Turn 2

2nd Turn of the Ninth Pass

1st Month - 11th September 2013 - 8th October 2013

2nd Month - 9th October 2013 - 5th November 2013

3rd Month - 2nd December 2013 - 27th December 2013

4th Month - 28th December 2013 - 24th January 2014

5th Month - 25th January 2014 - 21st February 2014

6th Month - 22nd February 2014 - 21st March 2014

7th Month - 22nd March 2014 - 19th April 2014

8th Month - 20th April 2014 - 18th May 2014

9th Month - 19th May 2014 - 15th June 2014

10th Month - 16th June 2014 - 14th July 2014

11th Month - 15th July 2014 - 12th August 2014

12th Month - 13th August 2014 - 11th September 2014

13th Month - 12th September 2014 - 9th October 2014

1 Month = 28 Days

1st Month

2nd Month

3rd Month

4th Month The SunRunners Clutch Hatches.
Ashabel Impresses, but not to the little Gold she expected to. Instead she Impresses to green Hasheth, and instead of being congratulated by her family, her father is very vocal about his disappointment in his daughter and her lifemate. As they leave, without participating in the feast, Ashabel is comforted by a new friend, a male Candidate called Sherikal

5th Month

6th Month

7th Month

8th Month Z'davien is gifted with a skin of fine Benden white but lucks out when J'thaum spots him and asks him privately if he is going to share… Month 4 Lesson Time: Gliding without a Rider for the SunRunners
H'dwain spills scaldingly hot soup on the Weyrwoman during dinner time. Liles tries to throw him under the bus by implying it was intentional and causes J'thaum to accuse the hapless greenrider. K'goro takes offence at another bronzerider threatening one of his riders and steps in, before Sirasri tries to put a stop to the whole calamity. Arlafinne and Zaravay go for a ride on her dragon, and share a sweet kiss, but when he tries to convince her to do more than just kiss she knees him in the groin and leaves him to walk home.
After her encounter with Zaravay, Arlafinne's dragon Helvonth contacts the boy's almost sister, their clutchmates, Deccia and Thiprith.

9th Month Tameketh rises and is caught by M'drasen's bronze Zogeth. An Outsider is in charge now for the first time.
Luptu & Karvarin run into each other during the goldflight and decide to take advantage, unaware that for both of them it will be their first time. However right as things get interesting Skalmith balks and Luptu leaves, leaving the unfortunate Karvarin frustrated and a little hurt.

10th Month

11th Month

12th Month The HurricaneHeroes weyrlings graduate today! Congratulations on your accomplishments, and welcome to the wings!

13th Month The RainCallers clutch hatches.
Not long after the passing of her father, T'rian, Tristara Impresses the dragon for which she always hoped: small, delicate Taigith, a blue disproportionately small with a heart as large as the grandest bronze.
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