Character Type: Tanner
Rank: Master, Weyrtanner
Age: 56
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Tartolgen comes from a thoroughly Weyrcraft family — fifth in his line to hold the title of Weyrtanner, in fact, all of them masters of those aspects of their craft which happen to be unique to the needs of the dragonriders who are their clients, their friends, and their kin. Though he has an uncle, cousins, two siblings and a son who chose the path of dragonrider, Tartolgen himself never felt that particular pull. He was always content with, proud of the idea of continuing his family tradition and contributing to the functioning of the Weyr as an irreplaceable partner, and he doesn't take belittlement from any dragonriders who might get some funny ideas in their head about his rank or his place in their society. He has high standards for his family and any apprentices he takes, expecting all of them to be good people, not just good tanners, but though he's strict, he's not stifling. Because the repulsive nature of his craft (and location of the tannery) often leads to his apprentices developing a bit of a separation from their peers in the Weyr proper, he practically adopts them into his family, and they often say the thing they fear most about their master is his disappointment when they've done wrong.

Tartolgen's wife was Istan holdbred from a tanner family, herself, and was one of those rare folks Searched during the Interval. She never Impressed — never actually aged out, either, actually, as she decided to negotiate herself a traditional marriage with the weyrbred-and-a-bit-more-loosely-inclined Tartolgen before she ever reached that point. He was influenced enough by his family's crafter roots (his own parents had been married holdstyle), and taken enough with her to agree, and he's been faithful to her for over thirty turns since.

They have five children together — four sons and a surprise daughter — and an extended family in Senior Journeyman Healer Braughan and his wife Sooty, whose eldest daughter Birka married their second son, Tagilin.


Wife: "Ma'am", who probably has a real name but this is pretty much what everyone at the tannery calls her if they know what's good for them.

A son, 31-ish
Tagilin, journeyman tanner, 29
A son, 25-ish
A son, 21-ish
Cimarrin, 13-ish

Quite a few, including 3 from Tagilin and Birka

Crafter Relations

  • Gets on particularly well with Therden and most of the dragonhealers, due to their status as another craft that is strongly tied to the Weyr and their members being mostly weyrbred like himself. Possibly an old friend of Therden himself?
  • Personally friendly with at least some of the healers: Paskam as a peer, and with Braughan, who is of a similar age and family-inclination to himself despite their differing views on some subjects.
  • Works closely with the smiths on some projects, but this may be positive or negative for their relations depending on the personality of the Weyrsmith and whether these things go smoothly?
  • Possible friendly rivalry with the weavers/tailors
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