,
Friend: Balra: (21), blue Doxdrith

Vausse's Dragon: Gold Varaswith

Dragon Name: Varaswith
Colour: Gold
Age: 2
Weyr of Origin: High Reaches


There's always a bit of talk that maybe Varaswith was a little undercooked. Truthfully she's almost unbelievably healthy and sturdy. She'll likely never catch any kind of draconic cold or illness and she kind of bounces back from any injury with great speed; she just happily soldiers on. It was always a surprise when she was a hatchling how easily she'd come back from any kind of hurt, literally bouncing up from taking a nasty tumble and the like, so most assumed she would mature into something bigger and more majestic than she is.

Sadly, this was not the case. Varaswith is a runty little thing, terribly undersized and scrawny. Politely folks will call her lean, but this is pretty far from the truth. Skinny, knobbly, gangly, boney… all of these things are quite accurate. She has a long, narrow face that’s too beaklike to be attractive, yet even with sharp cheekbones and eye ridges there isn’t any kind of impressive severity either. If anything she looks a bit goofy with how her eyes are a bit too close together and her headknobs sticking out a slightly different angles.

There are bits of glittering gold in her hide that help redeem her appearance but these are sparse and hidden by the murky swirls that cover most of her body. She looks like a pretty treasure that’s been pulled out of the mud and no one’s bothered to clean off. Mostly she’s kind of gloomy looking until the sun hits her just right and then those little bits of brighter hide just radiate.

There’s an almost ridiculous amount of expressiveness in this little gold. Every movement, every look on her face conveys exactly what she’s feeling. Even if she were the type to try to be deceptive or manipulative it would be impossible for her hide what she’d thinking. Any emotion she feels is shown very clearly, even the ones she doesn’t realize she’s feeling or the ones that most usually can’t even portray physically. She’s an open book every minute of every day.


Though she’s sweet as anything, Varaswith is not really was most people *want* in a gold. There’s a subservience and eagerness to please that gets in the way of being a queen of her kind, though she’s still a bit young and folk like to be hopeful that she’s just a late bloomer. Sadly though, it’s likely that she won’t ever get the knack of being in charge. She’s too busy wanting to be friends with everyone, too willing to do what anyone asks to try to develop her leadership skills and its only with any real effort that she can even impose her queenly will on the other dragons. In fact, its generally easier for other dragons to control *her*. She’s very quick to do what someone asks and would be very easily manipulated in her goofy innocence. Perhaps if she had a more attentive rider that cared about things like doing her job or having a sense of duty, Varaswith could shape up and learn what being a queen is all about. If there’s something that needs doing by a gold then Vausse is certainly not that one to do it, but Varaswith could be pushed in the right direction by pretty much anyone who talks sweetly to her.

However the very wrong way to get her to do anything is to be a dick about it. (Okay, maybe she still will, but she’ll be awfully grouchy about it). She doesn’t like bullies and will always be the one to stand up for the underdog. More or less anyway; she tends to back down at most shows of dominance, but that doesn’t mean she won’t remember and maybe retaliate in her own way one day. Most won’t take her seriously, laughing off her threats — because she’s such a silly little flower! — but there may be a day she finds her backbone or is abused enough that she forgets to be everyone’s cheerful little servant. She and Vausse are in the same mind that if she does find her righteous rage it’ll be something to fear. Its not likely that this will show up on behalf of herself, its in defence of the trodden on that she’d be more upset about.

Like her rider there isn’t a shy bone in her body, nor does she know the meaning of shame. She’ll throw herself around with the weyrlings with all sorts of lack of grace or dignity and she won’t be apologetic about it. Why should she be sorry for having fun or being friends with who she wants or going off on an adventure whenever she likes? Queens aren’t supposed to answer to anyone! she’ll tell you, then giggle at her own pretend haughtiness.

She’s a confident flyer with a weedy sort of resilience that you generally see in the greens, but its not a terrible addition to the queens wing. She can dart around and maneuver through the ranks with ease and its obvious how much she enjoys it. Its all a big game to her and she’ll often stray above her wing in hopes of being able to go after more Thread

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