Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Might be hidden bisexual


V’ruxa is a big, solid young man who’s already taller and just about as broad as his father. He resembles V’lada greatly, though a much prettier version of the gruff greenrider. There’s a scruffy look to him at all times that he never bothers to refine, though the bed-head-messy hair and nearly constant stubble do him well. He’s an outdoorsy kind of guy, who spends a lot of time looking a little battered, but clearly quite smug about it. His physicality isn’t anywhere near his father’s, but its not for lack of trying.

There’s a pleasant, if slightly quirky look to his face. Part of this is from having a nose that’s obviously been broken once or twice, but he also has a crooked little smile that throws everything off balance in a very endearing way. One of his eyebrows tends to grow in a little heavier than the other from a bit of barely visible scarring just above his eye.


V’ruxa is as intense as his father, but he does it in a quiet way. He was always the softer type, but no less intimating for it. Not that he needs any help being intimidating; he’s a strong guy and a very clear physical presence in the barracks. There’s always a casual smile and easy-going way to him that make people thing he might be completely harmless, but this isn’t true. He’s just not loud and in-your-face about it. There isn’t unnecessary violence to him, but he won’t hesitate to deal with a threat that needs it and he’ll do it in a way that make sure they *know* not to get back up again. You don’t mess with his people.

There’s a self-sacrificing quality to him. He’ll take all of the bullets for anyone in his group or that has his respect. If it means taking the fall for someone in trouble then he’ll do it with a smile on his face and do their extra chores for them. No problem. If there’s a fight he sees someone can’t win then he’ll step in and be their champion, even if it means that he might get his ass kicked a little. He can handle some bruised ribs, but he can’t handle seeing people he cares about be hurt. It can be a little infuriating sometimes because his mothering nature sometimes means he get a little *too* over-protective. But he doesn’t care how pissed off someone gets at him sticking his nose in too much if it means that *they* didn’t get a fist in *theirs*.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.431.4.4

Varuxan grew up in the Weyr just like any brat. He scrapped with the other kids, adventured around with his over-active uncle and earned his way into one of the top spots in the barracks within a couple turns of being there. He was always a natural leader, if maybe a little too mothering about it, but he made sure to take care of his own. Which generally meant everyone, at least until Thread fell and the Outsiders came.

It might have been grief over losing his mother in that Fall, mixed with the rage that came with having invaders coming into his home, into his barracks but Varuxan caught one of the nastier illnesses and it hit him hard about a eight months after. He was happy to go spend time away from the busy and stressful life of the Weyr to recover with a family member in their small holding along the coast. He would never tell anyone it took him a full six months after he was back to full health to return the Weyr, but when he heard that some dirty, cheating Outsider had won and was ruining his home he couldn’t stay away.

And so he returned to Ista to find his barracks in shambles with only a couple of loyal Istans really doing anything to fight. It was bullshit and he was back to rally his troops, to bring together his old friends again and make sure those Outsiders knew who they were dealing with.

Reclaiming their home from the Outsiders wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped it would be. Not all of his group had the same fervour or willingness to get into trouble, so he settled for simply banding together who he could and at least making sure they were a solid collection of Istans. Rather than trying to start trouble with the Outsiders he pushed the locals to be better. To work harder and out-class them in every way possible.

Varuxan was completely blindsided by impressing at the clutch that he came very close to not standing for. He wasn’t expecting a dragon, and he was unsure how to handle being chosen by a blue. On one hand he had expected bronze so that he could lead, but on the other is was *nice* to be more on the sidelines and able to look out for the underdogs. But he was thoroughly pissed that three outsiders and a new hold-search had taken all of the ranking dragons in the class.

Its insulting, but V’ruxa is glad to be in the group to try and make sure these fools didn’t bring the whole group down in flames. With Nezenth by his side they will push their clutchmates to be the best, blue or no. If Outsiders are going to be on their dragons then they are going to be the fucking *best* at it.



Father: AWLM V’lada

Mother: Axley (deceased)

Half-brothers: Havallan, L’han, G’dan, others?

