Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider, Searchrider, Wannabe Harper
Birthdate 8.411.1.13 (43)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Played-By Julie Andrews
Sexuality Heterosexual
Aliases Vayna, Mom you're embarrassing me
Player Siarna

Everything about Tavayna screams ‘serious’. Her face is all angles, from her high, sharp cheekbones to her piercing blue eyes. Her long, thick locks would be the envy of many women were it not always tied back into a sharp bun. Well, not always; once in a while it might be pulled into piles of braids. Or, once upon a special occasion, falling down her back. Gray is starting to edge in the corners, along her temples and peppered into the thick mass. Tavayna is starting to find her olive skin is giving her wrinkles, though not the ‘bad kind’, as she says. Crows feet are starting to develop at the edges of her eyes, and laugh lines around her mouth.

She hasn’t slowed down as she aged, giving her a physique that’s firm but still handsome. She’s conservative by way of dress; if she’s not in her riding leathers, she’s in a full-length dress with full skirts, no matter what the season. If she’s ever too hot, she doesn’t show it. She’s rarely ever seen with less. Weyrfolk are confused and a little concerned at the rare times she stops by the beach with less than a full suit. She loves the little shells and pebbles that the Istans make jewelry from, and she has several bits and pieces made into jewelry, and some even woven into hats and scarves.

Her expressions show there is more behind that proper and firm look. Behind pursed lips, there is a rambunctious laugh. The twinkle in her eyes shows a youthfulness there that doesn’t quite reach the surface.


Practically Perfect

Tavayna is what the weyrfolk might have called ‘delicate’ as a child. Her personality matched quite well with the hold and craft bred, despite being born and raised in the Weyr. She is very prim and proper, thank you very much. Some (or many) call her a bit of a prude, because she is all about ‘proper’ appearance and polite responses. In this case, she is the master of small talk and tries to avoid as much conflict as possible. She’s a friend to everyone but doesn’t have many that she confides in. Personal matters to her are, well, personal, and she strives to not seek out petty Weyr gossip. She’s very no-nonsense and firm, and not usually one for wasting time or sitting around.

Despite the serious attitude, Tavayna does have a lighter side. She’s been getting better about it as she’s aged. Her children and her weyrmate had given her more cause to relax over the turns. Tavayna learned to enjoy the little things during the Interval; she always found time for singing and dancing, or a holiday out along the Istan shores or the Neratian countryside. Tavayna is naturally a very maternal woman. Her family means a lot to Tavayna, and she takes as much time as she can from her schedule in order to spend time with them. Now that her children are growing up or are riders in their own right, she’s finding it harder to find time with them. Some of them appreciate her attentions, others certainly do not. Many of her half-siblings, for example, do not appreciate any pestering on her part. But at least she knows them, and can have the excuse to check up on them from time to time.

Now, however, she looks and acts a bit more tired than she should. Threadfall has taken a heavy toll on her, and the loss of friends and family even more so. She’s throwing herself back into her old routine and taking less time to enjoy the small things.


The first child of a dragonrider’s flight, Tavayna was one of those children that were doted on until she got older, and the prospect of children lost its appeal. She saw less and less of her father as she got too old to be that cute little child. Her mother stuck around for a little longer, although just for quick visits or reports that her firstborn wasn’t causing the crèche workers any trouble. Not that she had a troublesome bone in her body- she was a biddable child and listened to her elders to a T. This kept her at a distance from her agemates, who much preferred to get into whatever trouble they could muster.

It was around the time that her father stopped visiting her when a little half-sister, Jalnala, was introduced to the crèche. Seeking more familial contact, Tavayna stuck close to the little girl- but, as she grew, became the kid that followed the other troublemakers, despite Tavayna’s protests.

Unlike Tavayna’s other half-siblings, she didn’t want to be a dragonrider. Dragons were all well and good, but just didn’t occur to her to want one. She loved being in the crèche and quickly became the pet, always looking to help the adults. She would have been content growing up and setting to work in the crèche, if it weren’t for her Mother’s steadfast disapproval of her daughter becoming just a lower caverns drudge. The small contingent of harpers at the Weyr agreed to apprentice her. She loved her apprenticeship, especially as her voice settled into a lovely mezzo-soprano range. She learned to read and write music, and to play several instruments fairly well. Her focus, however, was teaching children their letters and numbers, and their learning ballads. It was during her apprenticeship that she started to grow close to a young candidate from the lower caverns. What started out as childhood friendship changed into something a little more over the course of a few turns.

Tavayna was sixteen and on a rare outing with friends when she discovered a small firelizard clutch in a hidden outcropping of beach outside the Weyr. The kids carried the eggs home and they hatched within a few days. Like a child’s ballad, she impressed two of the firelizards from that clutch, a brown and a blue. The weyrfolk were a mix of jealous and concerned for her, but she took the hard work in stride and had the two in manageable order within a few months.

