Character type: Dragonhealer
Rank: Master
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Basic Information

Therden is more than a competent healer. He is a great healer. A fantastic one. Dragonhealing is difficult and strenuous at best, life-threatening at worst, but so far Therden has rolled with the punches. Despite his age, he can still wrestle with a dragon when the need arises. Because dragonhealing is so active, he looks and feels several turns younger than he is, and he often doesn’t recognize his face in the mirror. He can’t believe he’s the man with graying hair and wrinkles. With him comes the energy- he is the loud to Paskam’s quiet, the gregarious to his introverted, the energetic to his tired. This is the guy who has a ready laugh and a wide smile. Don’t mistake him for being easygoing, however; he holds his Staff to a high standard and runs a tight ship. He can be stern when necessary, he can even be angry when the situation presents himself.

Sometimes it seems like he’s trying to make up for Paskam’s lack of emotions by being a big hot mess of feelings. He cares, a lot, and he sometimes has trouble compartmentalizing it. He feels everything at once, he can’t not. He and Paskam have bonded over the turns; it’s hard to find someone of their rank around the Weyr, and they’ve become friends almost by necessity.

A native to Ista Hold, Therden’s move to the Weyr was prompted by Search. That particular hatching left him without a dragon, and a much relieved Therden decided to busy himself with other things. He took up the Healercraft (something he would never have dreamed of doing back home) and eventually switched into the Dragonhealer specialization. Shortly after he walked the tables an old greenrider girlfriend had the common courtesy to tell him that she was pregnant, and that it was probably his child. He spent most of his Journeymen turns juggling his craft and being the primary caretaker of his baby girl, something he did with relative success.

When Sudaje joined the ranks of Journeyman, his real family merged into his work family. And he can be such an Embarrassing Dad.

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