Name: Teia
Character type: Civilian
Rank: Candidate
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Teia isn’t a great beauty. Sure, she’s pleasing enough to the eye, but in the sea of beautiful women in the weyr, she is easily overlooked on appearance alone. She’s mostly just average all around: average height, weight, skin tone, nose, chin, brow; nothing to really make her stand out or make her look special in any way. Probably the most striking feature about her is the intense brown eyes she inherited from her father. She also has his brown hair (neither dark nor light, but just normal) with the occasional flecks of caramel highlights if she’s been in the sun for a few weeks. She has virtually nothing of her mother in her appearance.

Like her father and her aunt, Teia is an athletic person, preferring to be active and keep fit rather than sit around doing nothing. She isn’t nearly as tall or as strong as Tyenza or T’berli, but she can still effectively punch the living daylights out of someone if called upon to do so.


While Teia may be average in looks, her personality is what most people remember about her. It’s hard to tell if she may have turned out differently had her mother lived through birthing her and had an influence in her life. As it is, Teia’s personality was influenced by her lack of a mother, her father’s mostly indifferent absence, and her grandmother’s constant pressuring. As such, she is stubborn and headstrong with a rebellious streak a mile wide (the one thing she inherited from her mother) and an extreme sense of entitlement and privilege that comes from a lifetime of her grandmother filling her head with an inflated sense of ego and importance. Teia is a bit of a force to be reckoned with, unafraid to take what she wants from people, either through charm, wit, or force.

Although many only see the rebellious, outspoken side of her, underneath the surface lies someone who deeply cares what people think of her and seeks to have their approval. She won’t admit it to anyone, but she cares what people think of her, of her father, and the rest of her family. She cares that people will feel even more alienated around her (if they weren’t already put off by her outward personality), now that her father is in charge. In public, she tows her family’s party line, proclaiming her disdain for Outsiders. Privately, she doesn’t really see a reason why everyone can’t just all get along. While she considers herself more pro-Istan than not, she doesn’t mind the Outsiders so much, and as far as she is concerned, as long as they are fighting fit and doing their jobs right, she doesn’t understand why she has to hate them so much. She hates that her father’s anti-Outsider stance is going to make her even more unpopular throughout the weyr, and that her life is about to become more difficult than it had been before.

She’s always lived with the certainty that she would become a dragonrider; there was no question about that. Either you Impressed, or you were not important. That was what she had learned from her grandmother, and so she had set about doing just that so she could be someone important to her family. And she does want to be valued by her family. She believes in, and is proud of, their patriotism to Ista and believes in being of service to the weyr with what she does. She has always looked up to her aunt, Tyenzal. She admires her aunt’s intelligence and independence, and tries to model herself on her and not give in to the gender-based roles imposed on her by the weyr.

She doesn’t have a great relationship with her father. Like the wild child teenager she is, she thinks she hates him for ruining her life. The part of her personality that is her rebellious mother, would love nothing more than to find a way to piss him off. She can’t wait to find the first Outsider she’s even remotely interested in and start dating them.

Common Knowledge


Birthdate: 438.02.05
Birthplace: Ista

Teia was born into one of Ista’s more recognizable families, thanks to her grandmother’s machinations and her father’s more recent rise in rank to Weyrleader. She was born amidst the unfortunate circumstance of her mother dying during her birth (her body had just been too weak and fragile to keep going, or so the Healers had told her father). As with most weyrbrats, her rearing was left to the crecheworkers although it wasn’t without a strong influence from Tamrel. She was motherless, after all, and she figured her grandmother had thought she needed a strong female presence in her life to make up for it.

Teia has always chafed against her family (especially her grandmother and her overbearing ways), but the first ‘Fall changed all of that, if only under the surface. She had always been aware of the threat of Thread, but even she wasn’t prepared for how hard the first ‘Fall hit the whole weyr, let alone her own family. She was devastated by the death of her uncle, T’lenen, just like the rest of her family, and she was furious with her grandmother for putting so much pressure on her father after his failed coup. It wasn’t his fault after all, that the riders he’d thought he could depend on had abandoned him at the last second. Even though she wouldn’t have wanted T’berli to become Weyrleader then anymore than she likes him in the role now, at the end of the day he’s still her father and she cares when something awful happens to him. She is grateful that Thread has taught her one thing: life is too short to hold grudges for too long. Case in point: although she would never admit it out loud, she was terrified when Tamrel was injured, and is now secretly pleased the old goat managed to survive, even if she does drive Teia crazy.

Although she knew she would always join Candidacy, she purposely waited a year before doing so, just to stick it to her family and let them know she’s the only boss of herself. She’s thoroughly annoyed now about her father’s and grandmother’s new roles; the last thing Teia wants is either of them meddling even more in her life than they already can. Just as she’s trying to wait to Impress and forge her own way in the world, she’s finding her family circling ever closer around her, and she doesn’t like it. Not. One. Bit.



Grandmother: Tamrel, rider of blue Riffith
Grandfather: G’berl, rider of green Willith (deceased)
Father: T’berli, rider of brown Mondagarth
Mother: (deceased)
Uncle: T’lenen, rider of bronze Saboroth (deceased)
Aunt: Tyenza, rider of green Brecheth
Uncle: J’borrel, rider of green Gerdeth
Uncle: G’rellan, rider of blue Lucoryth


Probably not many


None currently


All of the Outsiders

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