At eighteen, she went to watch the hatching (both to cheer on her old agemates and a certain young man) did she get called to the sands by a little blue named Uterpeth. In those first few moments she saw her life crumble apart before her very eyes: but with a dragon like Uterpeth, who loves unconditionally, she couldn’t regret any second of it.

Her weyrlinghood was, for the most part, all fun and games. The others were dreamers, romantics, and rebels. There was this high that ran through all of them and exhausted their superiors. And as much as Tavayna ‘tut-tut’ed or scolded, the others did as they pleased. She found her own friends, however, in the other, quieter Weyrlings from their clutch and from the next, a scarce few months behind them. Tavayna likes to think that weyrlinghood gave her a chance to get to know her half-sister, despite their gaping differences and age gap.

As the turns progressed, the clutchmates stayed together. They were rebels without a cause and heroes without a war. There were days when she couldn’t stand them because what they just didn’t understand that their actions had consequences. They could get in trouble, stealing from the holders, or killed in their aerial or ground antics. Her scolding and pleading fell mostly on deaf ears. There were other nights, however, where the giant bonfires on the coast hurt nobody and their singing and shouting and drinking were the most freeing things on Pern. Tavayna let herself get swept away by the romance of it all. It was during this whirlwind of a time that she met L’vari. He was a quiet, pleasant greenrider that opted out of the more dangerous (and borderline illegal) activities of the rest. She slowly stopped attending these events- partially because of her small comfort zone and also because she kept herself far too busy. As it turns out, Uterpeth was a fantastic Searchrider, on the rare occasion that a Search was declared. Her conservative and serious nature made some holders feel more comfortable, and they began to search her out when favors were asked of the Weyr. Tavayna dedicated herself to her Harpering as best she could, helping to teach the crèche children as often as she could.

She and L’vari grew especially close. When L’vari’s green Aoideth rose, Uterpeth was the one that caught her. As anti-climactic as it was, it sparked a relationship between the two. Without any pomp or circumstance, the two became Weyrmates very shortly after. They were a sensible couple among their clutchmates, especially in a group like theirs. They were the couple that were meant to be. The two were the picture of domestic bliss. Everyone could see how fond they were of each other. Uterpeth was the only one who ever caught Aoideth, and the only one that he ever chased. They had two sons and two daughters together, one of which already impressed to a little green of her own. Their days were long and hard but they found time for the little things: finding time for their children, their crafts, and each other. They were always the first to dance at a Gather.

At first, Tavayna pulled her Lower Caverns friend along on the excursions. He was never really accepted by the group, being without a dragon, but his fun and happy manner usually kept them content. He was left on the Sands, time and time again, and eventually aged out of candidacy. He took to work in the Lower Caverns, his humble beginnings, althoughTavayna often dragged him out on their adventures to Ista or Nerat. As time passed, though Tavayna learned to balance Uterpeth, duties, firelizards, and her friends, spending time with Him was another matter. The Lower Caverns were even busier than she, and their spare time rarely, if ever, matched. They drifted apart, as some lovers do. She spent more time with her clutchmates, on excursions or less exciting adventures in the Weyr proper.

The weather went sour during one particular wing drill. Uterpeth got caught in an updraft, wrenching a wing and spiralling out of control. Uterpeth got out with some bad gashes and a wrenched wing, while Tavayna sprained her shoulder and broke a leg. Both were lucky to be alive, if only grounded for just over half a turn, and back into the wings a turn later.

Then First Fall happened and everything came crashing down. She made it through Fall with nothing more than minor cuts and burns, thanks to Uterpeth’s agility. Her daughter Vayari made it out alive as well, her dragon Taryketh superficially scored but expected to recover quickly. Aoideth, however, never made it out of the Fall. Vayari saw him and Aoideth leap out of formation to save riders from a nasty clump of thread, only to have another piece blow straight into them. They blinked between in a matter of seconds. Luckily, L’vari had a clear enough image that they reappeared back at the weyr, damaged but alive. Aoideth, however, was too badly scored and betweened on her own, shortly after the healers pulled L’vari down from her back. L’vari lasted several days, but in the end succumbed to his injuries.

On the outside, Tavanya was fine. She went about her daily ritual as if nothing had ever happened. She mourned his passing with their children, if they needed it. Only in the comforts of her own weyr did she grieve, where only Uterpeth could hear her. She blamed the wingleaders for his death. She didn’t trust the Istans anymore, to lead her into Threadfall. She hardly trusted these new outsiders to lead them.

But it’s been two turns since then. After nearly two decades of life together, she’s struggling to find peace without him. She goes about her routine as she always does- the children, the music, wingdrills, threadfall- but she cannot find herself among the routine anymore. She finds herself rolling over in bed to talk to L’vari, to find it empty. She thinks about how he’ll love this song or this food- to painfully remember he’s not there anymore. She’s lost a lot over the last few turns- friends and family alike. Thread wasn’t what any of them were expecting. She wished they’d listened. She wished she’d tried harder.



