Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: NOT UNTIL MARRIAGE


It will take a lot of hard work on Tylo’s part to fit in with the rest of the candidates. Her life so far has been obviously soft, and it shows. Politely, she’s robust in an un-healthy ‘I haven’t hard to work *that* hard’ sort of way and its not from being big-boned; she’s actually got a gangly frame underneath. As she grows into the height she’s destined to have and is put through the rigors of candidacy she’ll grow into a more lean look. Assuming she survives being a candidate. It doesn’t take much strength to craft jewelry, and after her sister left she had little motivation to upkeep herself.

Lyren got more than her fair share of the beauty in the family. Tylo has long awkward features, with a bigger roman nose, too many freckles to be considered cute and ears that stick out. She’s more plain than ugly, but she’s not exactly pretty. She does have striking red hair, that's a mess of pretty curls. Or could be anyway; she’s utterly hopeless with doing anything with it and the humidity is a nightmare so she keeps it pulled back into a tail pretty much at all times. She has bright greyish-blue eyes, exaggerated expressions and overly dramatic hands when she’s talking.


Tylo has always preferred the comforts of her home hall. She’s a conservative and prudish young woman that is horribly uncomfortable around the very open style of the Weyr. She has particular views about what is appropriate behavior for pretty much anyone and she’s not exactly quiet about it. Indiscretions are embarrassing, rule-breaking simply unacceptable and its lucky she has yet to experience the affects of a goldflight. She’ll narc on anyone without hesitation or remorse; its for they’re own *good* after all.

A lot of this comes from worry as well as her righteous sense of propriety. She’s concerned with the well-being of anyone and everyone, the person that feels bad even for the biggest asshole in the barracks if they’re being hurt. She’d rather be the loser that breaks up a party that looks like its getting out of hand than see people damaging themselves.

There’s a deep-rooted need to be loved and accepted, especially being in the shadow of her sister a lot of her life. She has lavish dreams of falling in love with some handsome bronze-rider, impressing a great golden dragon and being the most adored person in the Weyr. To her though, they are just dreams. She doesn’t have the confidence to try to make anything so grand to happen and there’s always a niggling seed of doubt if anything does present itself. She has a problem believing in things that are good, usually doubting that they’re simply just good. Why *would* any cute boy approach her if there’s isn’t some ulterior motive? What sort of thing is going to happen to ruin the very good luck she’d been having? Its not necessarily a miserable sort of negativity, she accepts that’s just how things are and tries to be realistic so she doesn’t end up disappointed.

Probably because she doesn’t take being let down well. There’s an earnest sort of hopefulness that she squashes down a lot because she can’t really handle disappointment. She’s got a good heart though, wanting the best for everyone. Even her stupid sister that’s *so* pretty and awesome and stuff.


Birthdate: 07.01

Tylo always had a pretty easy life. She grew up around smiths and took to working with her hands right away, especially excelling in smaller, more detailed work. She loved it so much that when her family decided to move to the Weyr, Tylo wanted to stay to apprentice when she was old enough. The Weyr frightened her and she was attached to one of the journeymen she spent alot of time working with. Attached meaning being madly in love with him.

The deciding factor in her in finally following her family to the Weyr wasn’t being searched for the impending clutch at Ista. It was having seen the man of her childish dreams doing unseemly things with some other woman a couple of days prior. Her fourteen-turn old heart was broken to pieces and she didn’t care about anything but getting away, so left her cosy home to be a candidate.



Father: unnamed Journeyman Smithcrafter
Mother: Unnamed
Sister: Bluerider Lyren, 2 other siblings.


Craft: Smithcraft
Rank: Apprentice

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