Character Type Candidate
Rank Candidate
Birthdate 8.437.1.18 (17)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Fluid
Player Panda


Taking more after his mother than his father, Tybarol is most often recognized by his shock of red hair and slender figure. Some may find it hard to believe that T’khov is his father. Since adolescence he has filled in rather nicely, losing his baby fat and growing into his awkward, coltish limbs, now standing just over six feet tall. His formerly smooth baby face now sports a bit of scruffy facial hair.


Tybarol is a fine, upstanding young Istan boy with a personality generously described as “strong.” He is not the sort of person to shy away from anything, facing the world head-on with an almost reckless sort of approach that came on after his mother passed. In fact, the death of his mother is a particularly sore spot for him and easily the quickest way to provoke his temper. While he has gotten past the worst of his grieving, he refuses to let her sacrifice, or the sacrifice of others, be insulted in any capacity. It’s the closest he’s gotten to weyr politics since coming of age and the closest he ever plans to get. Tybarol has a fundamental understanding of how the hierarchy of the Weyr operates and knows where his place in the world is, so he stays out of politicking and he doesn’t worry about responsibilities that he doesn’t have.

His only true goal is to Impress a dragon (any dragon at all) and continue the legacy of his parents and his Weyr. Even though he and his father aren’t particularly close, Tybarol has in his head a set of expectations which he believes T’khov would find acceptable, so his life is a bit of an uphill struggle to meet goals that have been crafted entirely in his own imagination; he constantly fights himself to be worthy of Impression. Second to that, he does have a vested interest in the infirmary and is happy to lend a hand when he can. Because he wants to make a good impression on the healers, his bedside manner is an impeccably polite contrast to his usual brash behavior.

When it comes to thinking up solutions, Tybarol is more action than thought. Some will mistake this for a fundamental lack of intelligence. Rather, he prefers to act on instinct instead of wasting time trying to puzzle through an important solution. He believes it’s always better than act and react than sit down and gnaw on a question; physical over mental. For good reason, riddles, puzzles, and complex questions confuse and infuriate him. His education is lacking for a boy his age due to his inability to retain critical information. It remains the one solid roadblock between himself and his pursuit of a more permanent career in the Healercraft as he finds it difficult to remember even the most basic medical information.

Common Knowledge


Tybarol was born and raised in Ista Weyr, brought up among some fosterlings in the Weyr creche and then later under the care of his foster-mother. Both of his parents were dragonriders and unable to commit a great amount of time to his care; however, with the more relaxed atmosphere of the Weyr around the Interval, they did try to play a major role in his life. The two of them were not wed in any sense of the word, but T’khov and Barbrinne remained on good terms during and after Barbrinne’s pregnancy, agreeing that they owed their son some kind of chance to know both of his parents. His foster-mother Jenniel encouraged this. As he grew, Tybarol’s childhood became full of fond memories of all three parental figures, though they were frequently split apart. Sometimes there would be moments when he would sit and ogle his father’s bronze in awe while others would have him riding out to the beaches atop his mother’s blue. And when he wasn’t in the care of his parents, Jenniel made sure that he had a nice, cozy room to call his own, spending many a night sitting with him singing Harper ballads and telling him stories.

When he was eight, the Pass came into full swing, and with it came the threat of Thread. He had come to expect that and what he was meant to do when it happened, but he had hardly expected to be told by his foster-mother that Barbrinne was gone. She was one of many casualties around the Weyr that fateful day. Tybarol still remembers the keening; he suffered nightmares over it for Turns. Many a time Jenniel would have to rush into his room in the middle of the night because the poor lad was in a fit, crying and screaming over the keening sound and the loss of his mother. Over time, just as the Weyr did, Tybarol recovered from the initial shock and learned to move forward from there on. Most of the politicking and backbiting between the native Istans and the new transfer riders was lost on such a young boy anyway, giving him the freedom to continue pursuing his interests.

Naturally, he was expected to Impress, but in the time between clutches he was being groomed for a life in healing. When he was twelve he started to lend a hand around the Infirmary in an unofficial capacity; he was not an Apprentice. The duties often relegated to him were either meant for apprentices or those tasks that even apprentices would not do. Often, he needed encouragement or direction from Healers to help complete his tasks. It remains to be seen if there’s any future for him in the Healercraft, especially with the Hall’s reluctance to apprentice him; they don’t want to run the risk of losing one to Impression. Tybarol has, however, sworn himself to the hall if he ever ages out of candidacy.


Father: T'khov, bronze Rokormuth
Mother: Barbrinne, green Olayth deceased
(some half-siblings and distant cousins)

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