Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


V’leto has been given grief about his appearance from a very young age and if one was judging on appearance alone, it wouldn’t surprise anyone that he Impressed his green. He’s never been tall, and has never been well built although he’s grown out of his scrawny teen body into his more manlier physique. Of course the manlier isn’t as manly as he wishes it were but such is life. He has the fair northern skin inherited down his mothers bloodline, which is almost reflective in its whiteness and burns with just a bit of sun. He doesn’t tan either, it reddens, peels and then is back to annoyingly pasty whiteness.

His hair is black and thick black too, all fluffy and a little curly if it gets too long. He was an adorable boy candidate and is now a man who looks…a few turns younger than he wishes. He’s an experienced rider dammit, stop looking at him like he’s a baby.

But it’s his eyes that are his most engaging feature and are, sadly, what cop him the most flack from his fellow riders. They are large, almost too large for his face, and clear bright blue, framed by dark lashes. It gives him an exotic or unusual bent to his face and also, make him very expressive.


Impressing to Liumeth at such a tender age has left a number of issues on V’leto’s psyche.

Firstly the most obvious issue: Flights and sex. Impressing at 12 turns of age did not leave V’leto quite prepared for this aspect of riding. Sure he got the classes in flightlust, but being so young he had no real experience to understand what exactly they were talking of. He knew the mechanics in the abstract, but there was no real immediacy to the talk, and those thoughts of love and attraction were no where near his little mind yet. Puberty hit at around 14 turns, just outside of Weyrlinghood and Liumeth responded in kind, maturing and reacting to her rider’s new sexual thoughts and urges and Rose to mate. It was not rape, as dragons were involved, and greenriders were supposed to have greenflights but V’leto was left shaken by the event.

In time and with an adult’s maturity V’leto has adjusted to the sexual nature of his green. Her flights are a part of being her rider, and the sex is also associated with that. The man cannot understand why people might want to partake of the activity outside of their dragon’s involvement. He tried it once but it was messy and awkward and hurt, and the greenrider who was helping him apologised the entire time.

The second issue from his young Impression was that V’leto never had the chance to grow into his own skin. He had to endure the painful teenage years with a green’s hormones affecting every emotion. For a teenage boy, struggling with his identity, his sexuality, his duties as a rider and the hormonal feelings of isolation and inferiority, having no one to trust was a torture. He grew into a prickly and defensive young man, quiet and withdrawn, but very dedicated rider.

It's unfortunate that he happens to be quite responsive to his greens moods and passions. Some men get possessive when their greens are proddy, some get weepy, others are aggressive. V'leto is one of the latter. Thus his flights usually end with the greenrider and his partner covered in bites and scratches, and V’leto has trained himself to wake quickly afterwards and escape, laying low in hopes that the partner will forget about his wild behaviour under the influence.

He has the habit of pressing his fist to his mouth when he’s thinking, almost as though he’s holding words in, and he’s an anxious nailbiter. He does know how to have fun when he makes friends, but his humour is usually more dorky or goofy rather than humourous, but it suits him.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.428.13.26

V’leto was born Verleto at Ista Weyr the son of a bluerider and a drudge. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that he was never going to be at the top of any pecking order, as he was a smiling, quiet child without any real drive or aggression. Where other children would fight and scrap over toys or attention, Verleto would just watch, wide eyed. Until someone would barrel into him and then he’d screw his little face up into a scowl and bop them with his fist.

He remembers his time in the crčche fondly, as a time of innocence and insulation from the world around him. That changed when he became a candidate. He was in the program for a scant few months, only long enough to be established as one of the weaker lads before he Stood on the Sands and Impressed to green Liumeth.

Weyrlinghood was hard, and he struggled with his new place in the world as a dragonrider and as he tried to adjust to the presence of his lifemate in his every thought.

He graduated and joined the Weyrling Wing, which was hard enough, until he reached 14 turns and Liumeth began to rise. It was unfortunate that V’leto, who was so young, Impressed such an amorous green but that was the way of it. So the young man made his way through his teens, struggling with who he was, what he wanted and what he needed.

He joined the wings, grew into his body and then after a few turns the First Fall disaster unfolded. They made it almost through their part of the Fall, when just at the end, they were hit by some stray tangles of thread, scoring through V'leto's wherhide and burning his arm. They skipped between, and the Thread was killed. But V'leto would have the silver scars over his left arm for the rest of his life.



Father: F'leto, rider of Blue Derith
Mother: Verelene, cook.
Several half-siblings.


R'fan, Rider of Bronze Ronageth, worst wingman ever.


D'cul, Rider of Bronze Seteieth, Flight-winner and actual nice guy.

V'leto's Dragon: Green Liumeth

Colour: Green
Age: 13
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.439.3.2
Wing: Seafury


Liumeth is an interesting dragon to look at as she is quite possibly one of the largest greens going around, but there is absolutely no bulk to her. In fact she appears to almost float through life with her pale green hide which seems to gleam, almost like she’s made of rubber. She is very long but very slender, not bony just very thin, almost insubstantial. She’s very pretty though and uses that natural gracefulness of hers to charm her way into everyone’s good graces.


Of course if you heard her voice in your mind, you might actually laugh. Her voice is like her rider’s tones but rather high pitched, squeaking like a small furry thing. It’s a tone that is so absurd that anyone who hears it really is likely to burst out loud laughing, or at least snicker. Quite a few dragons probably find it amusing too.

Liumeth is fun to have around, she’s energetic and very bouncy and has the fun habit of bounding off and unfurling her wings slightly so she kind of glides along before landing with a soft bump on her belly. She’s the life of the party, encouraging fun, and laughter and silliness and she enjoys being that frivolous airheaded green. And because she adores attention and fun she loves Flights. She is a regular riser and leads the males on a merry dance before succumbing, convieniently forgetting each time just how her rider feels about it. She feels bad later but…hey Rising is natural and normal and by between she’s going to enjoy it.

In threadfall she’s more focused, zooming around erratically after thread. She stays in formation but for some reason she never seems to be able to fly straight, and rather meanders a bit like a drunken fly. But she's fast and accurate with her flame and that makes her an asset to have.

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