Character type: Scary
Rank: Candidate
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


If Jaga looks like the highwayman out of a maiden’s dream then Tavyol is the one out of her father’s nightmares.

He’s looms. Tavyol isn’t merely tall, he’s large, as if he was made one notch up on the scale of humanity. His limbs are heavy, his chest broad and deep. He’s brawny in a way that screams to be noticed, but there’s nothing pretty or sculpted about it— just the weight and promise of muscle and sinew and strength. That’s all most people see of him, before self preservation sends their gaze to the ground.

For any that can get beyond the general intimation of menace and danger that Tavyol implies through pure physicality, his face drives the point home. His brow is heavy and thick, his eyes deep-set and small beneath them, giving the effect of a permanent glower. He’s swarthy under his tan, black hair cropped roughly near the scalp, stubble darkening his jaw around the pockmarked scars of his youth.

Dirty or clean, in rags or riches — Tavyol is, unavoidably, a scary looking guy.

Not a guy you want to meet in an alley, or anywhere else really.
Not a guy you want to see sitting by your fireside, sipping a cup of cocoa and petting your cat.
‘Cause he’s clearly a hitman there to kill you and your cat.

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