Location Ista Weyr
Position Candidate
Birthdate 8.437.8.2 (17)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Bisexual
Played-By Iain De Caesteker
Player Siarna

Tamberam’s parentage plainly shows in both his face and his demeanour. It shows in the glaring recognition of his Father, in the strong jaw, in the prominent nose. He has his Mother’s grey eyes, and he has their shared medium brown hair. He wears it short; just short enough to be acceptable but long enough that it’s mostly a thick mop with a tendency to curl. He’s near the end of puberty’s awkwardness and growth spurts, leaving him lanky and decidedly awkward as he settles into his height. He has the potential for some muscle, once his body decides to bulk instead of grow, although he is not nearly as broad as some of the other boys. He’s mostly angles, now, in a body that will rush to catch up with the efforts of dragonriding one day.


Smug and cocky describe Tamberam nicely. It’s in how he lounges, in how he /saunters/. It shows in his self-satisfied smirk. Having a family suddenly thrust into rank has done nothing to allay his arrogance for /his/ family, of the strong dragonrider legacy that he’s /meant/ to uphold. Needless to say that he can be a self-entitled shit; he’s riding on the backs of his father and his grandmother, riding the high of /their/ rank as if it’s some great achievement that he has done.

He was always was a strong willed child, and that’s putting it mildly. He’s brash and loud, with little of a brain-to-mouth filter. Unfortunately for everyone around him, he’s frighteningly intelligent where it counts (when it comes to dragons and dragonriding, that is) and he doesn’t understand when somebody else just /doesn’t/ get it. He doesn't understand limits, either, in himself and in others. He’s never had to, and when he comes screaming into the brick wall of his own he’s not going to know what to do. He loves the physicality and the rigours of candidacy to know that he would excel in the Fighting Wings. He loves the idea of the danger that Threadfall provides, loves the discipline and the ability to turn his brain off and just /do/. Listen to direct orders and keep your head down and share the successes of the group (who cares that he only considers it /his/ success?).

Underneath all his cocky bravado is a boy who is terrified of failing. Has he had doubts? Sure, he’s had doubts. So many have died up there. His uncle died up there. His grandmother was injured. He would never ever admit that he had these doubts. He can’t afford to have them if he wants a dragon to pick him. He wants to keep his upstanding dragonrider legacy. Deep down, however, he’s scared of disappointing everyone he knows and loves when he ends up without a dragon, toiling away in the Caverns while everyone else makes heroes of themselves in the Skies, protecting /him/ instead of the other way around. It /makes/ him overcompensate, makes him lounge when he would rather sit at attention, makes him smirk when he’d rather smile, and he shows no signs in curbing that attitude. He’ll fake it until he makes it, and probably long after that, too.

Common Knowledge


Tamberam was the product of a brief fling between T’berli and a Lower Caverns cook. He spent just enough time in the creche with all the other kids (his Mother, working, and his Father ‘drilling). It left him, eventually, in the hands of his grandmother Tamrel; which is, unsurprisingly enough, the only /real/ connection he actually has to his Father. He knows his Father’s face to see him and his voice to hear him- and idolizes him like a son should- but does not know him as a Father figure or as a friend. He is a person to aspire to be, strong in Ista’s beliefs, and be ready to fight for Ista’s future.

Tamrel got her hold on this kid young. It only got worse as she got injured- Tamberam was thirteen at the time- as she was left with the elderly and infirm. Fortunately for her, Tamberam was always a biddable child and he fell for her shit with little to no argument. Tamberam (and Teia) are kids that grew up with Tamrel’s Worldview™ drilled into their heads for as long as he can remember. He’s part of a strong dragonage lineage, of all colours, of all ranks, and best he not ever forget that detail. They (Tamrel) are expecting things out of him, and he better not shame them by not Impressing. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t Impressed yet, and unfortunately, his anxiety about it is only getting worse.

Standing was the only option he thought he had but he didn’t shy away from it. He embraced it. It was his great destiny to join his family in the Wings.

He needs to Impress.
For his honor. For his family.
For Ista.

Birthdate: 437.8.2 (17)
Birthplace: Ista Weyr



Father: T’berli
Mother: someone



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