Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider (Currently grounded due to injury)
Age: 66
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual, with a preference for men who will let her dominate

Basic Information

Tamrel is well-known at Ista Weyr as one of those oddballs who either keeps life interesting, or makes a menace out of herself, depending on who you ask. She has always been in the middle of everything, stirring things up; she has opinions and is very vocal about them. If she disagreed with the current Weyrleader's policies, she actively campaigned in favor of a different bronzerider – it might not actually have any sway on the gold's choice or the bronze's flight, she admitted, but she liked to think that general Weyr sentiment could affect dragon choice. Or at the very least make the Weyrwoman look more closely at her possible suitors. She also caused a mild uproar for a time when she claimed she was being passed over for a wingsecond position that she was perfectly suited for – an uproar because blueriders in rank was uncommon during the Interval, and there were plenty of perfectly qualified bronze and brownriders ahead of her already eagerly awaiting their chance. She meddled in the lives of her five children and still meddles to this day, because she doesn't trust anyone to do anything without her help.

At the moment, she's livid over the loss of her eldest son, T'lenen, and places the blame squarely on T'rian's leadership — even so, she hates the arrival of the outsiders even more, and she blames both T'rian and Sirasri for that blow to Istan pride. She was injured in the first 'Fall and is still recovering, fully intending to rejoin the wings — the healers privately aren't sure if she'll ever recover enough to fly 'Fall again, but none of them dare tell her bluntly unless they want a solid punch in the nose. In some ways, it might be better if she does recover, because nobody in the Lower Caverns really wants Tamrel around, even in the best of circumstances — and in the mood she's likely to be in if she's grounded indefinitely, these definitely won't be the best of circumstances. An angry Tamrel with time on her hands is the absolute last thing the Headwoman wants to deal with.

Dragon: Blue Riffith


T'lenen, rider of bronze Saboroth (DEAD)
Tyenza, rider of green Brecheth
T'berli, rider of brown Mondagarth
J'borrel, rider of green Gerdeth
G'rellan, rider of blue Lucoryth

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