Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Tairedora has grown from a pretty tomboy into a beautiful woman but she certainly doesn't see it. She stands only 5'4” with a very athletic build and a lighter olive skin tone. The gentle curve to her hips and development of her B sized chest is still recent enough to make her feel awkward. Her eyes are a deep dark brown, nearly black shade identical to her father with thick eyelashes. Dark chocolate brown locks fall in waves down her back. Taking great pride in her appearance, Tairedora takes very good care of herself. Her hair is often tucked away in a braid when training


There is a stubborn and determined streak that runs through Tairedora. She has always pushed for what she wanted and works hard to achieve that. Being the best greenrider in Ista is her main goal. She's a multi-tasker, often working through lessons and drills in her head as she walks around. Coming out on top is what matters the most. After all Istan dragonriders are well known for their threadfighting skills.

She is very aware that she sometimes comes across as a competitive stuck up bitch to the other women and doesn't care. She's tends to get along better with men anyway. She holds no loyalties and any wishing to be friends will find that she holds them at a distance, unless of course they aren't viewed as a threat to her goals. With confidence in herself and her athletic abilities she really doesn't see how any of the other female riders holds a candle. She loves running and just about any physical activity , privately quite pleased when she can do better then the other women and gain the attention of the her wingleaders. Taire hates to be idle at any point. If she's forced to sit still through a meeting or remain still for any amount of time she kicks her foot anxiously.


Birthplace Ista Weyr, 8.429.2.14

The product of a greenflight, Tairedora was born and raised in Ista Weyr. She grew up in the creche knowing who both of her parents were and was granted to occasional visit. From a young age Taire seemed to be climbing her way to the top of the weyrbrats, always striving to be noted as the best among the girls. The competitive streak only grew as she got closer to candidate age.

At 12 she took her rightful place as a candidate, certain that if anyone was going to impress, it would of course be her. Turns of being left on the sands did nothing to dampen her dreams until finally Astemiath burst out of her shell determined to make history. The deceivingly dainty green had the heart of a warrior and a competitive streak to match her new lifemate.

Tairedora and Astemiath aimed to impress their superiors all the way through Weyrling training and were looking forward to doing the same in the wings once they graduated. The pair carried firestone to the wings during the First Fall when her mother became one of the many casualties. Heartbroken but headstrong, they've been thrust into the fighting wings determined to prove they belong there.



Father: V'dor of brown Xerth (NPC)
Mother: Tairenna of green Sperlath

Half-Siblings: Numerous but unknown


[[[K'pen of bronze Sefrith - Best Friend/Long Term Crush (Taire hopes for more)


S'vero of brown Pazrielth - Best Friend
V'ler of brown Kiyosarath - Wingmate/Mentor
R'fan of bronze Ronageth


S'verian of bronze Oteth

Tairedora's Dragon: Green Astemiath

Dragon Name: Astemiath
Colour: Green
Age: 4
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.449.8.11
Wing: x


Astemiath is a long lithe green with delicate features. Her dainty head knobs and regal muzzle along with her small size as a weyrling gave her the appearance of being breakable. She moves with a confident level of grace. As she grew, her very feminine form will gained the lean muscle needed in her wings and legs to become a very fast and agile flier. Her hide is a dark dappled forest green like the thick canopies of forest leaves that lightens over her muzzle and wings.


Astemiath cracked through her shell a very independent and confident green. With her Tairedora by her side, she is certain they can complete any task without help. Stubbornly she will harbor a competitive streak that will forever have her striding to prove that she is in fact the best, especially when it comes to flying and hunting. Any suggestion otherwise will put Astemiath in a very foul mood. She's a vengeful dragon, quick to anger or turn mischievous in an effort to prove others wrong. Tairedora will have her hands full with such an intense lifemate, especially if her green is ever grounded or injured.

Once old enough to hunt, Astemiath decided it was her favorite past time. She finds the greatest joy in stalking her prey from the sky and killing the beast as efficiently as possible. Astemiath will be a very picky dragon when it comes to mating flights. As a weyrling she vows never to have a mating flight, though as she matures the graceful green will embraced being the focus of so many males vying for her attention. Expect her flights to be short, fast and very acrobatic.

Tairedora's Pet:

Brown Firelizard Ronk

This brown is a monster! He will break shell with a ridiculous amount of power, shattering the thing into bits and won’t ever be mistaken for cute. He is raw strength and pure masculinity, though not very pretty. He is a dusty sort of brown, kind of like a dark wooden table that hasn’t seen a cleaning rag in turns, and he’ll never really shine up. He is striking in his own way though, with a stocky build, thick neck and square head. His eyes may be a little far apart, and his jaw with a slight overbite, but what is beauty when you have so much muscle to back you up.

Its unfortunate that this brown won’t likely put his strength to any good use. He’s more than a bully, he’s a predator. He has no problem taking down anything he views as weak and will constantly go after fellow lizards in an attempt to show his superiority. Unfortunately he’s bigger than most and often a match for some of the bronzes, so most will just learn to flee when they see him coming. He’s not especially nice to humans either, happy to try to push around any that seem soft or nervous so his owner had better learn to keep a close eye on him. Whoever he impresses to also better have a strong hand to keep this guy in line; it will take a very tough personality to win the respect and loyalty of this guy. Its entirely possible this brown will walk all over a weak owner, taking whatever he can get and then abandon him or her.

He respects authority once its earned however and if his new pet manages to win him over they’ll have a brutally protective and loyal creature at their side. Hopefully they are up for frequent tests of will and being constantly challenged by this overly dominant creature.

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