Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Open


There are many differing kinds of beauty, and if you ask Tashiva herself she would tell you that she doesn't have the qualities of a true beauty. However there is something very pleasing about Tashiva. Her face is round but her facial features are delicate, very fine boned. She has a little pert nose, pale skin, freckles dusted across her nose and cheeks and a soft jawline. Her almond shaped eyes are green hazel in colour, with thin, pale brows above them. Her hair is a dark rich auburn, and straight. She keeps it mostly tied back, in a practical style rather than for any vanity. Her most defining and even most appealing feature is her mouth. Plump lips and perfectly bowed, they are enviable, although nicknames such as 'guppy mouth' have made her rather think them a curse rather than a facial gift. Still, as she's grown older some young men and women have found them very appealing.

She's small, turns of less than optimal nutrition perhaps stunting the growth of a build that wasn't going to be tall anyway. With more time spent at the Weyr she should fill out, angular frame turning into the soft curves of a young woman. And she will always have a slightly soft look to her, no matter how misleading it may be.


Tashiva is not a woman to be trifled with.

Always an intensely practical person, the turns of hardship have shaped Tashiva into someone cunning and a bit too clever for her own good. Survival is about doing whatever you must to survive, even if it means stealing out of the mouth of someone else, something she has made her peace with, a long time ago. Intelligent and resourceful, Tashiva is what one might call 'streetsmart', and doesn't let sentiment get in the way of doing what she has to. In time, with training, Tashiva could well channel her natural gifts at strategy, manipulation and cunning into being an asset to her Weyr, or even into learning a great deal. But for now, with her immediate arrival to the Weyr, she mostly feels suspicion and contempt at the seeming ease of the Weyrfolk, especially the mewling candidates bitching about the Outsiders.

If she had been alone, there might have been little humanity left in Tashiva by the time she was Searched, but as it is if Tashiva has any emotional weakness at all it is for her twin sister Julnar. There is no one Tashiva loves more, not even herself, and everything she has done has been to try and provide her beloved sister with comfort and security. Their relationship is a tumultuous one, with Julnar resenting Tashiva's over protectiveness, and Tashiva being afraid to let her sister experience life. Mostly she fears that this new life they have, this chance at the Weyr will mean she loses Julnar…so she clings tighter…and ultimately drives her further away.

Some might call Tashiva humourless, but this is in large part due to her not having much experience with humour up until now. She is adept with sly sarcasm, but relaxing and enjoying herself is…well…she's just not used to it yet. In time, with a few good friends, Tashiva could mellow a little and learn to relax, even if she may never lose her unease with a life of leisure. Living in the time of a Pass is perfect for her, and should she one day Impress, she may find a purpose for herself beyond Julnar.

Up until now a large part of Tashiva's identity has been her twin, without that pressing need to care, protect and provide for her sister, Tashiva is at a loss as to who she is. This feeling of being lost, being adrift makes her a little short with people, and she has little patience for fools as it is. There is however sweetness to Tashiva, deep under the hard edges and prickles, but even if you get there…she may always wonder when you're going to abandon her.



Birthplace: 8.434.8.19

Tashiva and Julnar were born ten minutes apart, Tashiva the elder, in a small Hold in the north of Nerat, near the border of the Benden protectorate. Isolated by its location on the coast, the primary trade of the hold was fishing, although they did have some land for growing food, sheltered from the salt of the sea. It wasn't an easy place to eek out a living, but the twins were blssfully unaware of this for the first 6 turns of their lives.

A diseased swept through the hold in the beginning of their seventh turn, and while both of them got sick, the healthy young twins survived. Many weren't so fortunate, including their parents. Their uncle and aunt took over the care of them, but they had a great many children, and Vassa was determined that her brood be fed first, and well, before the orphan kin were fed. Their food was skimped on, as was their care, and Tashiva, clever and astute, resented her Aunt for it, and her Uncle for not caring enough to notice. Seeing her sister go hungry was something that the young girl couldn't allow, so she started to look for other ways to find food.

She found out quickly that food in the Hold was fickle, some seasons were bountiful, while others everyone almost starved. So she began to work, extra work for the steward. Tunnelsnake catching, glow changing, the gross jobs that no one wanted to do, she did, in return for a little extra food. This mostly went to Julnar, and it gave Tash a lot of joy to see her sister well fed. As time went on Tash sank more and more into the seedier jobs of the hold, tasks that no one wanted and they got her things she wanted. Cloth for the seamstress for a new dress for Jul when the old one was frayed and the cuffs were high from being outgrown. Leather for boots, small bit marks she saved up to buy her sister a trinket when the Traders came through, and training from the guards, holds and punches that would dissuade trouble from other, bigger children that might want what was hers.

As she got older she found other, less savoury tasks she could do, that would get her a great many things she wanted for herself but especially for Jul. She never stole, that would get her noticed and found out, but she quickly found in her early teen years that her body held some appeal. She never resented the task, treating it rather dispassionately. Sometimes it was even pleasurable, and it was effective. Neiher did she ever resent Julnar, as it gave her joy to see her grow up happy, and free of care.

Just after their 18th turn birthingday Tash heard whispers that the Weyr was coming on Search. Traders from the Nerat Major Hold said that the riders were searching the protectorate and that their Hold was one that was slated to be checked. They didn't come every time, and when they did often only the children of wealthy or important (at least comparitively in this hold) were put before them. Tash immediately used every contact, every favour and every blackmail tidbit she had to land herself in the bed of the Steward. It worked like a charm as Julnar was brought with the others before the rider and the green dragon Searched her.

What Tash hadn't planned was that the green also noticed her when the time came for leave taking. She too was immediately searched, the green insisting she wanted both of them. Shocked, but not about to say no, Tash joined her sister in heading for the Weyr, even though, now….she rather feels at a loss.

What good is she at the Weyr? At least…she can make sure Julnar is taken care of. And that none of these…handsy Weyrfolk treat her with anything less than complete respect.




Twin Sister: Julnar

Parents: Tashnar and Julivia (Deceased)

Uncle: Rasdor and Vassa

Various Cousins

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