Location Ista Weyr
Position Candidate
Birthdate 8.438.6.5 (16)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Bicurious
Played-By n/a
Aliases Val
Player Siarna

Valerika is almost a small mirror image of her father. Her dark hair falls in cute curls past her shoulders, though usually it’s pulled back into a messy bun or ponytail. She tries to avoid the ocean, as the salt water turns her hair into an unmanageable frizz. Her eyes are hazel, like her father and aunt, and are placed on a round, expressive face. She’s also learned how to wiggle her ears, courtesy of V’ler. She’s a pretty girl and getting prettier as puberty finishes with her, and you can see V’ler’s handsome features start to show in her little face. Right now, though, it’s just a little promise of things yet to come. She’s growing like a weed, showing some of her paternal height. Valerika doesn’t quite notice how pretty she is; all she sees is gangly limbs and curves that are just starting to fill in.

She’s a mite tomboyish: often found covered in mud or dust or some sort of grime. She’d much rather be scouring the beach for firelizard eggs, and the most likely candidate to drag frogs or bugs into the barracks. Valerika loves physical activity, from climbing to running to playing ball.


Valerika is a whirlwind of energy and has been since she was very young. Always the first to cause trouble, crèche workers (and now the weyrlingmasters) know that silence is a sign that something terrible is about to happen. Not that she’s absent minded; she lacks a steady focus, so she often jumps from activity to activity with a zeal that tires older minds and bodies. She’s especially frustrating in between hatchings, when candidates have more spare time that Valerika sees as an opportunity to try new things- and, inadvertently, get into more trouble. The weyrlingmasters have a hard time finding things for her to do; usually, she’s the one running messages or doing odd jobs, if only to keep her out of trouble for a candlemark or two.

She doesn’t have the casual confidence of her father, as she’s still young and unsure of herself. She can be quite bubbly, given the opportunity, and will be quite the chatterbox. She’s a fun-loving girl that likes to keep moving. She thrives on compliments and praise, and when set to a task she works to please. Valerika isn’t the type of girl to relax. She needs to be out doing something, whether it’s a real or imagined task. This, in turn, is often what gets her into trouble.

She’s under a lot of pressure- some real, mostly perceived- that comes from being a child in a family chock full of dragon riders. She believes that her family expects her to Impress sooner or later, although the prospect of impressing is both exciting and scary. She lost a lot of family and family friends to Fall so far, and while she wants to do her duty and make her family proud, she’s terrified of flying Fall. Not an unhealthy fear, by any means, but she’s ashamed of that fear among the prouder, eager candidates.

Valerika is still daddy’s little girl, both to her joy as well as her embarrassment. She’s always been close to her immediate family, although she and V’ler are especially close. He’s one of the few that she actively looks for praise: she really wants her father to be proud of her.

She doesn’t think much about the opposite sex (or the same sex) just yet, although boys and girls are starting to catch her eye. She doesn’t quite understand what all the fuss is about these new riders. They’re here to help, after all! There are good and bad people among them, just like there are good and bad people among the Istans. She’s not picky where her friends come from, and she’ll be the first to swing a punch if anybody says or does anything against them.


Born to V'ler (or Valeron, as it was at the time) and Danerika, a greenrider. It was a fun one night stand that ended amicably, but left Danerika pregnant. With permission from her superiors, she chose to carry the child to term. Valerika was sent to live in the weyr crèche, as her mother had no time for an infant and her father impressed not long before her birth. Despite living apart from her family, she was doted on by many of her family members- her mother and father both spending much of their free time with her. Her maternal grandparents even took a liking to her, being their first grandchild. She spent a lot of time as a child around her family and their dragons.

They instilled a great sense of responsibility with her, so much so that she decided to become a candidate at the minimum age. It’s part of her duty to become a dragonrider, and to fight the good fight. She missed the Skyrider’s hatching by only a few months. It was the only tantrum she’s ever had, thank goodness, and she was sorted out quickly and efficiently. So far she’s been left on the Sands twice. She has mixed feelings about it. She wants a dragon that’s as lovely and perfect as the many dragons in her family, but she’s lost so many to Thread that she’s scared. Her family, so far, thinks that she’s sad because she hasn’t yet impressed. They try to console her, telling her that she’s still young and has many hatchings ahead of her. But that only makes her jitters worse.

She’s too young to really understand weyr politics, and doesn’t understand why the ‘Outsiders’ are so against the ‘Istans’ and vice-versa. She doesn’t see the difference between a Fortian rider and an Istan one. Everyone is here to fight Thread. Valerika will welcome ‘outsiders’, much to the dismay of other, more ‘Istan’ peers.




Father: V'ler of brown Kiyosarath
Mother: Danerika, rider of green Meikath
Grandfathers: Alderon, D’kar of brown Brysath (deceased)
Grandmothers: Viviana, a crèche worker, Naira of green Lytath (retired)
Uncles: A’ver (bronzerider at Igen), V’ctor (deceased bluerider) (father’s side)
K’ren, bluerider Kennath (deceased)
Aunts: Vivia, Avera, and Vivaeldi, rider of green Bajezeth(father’s side)
Deleri, green Sorkath, Jylia, blue Lornth (deceased)
Cousins: Vaerynika, greenrider at Fort to Sonjath
Siblings: TBA


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