Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:

Basic Information

Tyenza, Bluerider Tamrel's only daughter out of five children, is probably the one with the least fear and awe of her dominating mother. This is partially due to her gender — Tamrel put no less pressure on her to perform (in fact, expected her to compete with the boys physically and often), but at the same time, the pressure was of a different sort. Tamrel knew very well that a gold egg might never be laid in Tyenza's time on the Sands, and even if it was there would likely only be one shot, and her daughter would more likely end up shackled by the same gender-based limitations that she faced herself: lesser dragon, less authority, less of a voice in the way things were run. There was a certain kinship there, even if Tamrel hid it behind fierce admonitions for young Tyenza to man up, never show weakness, never let anyone control her, fight even harder than the boys and take whatever she wanted from life. Tyenza will openly admit to having her mother to thank for instilling her with confidence and independence and a certain ferocity that she believes sets her a bit apart from most of the other women she knows; yes, Tyenza is a bit on the overconfident side, but possibly with good reason. She's a strong physical presence, significantly taller than her mother, with a grip like iron and a natural athleticism only helped along by a lifetime of competition — and, luckily, she's also both more intelligent and somewhat more easygoing than her mother, too. She takes competition and her work very seriously, but she also enjoys being alive and being a dragonrider, and taking full advantage of what life has to offer her. She's perfectly capable of taking charge of a situation and getting things done, and would probably make an excellent wingsecond (and been an excellent goldrider) but she doesn't have the same overwhelming ambition that her mother does — if she were to get tapped for rank, she would honestly enjoy the challenge and jump right in with both feet, but if she never does, that's okay too: she's happy enough being a greenrider, with plenty of time to drink and arm-wrestle and exhaust the men of the Weyr who are arrogant enough to believe they can keep up with her in bed.

She does, however, have a bit of a temper, and a tendency to hold grudges. Rest assured, if Tyenza doesn't immediately punch you when you make her angry, then you're probably in for something even worse later on. It's probably for the best if you don't ask about her ongoing feud with B'ziah and Rayale.


Mother: Tamrel, rider of blue Riffith
Father: Good question, ask Tamrel

Half-brother: T'lenen, rider of bronze Saboroth (+4)
Half-brother: T'berli, rider of brown Mondagarth (-4)
Half-brother: J'borrel, rider of green Gerdeth (-7)
Half-brother: G'rellan, rider of blue Lucoryth (-9)


Dragon: Green Brecheth

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