Writer: Aaron

Character Type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Unknown


Tavaren’s the guy that you can’t help but glance over in a crowd. He’s plain and average to a fault, standing at an average height, with Ista’s common dark hair, eyes, and skin. His jaw is wide-set and his hair is thin, with a high forehead that foreshadows early baldness. Despite the fact that Tavaren works as hard as the other candidates, he’s got a ‘healthy weight’ and very little muscle mass. His metabolism slowed down early, so while he eats as much (or more) than his fellow candidates, he’s starting to pack on the pounds a bit more too.

He’s the guy next door; the one that you don’t realize lives there unless you need to borrow a cup of sugar. At a first glance, he’s unassuming, quiet, and pretty awkward. Social interaction isn’t exactly his forte. He’s most at home in the Weyr’s archives, pouring over old tomes, rewriting them, or adding them. He loves learning theory and formulas and would much rather leave the hard work to the more capable, dumber people. Tavaren is smart- insanely, infuriatingly smart- his phobias and arrogance make it difficult for others to admit it. A cook afraid of fire or the dogs who turn the spits? And who won't swim out past where they can touch? Worst of all, the things he thinks are icky - from saliva to poo - can make him wretch just from thinking of them.


He has a method to his madness; a way of getting things done that just doesn’t involve other people. He’s a self-important blowhard, although he certainly does have his moments. It’s not that he’s mean on purpose, he just can’t stop himself from telling everyone ‘right’ when they are ‘clearly wrong’, often on the spot without care for who they are or what they’re doing.

Tavaren is a foodie. He loves preparing food, he loves eating food, he loves cleaning up after food. He’ll be the first to tell you about the aromas of wine or the savory in the roast herdbeast. He will always, always have a pot of hot klah ready and waiting. The Lower Caverns Staff would almost love his presence down there if he wasn’t such a Huffy Puffy Bossypants to anyone and everyone that got in the way of his ‘perfect culinary masterpieces.’


Tavaren grew up in the crèche with his two sisters and brother. He had an ordinary enough childhood, even with his parents giving the Lower Caverns staff a ‘helping hand’ with their children. He didn’t want to join candidacy initially. Dragonriding was dirty and physical and far too much work. Instead he took to the harpercraft, and while he can’t sing or play music all that well, he took to writing and scribing and lawyering much better.

After the disaster of First Fall, Tavaren stepped up to the plate. He wanted to do his duty as a weyrborn. He wants to be up there with his Mother and Sisters (he has no doubt that Tayva will eventually impress). While he loves staying on the ground, he feels helpless and useless even on the ground teams. If that means shoveling shit and bagging firestone on hot summer days, fine. He can deal with that for a while, even if it threatens to empty his stomach every time.


Tavayna- Mother
L’vari- Father, deceased
Vayari- sister
Tayva- sister
Radekzlen (Radek)- Best bro forever

Tavaren's Dragon: Green Lulaboth

Dragon Name: Lulaboth
Colour: Green
Age: <1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: DreamChasers


Lulaboth is a big green, tall and heavy —“curvy” one might say, if one were being polite, though whether her lines are graceful enough to qualify as “voluptuous” is probably a matter of debate. She’s thick all over, particularly around the bottom area where her hips are wide and her booty is, er, well-padded, and her back legs are a bit shorter than the front, giving her an odd sort of bopping amble when she walks. Her tail is short and thick, too, but always seems to be in motion, swaying to and fro. She’s a dragon built to last, with very little of the speed her color is known for (though, to be fair, this may also be because Lulaboth never seems to be in a hurry) and an extra helping of strength and endurance. Her hide is a darker shade of green, dull and foresty like the color of shed pine needles on the forest floor, with a lighter shade of the same color covering her belly and her face from the tip of the nose to the stop of the muzzle. She’s not likely to tell you, but that light-colored belly of hers will prove to be ticklish, and she privately believes these two facts are connected somehow.


Lulaboth is a dragon who is happy being exactly who and what she is, and will never understand those who are unhappy with their lot in life. Why shouldn’t she enjoy herself? She’s a dragon, she has plenty to eat, plenty of friends, an entire world at her disposal, and a lifemate to share it all with. So occasionally she has to fly up into certain danger to flame Thread, what about it? Most of her life is pretty great, and there’s nothing she likes better than enjoying every moment of it that she can.

Some might call Lulaboth lazy, and they would be right. In fact, she has practically turned sloth, and the skill of shirking responsibility, into a well-developed art form. She’s all about skating by with only the bare minimum that she can get away with: she’ll show up, eventually, and she’ll do exactly what you ask of her (probably), but don’t ever count on getting any more than that. She just doesn’t see the point. Why stress yourself, and waste extra time, trying to do something better when just doing it at all is enough? What good is it to do more, or go the distance, when just finishing serves just as well? There’s a definite effort-versus-reward debate inherent in everything Lulaboth decides to do (or not do), and if she thinks it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth, well, it can be someone else’s problem.

Being lazy doesn’t mean she spends her days lying around doing nothing, though. Sure, she does take naps if that’s what she feels like doing, but Lulaboth is definitely playing her entire life by ear. She follows her desires, and her instincts, and lets them take her wherever they will — and, more importantly, she enjoys every moment of it that she possibly can. She appreciates the warmth of curling up in the sun, and the relief knowing that she has nowhere to be anytime soon. But she also loves the thrill of stretching her wings to fly on a windy day, or diving into the sea to splash and play. She enjoys the excitement of her mating flights and the pleasure of their expected end, and the exhilaration of chasing down her prey, and even appreciates the different taste of different types of game and may decide she only wants wherry this sevenday, when fish or herdbeast was perfect last sevenday. She loves music, loves moving, loves being physical with her clutchmates, wingmates, and mates in general — but it’s all about doing what she wants when she wants to do it, not a moment before, and with as little resistance as possible.

Underneath her lazy, hedonistic exterior lies a dragon who’s a lot more clever than she initially appears. She is certainly adaptable, and good at finding ways to get what she wants and avoid what she doesn’t want, and it’s almost a shame that such a sharp mind will likely never be used for anything more than that. She is a caring dragon, though, protective of her friends and quick to offer them comfort or protection if they need it, and her lack of effort is less about selfishness and more about a life philosophy. She doesn’t expect others to pick up her slack, she wants them all to relax, too, and just have fun in her world the same way she does! If there’s one thing she will spend effort on, it’s trying to get others to just learn to enjoy life, though admittedly she may have a little too much fun prodding and teasing the more uptight among her friends. She’s certainly not zen — she can be riled, and won’t hesitate to speak up for herself or argue her points when she feels that she (or her desires) are being threatened, and she doesn’t always show a lot of tact or restraint in her words. Lulaboth might be lazy, but she’s no coward, and those she flies with may occasionally be surprised at how fierce she can be when she puts her mind to it.

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