Bluerider H’nalarn of Taralth, father
Greenrider Talvaya of Cerialth, mother

Greenrider Jalnala, half-sister
Greenrider L’vari of Aoideth, weyrmate, deceased
Greenrider Vayari of Taryketh, daughter, ADOPTABLE, Taryketh is 6 turns old, from the 446 clutch
Weyrling T'vren, green Lulaboth
Candidate Tayva, daughter
Apprentice Harper Lavyar, ADOPTABLE

Bronzerider T'rian of Bayleth
Weyrlingmaster D'gulas of Heremith
Weyrlingmaster G'bhardo of Malkorth
Lower Caverns Cook, Candidate Sweetheart, ADOPTABLE


Color Blue
Birthplace Ista
Birthdate 8.429.2.19, Starfish (25)
Wing Seafury Wing

Uterpeth is a little large for a blue, but not muscular in the slightest. As larger dragons seem to get burlier, Uterpeth is all gangly limbs and huge wingsails. He looks like a teenager that just didn’t grow into his body. This gave him some trouble as a weyrling and as a young dragon, but now he keeps his clumsiness to a minimum. He’s actually become quite graceful both on land and in the air, despite his extra length. His wingsails used to give him a particularly hard time, and he still has the scars from when a sudden gust sent him and Tavayna spiralling out of control. He’s learned from experience, however, and finds the hard Istan weather a challenge.

He’s got that typical serpentine look of a blue: he’s all angles, from his sharp wings to high ‘cheekbones’ on his face. This would give him a bit of a severe look, if it weren’t for his hide. He’s a pale slate blue, but with lighter and darker blue patches across his body. It looks as if he had been rolling in soot or in paint, giving the shades a ‘rubbed on’ look. He looks like he’s constantly a mess and takes away from what would otherwise be a very severe face.


With a rider like Tavayna, one might expect that Uterpeth to be a strict, boorish, no-nonsense dragon. This is completely wrong. If anyone needed to look to an example of ‘opposites attract’, fingers would immediately point to Tavayna and Uterpeth. He’s a pleasant dragon to talk to and loves being in the midst of anything social. He loves listening to idle chatter or gossip or just about anything that filters along through the Weyr. He isn’t just sated talked to His or to other dragons, though. He loves watching all the regular weyrfolk and it doesn’t take much for him to strike up a conversation. But once you let him in, watch out. He’s not above having long conversations with anybody, or jumping in mid-conversation, as if his voice was out loud instead of in a mind. His nattering can get on anybody’s nerves, and often he has to be told when to just shut up.

Uterpeth loves little jokes and puns (he’s always there to ‘swoop in’). He thinks he’s just hilarious. Who doesn’t appreciate a good, innocent joke? He’s also got the imagination of a small child, constantly thinking up little stories to tell anybody who will listen. He has Tavayna’s love for music, and loves to hum along with her while she works. If there is any music going on in the Weyr Uterpeth will be nearby, eager to listen and praise the musicians.

Whether it’s a natural affinity or a learned behaviour, Uterpeth does well around people and especially children. This helps him as he’s a great search dragon, and some of the holds have even taking a liking to him and how gentle he is with the hold children.

Former Craft

Craft: Harper
Rank: Senior Apprentice/Amateur


Type: Brown firelizard
Age: 25
Boom is a deep, earthy brown in colour, with reddish brown highlights mixed in. He’s big and bulky, as but with huge wings to make up for the amount of muscles and his pudgy stomach. But those big wings make for a clumsy flier. He even prefers not to fly in his comfort zones- Tavayna’s weyr and some parts of the lower caverns- and has an awkward, if effective, way of climbing and jumping around. He’s not at all ashamed of this- if anything, he thinks his feats require a great deal of praise. He loves to boast and brag. ‘Look at me, I climbed onto the table!’ Everything he also does is loud, if only to give him more attention. Unchecked, he loves to bugle and roar and shout as much as his little lungs will let him. This, thank goodness, has mostly been put in check by Tavayna’s stern ‘parenting’. Boom became a favorite of L’vari, however, and constantly undermined Tavayna’s authority with little treats, making Boom a little fatter than he should.

Type: blue flit
Age: 25
Allegro is a deep, sea blue flit with patches of light blue highlights along his back and wingsails. He’s a short, small blue, about the size of a large green firelizard. He doesn’t, however, make himself small. He’s an absolutely cheerful little thing. Very little bothers him, so one needs to be extra firm with him. Allegro is much like his namesake and is quick and always moving. Most of what he does is for attention, or for little bits of snacks. He’s most likely to be found near the lower caverns, looking for a friendly face that might give him an extra snack or two.

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