Character Type: Tanner
Rank: Senior Journeyman
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Tagilin, Weyrtanner Tartolgen’s second son, is a tallish, lean man with sandy light brown curls, blue eyes, and a bright, easy smile. He readily calls himself simple, and it’s true in a way — not in that he’s stupid because he isn’t, but rather in his excessively easygoing manner, his flexibility, his good humor, and plain old-fashioned work ethic. He enjoys his work and takes pride in his craft, and that’s good enough for him regardless of whether anyone else cares or appreciates it or not. He has the Tannery, he makes friends easily, and he has a fine family: what else should a man want?

He knew from his early teens that his friend and old playmate Birka was planning on marrying him. She said as much, after all, and though his own family didn’t hold as strictly to the holder values that her family did (which would mean they would eventually choose a beau for her, possibly one she found less acceptable, if she didn’t take matters into her own hands), he agreed readily enough: he cared for and admired her, so why not? They had a fine time during their teen turns, experimenting as lovers while managing to keep up a perfectly innocent facade with Braughan and Sooty until Tagilin could earn his journeyman’s knots — at which time he approached Braughan about a formal engagement.

Their marriage, a love somehow both grown naturally from companionship and yet also consciously chosen and deliberately cultivated, is a harmonious one mostly due to their open communication and Tagilin’s own accepting nature. Tagilin doesn’t mind his wife’s more domineering nature; his own easy manner smooths the rougher edges of hers, and she appreciates him for being what she is not. They’re able to talk about anything and everything, don’t keep secrets, and work very efficiently together as both spouse and business partners. They have three young sons: Tirlin, Tamerick, and Birkinnas. Despite Sooty’s constant nudging, they both insist that three is plenty, and don’t plan on having any more.

It’s an unspoken understanding that Tagilin is one of those in line to possibly take over as Weyrtanner when his father retires. However, two of his brothers could also capably handle the position and have an interest, and because the family is generally a very harmonious one that works together happily within the Tannery, everyone seems to just be putting off any discussion of the matter until it’s absolutely necessary. Tagilin himself wouldn’t mind taking over, but is also reluctant to fight with his brothers over the matter if they want it more. Birka, however, has been putting subtle pressure on him to step up and make his claim clear, or at least make himself into the best possible candidate for it, arguing that it will be the better for the family in the long run if the matter is just settled and everyone accepts it.


Wife: Birka, 29

Tirlin, 10
Tamerick, 6
Birkinnas, 2

Father: Tartolgen, Weyrtanner
Mother: “Ma’am” (and don’t you forget it)

Older Brother (+2), senior journeyman tanner
Younger Brother (-4), journeyman tanner
Younger Brother (-8), dragonrider

Cimarrin (-17)

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