Half-sister: Baxes

Best bro: Surindal

Little ducklings in his care: Everyone

V'ruxa's Dragon: Blue Nezenth

Dragon Name: Nezenth
Colour: Blue
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: RainCallers


Privately, Nezenth will always feel like he's a bit too festively-colored for his own tastes. The funny thing is, there isn't really anything too wild about his coloring: his hide is a light, but bright, baby blue that can be eye-catching, true, and the darker blue stripe that runs down his back from forehead to the base of his tail is a distinctive marking, but that's as wild as it gets. He's a large blue, tall and not really bulky, but noticeably muscular just the same, with long fingers and a long face, and narrow wings. His muzzle has a very slight crook to it, just a minor imperfection that gives him a bump not far in front of his eyes, and his eye-ridges, like one of his other sibling's, are particularly prominent. He's very light on his feet, but that's only a taste of how easily he'll move in the air; Nezenth will grow into a dragon who just seems to be one with the skies. His movements aren't aggressive, but fluid, instinctively moving with the wind and air currents rather than fighting against them and trying to use his own strength, and he'll be amazingly maneuverable, flying in the face of the stereotype that tinier dragons maneuver best.


Nezenth knows – or thinks he knows – the qualities that a good fighting dragon should possess. Dedication. Focus. Patience. His instincts may scream for him to throw himself into the air after Thread, but no one has ever benefited from rushing in where they could have considered the situation and formulated a better approach, first. Flying, and fighting, is what he was hatched to do, and he's serious about it – perhaps a bit too serious. He's a good student. He listens intently, processes, learns, practices. That, to him, is dedication: making the commitment to learn what he needs to know to do the job that he must do, giving his instructors or wingleader the respect they're due by showing up on time and giving them his attention, sacrificing free time in order to master the subject if he must.

As for focus, well, Nezenth is practically unmatched. He's not exceptionally clever, but his ability to concentrate so perfectly is rather unusual for a dragon. It will serve him well eventually in an exceptionally precise ability to between — his mental images, from the beginning, will be clear and sharp, his memory incredibly accurate, and he will always know exactly where he is, and where he's going. He will also be very aware of his surroundings, focused not on one single thing, but on the moment in time that he occupies, everything about it, from the whereabouts of his wingmates to the Thread that's approaching him, and it will all add up to one amazingly maneuverable dragon, able to between as smoothly and easily as he dodges and rolls. He has a good head for places and names, and will be the dragon who can always supply the name to match a face, if his rider happens to be faulty in that department. It's part of his belief in being polite and respectful of others whenever possible, and he'll prod his rider and fellows to do the same.

When it comes to patience, though, well… that's something Nezenth may always struggle with. In some ways, he possesses a bounty of it. It takes a lot of patience to learn the way he does, after all, and even more to impart that knowledge to others, which is something he'll take an interest in early on. There's nothing he likes better than to answer questions, to pass what he's learned on to an eager student, and he'll be the first to try to help any classmates who are struggling, offering gentle encouragement to the unconfident and sharing his insight with the struggling. Unfortunately, he's not as unshakeable as he'd like to be. He can be a bit judgmental and hidebound, very I-know-best and a tad holier-than-thou, and there are certain things he just has absolutely no patience for: disrespectfulness, unrelenting stubbornness, those who refuse to learn out of selfishness or laziness, or worse: outright troublemaking. He's trying so hard to be dutiful, and he's not shy about offering his opinions about those who aren't, and that tends to make him a target for those he disdains the most. Nezenth wants to be so self-confident and focused and patient that he's above fits of temper, but it's just so hard with some dragons who can't seem to settle down and STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

When you've roused Nezenth's temper, you'll know it. He'll raise his mindvoice, he'll dig his heels stubbornly into his own opinion, and he'll tell you exactly what he thinks of you. Luckily he can be reasoned with eventually, and even if he isn't, later – maybe much later – he'll be overcome with shame at his loss of control. He's not too proud to apologize… it just may take him a while to get around to it.

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