Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


He brown, curly hair kept very short (at some point in his youth, some other Weyrbrat said his hair was pretty and he hacked it all off). He has dark eyes and a straight nose that he thinks looks quite distinguished. Slightly above average in height, he’s built more like a runner than anything else, and probably not going to bulk up anymore. He has good teeth, which is surprising considering how often he’s tried to knock them out with some childish stunt or another. His tanned skin is covered with a surprising amount of small scars for someone his age (‘Oh, this one? Kicked by a runner. That one? Scraped my leg climbing the Weyrbowl. That one on my temple? Cliff diving’)


T'zalen has always been aware of the expectations on him that he Impress and that he Impress well. While he would never have admitted it outloud, he always expected that he would Impress some nice strapping brown and take his place in the fighting wings, perhaps eventually rising to wingsecond. In the fantasies he wouldn’t even admit to himself, he pictured a great shining bronze and Weyrleader’s knots.

He never pictured a green.

That isn’t to say he isn’t fond of Zuryith, however it resulted in a rapid re-evaluation of his life plan. He’d always been one of the first to take firm control of a situation (others would say things like ‘bossy’), the first to volunteer to test the waters or heights of any situation (his foster mother would say he didn’t have the sense to keep himself out of trouble). These, he thought, were the building blocks of a fine leader. Except… green.

T'zalen is at least adaptable. If he isn’t meant to lead, he can at least be the best follower he can be. Unfortunately, he’s still waiting to see who exactly is worth following. His dragon is not making it easy for him, and the constant test of wills over every single task can be draining, sapping some of his usual good cheer and leaving him a bit crankier than he always had been.

He does still do his best to look out for anyone younger, smaller, or less capable than him. Unfortunately, what he thinks they need is not necessarily what they think they need, and he can come across as more than a little bit of a bully when he’s convinced he’s right.

Common Knowledge


T'zalen has known what was expected of him since birth, or at least it seems that way. He was going to grow up, enter Candidacy, Impress well, and continue on the long and illustrious dragon riding tradition, blah blah blah. For a child, this was both an advantage and a disadvantage. He never had the opportunity to even consider any alternative life for himself (and if anyone asked him now, he certainly wouldn’t have wanted one), and no one really expected anything of him until the age of twelve. Even then, what they expected was that he would enter Candidacy and not embarrass them. A good Impression was the only real expectation placed on him, and that was just fine with him.

He ran rather wild as a child, always being the one sneaking off from chores for some bit of adventure that was more fun. Sometimes some of the younger (or just smaller) Weyrbrats would tag along, and that was just fine with him. He liked having an audience, someone he could boss around and tell what to do. Whether he was necessarily well-liked or his antics just entertained people was debateable, and he never paid it much thought.

He was decidedly uninspired in academics and never particularly stood out either in his basic lessons with the harpers or in Candidacy. Despite his family’s insistence on what was expected of him, he wasn’t particularly eager to find his dragon quickly. Oh, he knew he wanted one, eventually, but for now the life of a repeat Candidate was delightfully carefree, and he was in no hurry. When he hit 20, it became a little bit of a concern, but even then he wasn’t worried, exactly. As it turned out, he was right not to be concerned.

Even if a green wasn’t what he and his parents had expected from himself, he’s not really bothered by this, and he’s determined that they will be a valuable member of the wings.

Birthdate: 8.434.4.10
Birthplace: Ista Weyr



Father: I’zalkos of bronze Hannassath
Mother: Tyenza of green Brecheth
Grandmother: Tamrel of blue Riffith
Uncles: — T’lenen — of bronze Saboroth
T’berli of brown Mondagarth
J’borrel of green Gerdeth
G’rellan of blue Lucoryth


Tavawleesi, son of T’lenen
Tamberam, son of T’berli
Teia, daughter of T’berli


Tayva of blue Jomurnth
J’nahvi of brown Ardolanth


Tayva of blue Jomurnth


Tayva of blue Jomurnth — Tayva just has a complicated relationship with everyone
B’nurlos of green Galzrath — Maybe? His mother certainly hates his father.

T’zalen DRAGON: Green Zuryith

Dragon Name: Zuryith
Color: Green
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: Date


She’s a delicate, pretty little green. Not frail by any means, she has the build to be a fine specimen of a quick, agile green, but she looks like the type of dragon an artist would paint. In heavy winds, she’ll be one of the first to be blown around, and one of the first to tire. Her hide is a moss green, with faint shadowed variations of slightly darker colors. Her movements tend to be a little jerky, like a bird, as if there is no transition from one motion to the next. One moment she’s facing left, the next right.


This dragon is well aware that she has the potential to be a great asset to her Weyr and that she has the opportunity to be a strong guiding influence to her clutchmates and future wingmates. She is clearly destined to lead and has no patience for any other dragons that feel they know what’s right.

There’s just one small problem. She’s a green. A small green.

Zuryith is, in a word, arrogant. In more words, she’s bullheaded, temperamental, confrontational, and convinced she is at least twice as strong as she is. She has zero hesitation when it comes to picking fights with her clutchmates (of any color), and that will eventually extend to wingmates, as well.

Zuryith butts heads with nearly everyone she encounters. She does not like being told what to do. Any order is going to be followed by ‘why’ and any explanation is going to result in a half a dozen more ‘whys’. If she gets a satisfactory answer, then she’ll proceed to not only do whatever she has been ordered, but also to bully any other dragons who haven’t seen the clear wisdom of the act. A less firm rider would find themself completely trampled by the strong-willed little green.

Common Knowledge

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