Temporary: List of All Characters

List of All the Characters so far.

Character Character type Writer
D'veld Bronzerider Maddy
R'fan Bronzerider Jamie
K'pen Bronzerider Maddy
Sirasri Goldrider Maddy
Tairedora Greenrider Steph
Liles Greenrider Jamie
Q'warn Bluerider Vani
S'ryll Bronzerider Tricia
Iskander Candidate Aaron
Gridgi Greenrider Vani
V'lada Greenrider Willow
Mallahan Candidate Willow
Granadan Candidate Vani
Dallen Candidate Maddy
Vivaeldi Greenrider Tricia
Quilionas Candidate Jamie
V'ler Brownrider Tricia
Rissam Harper Kate
Z'rain Brownrider Aaron
Mirai Candidate Amy
S'vero Brownrider Willow
S'verian Bronzerider Vani
M'tugo Bluerider Jamie
L'rori Bronzerider Lysa
Ephena Greenrider Maddy
K'nai Bronzerider Amy
Yehren Weyrstaff Amy
N'than Brownrider Steph
E'lief Greenrider Maddy
Zeff Candidate Jamie
Annaca Candidate Lysa
R'vart Bronzerider Jim
V'leto Greenrider Maddy
Jactar Candidate Jim
Nareyn Greenrider Jamie
E'ben Greenrider Aaron
R'sel Brownrider Annabelle
Jahk Bluerider Steph
I'lya Blue Weyrling Willow
L'giln Bronzerider Willow
J'reh Bronzerider Amy
F'lynx Green Weyrling Vani
N'krel Bluerider Vani
Faralyn Greenrider Kelli
A'rys Blue Weyrling Jim
Sayaka Candidate Kelli
C'tark Dragonhealer Steph
T'gran Bronzerider Kelli
R'kharo Green Weyrling Lysa
W'kiax Brown Weyrling Jamie
Z'davien Brown Weyrling Maddy
Sorley Bluerider Willow
L'theri Blue Weyrling Maddy
L'ril Green Weyrling Aaron
Makani Bluerider Kelli
Rennitz Candidate Adrian
C'pon Bluerider Amy
D'cul Bronzerider Adrian
Devella Blue Weyrling Panda
Kellain Candidate Panda
B'les Bronzerider Jim
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