Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


V'thien isn't what one would call classically handsome. He's reasonably attractive however, with longish, fair hair, which he ties back, a pair of honey brown eyes, thick brows, a strong stubbled chin and full mouth. He's tall, even by rider standards, and strong, having lost the awkward gangliness of his youth during his turns as a mature rider. His skin is quite fair for the Istan climate, and he has to be careful about burning. Fortunately he's not so pasty as to be constantly putting on ointment. All in all he's a pleasant man to look at, albiet not really remarkable.


This brownrider is a man of quirky habits. He has to have his writing utensils the same length and in a certain order on his writing desk in his weyr, perfectly lined up. His closet has his clothes in a particular order. He always has to step into a room right foot first and if he doesn't he has to turn right back around and step back in, right foot first. He has a myriad of little quirks like this…or at least that’s what people take them for. In fact it’s more of a compulsion to do things this way. He knows it’s not normal to have to keep washing ones hands until you've reached exactly fifty two scrubs and so he hides the compulsive aspect and laughs it off as little superstitions or habits.

V'thien is a bit of a gentleman at heart, even tempered, steady and calm. He is polite to everyone, even if that politeness may turn a little sharp if someone pushes him. He abhors needless violence but will defend himself if he needs to, he’s no weakling after all, although some may think him so for his mild mannered ways. He’s willing to give everyone a moment of his time, willing to listen to them, and offer advice if that is what they seek.

He uses his compulsive nature to his advantage with the paperwork required of a dragonrider, and reads important hides on tactics over and over and over again, and it makes him very skilled at memorisation. He has one of those minds that does well with puzzles, although give him a task like latrine duty and he might just crack. All that filth…he just can’t make himself.

Physical contact is another sensitive area. He can handle short handshakes, and backslaps, but prolonged contact…? He can’t stand prolonged contact. Especially prolonged contact with dirt and sweat. He always bathes after sexual intimacy, although he does enjoy the comfort of snuggling with a lover. Perhaps because of the intimacy involved, it raises less objections to his compulsive nature. He does wash though…often…especially if he's involved with someone.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.422.7.8

Vathien was born at Ista Weyr, the son of a brownrider and a greenrider. He grew up in the Weyr Creche, just as all the other weyrbred boys did, although the Crecheworkers noticed that he didn’t like to play in the dirt much, and unlike the other boys, was always keen for bathtime. They praised him for his neatness and thought nothing more of it, and as Vathien grew older he became better at working around his little quirks.

His childhood was a happy but quiet one, with no real dramas to speak of and when he turned twelve turns old he decided to join the candidates as was his right, by heritage of his rider blood.

He was a Candidate for a number of turns, and enjoyed the learning experiences he had before Impressing at the age of 16 to brown Distrith, who turned out to be a bit of a creeper.

The two of them have fumbled their way through 12 turns of riderhood, until the First Fall, which they survived. The loss of so many of their fellows, former classmates, friends, companions, was hard, and made even harder by the arrival of the Outsiders. V'thien doesn't mind them, but he's accutely aware of the resentment building.



Father: Th'dien, rider of brown Torcodoth
Mother: Petriav, rider of green Sipisith
A number of unnamed half brothers and sisters.


S'vero, Rider of Brown Pazrielth, little protege

V'thien's Dragon: Brown Distrith

Dragon Name: Distrith
Colour: Brown
Age: 12
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.438.4.3


Distrith is a very pale brown, the palest shade there is before it starts becoming cream, and his hide is flawless, completely smooth and almost stone like in its gleaming perfection. He's not a large dragon, being of an average size for a brown, but there is something about him, an intensity, although it can put people off. This dragon is a bit…creepy. Especially since his wings are a little oversized, meaning that he prefers to glide places, silently…


This brown is a creeper. He becomes fixated on something, or someone and he watches them intently, until something new catches his attention. He's quite smart for a dragon and he's not above bribery to get things done. Some dragons like shiny things, Distrith will procure a shiny thing…as long as the recipient does as he says. He has no problem with making life very difficult for someone who disobeys, or who rejects him. Bit of a nasty piece of work, although…there must be something redeeming about him, right? He does love his rider…

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