Character type: Keeper of Evil (aka Ceretith)
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Is a thing reserved for people who are not responsible dragon riders ™. One fling doesn’t count, okay? (Either hetero or bisexual, I’m not entirely sure)


Of medium height and a stocky build, T’vel has broad, coarse features more suited to a Holder than a rider. His skin is fair for an islander, a holdover from a northern grandfather, but he has the blue-green eyes and dark hair of a proper Istan. T’vel keeps said hair cut short but no longer shaves it, not after Ceretith startled him into nearly cutting his scalp open. His skin and hair are often greasy and he will be prone to acne into adulthood and he sweats more easily than most people. He has an overbite, but it is only obvious when he smiles, which is not often these days. He generally wears his riding leathers and his weyrling’s knots, but has no shortage of civilian clothes from his time as a Candidate. He’s not particularly attractive, but isn’t notably ugly either and is in good shape from the rigors of Candidacy and Weyrlinghood.


T’vel was always the perfect Candidate. Steady, responsible, knowledgeable without being overbearing, quiet without crossing into taciturn, polite and friendly but not obsequious. From the time he was twelve turns old, he always had his hidework finished on time, performed respectably in drills and did his chores without complaint. If he was never particularly gifted at anything, well he was good enough at everything. And he was so well behaved, so good, so trustworthy, he grew accustomed to praise from all who supervised him. Now though…He’s out of his league, with a dragon who may or may not hate him and who seems to have a knack for ruining everything he tries to do. He’s constantly on the brink of exhaustion, trying to outsmart Ceretith, who is far too clever for a newly hatched dragonet. He’s always been sturdy and reliable, but now T’vel’s showing up late to lessons, missing drills and (horror of horrors!) losing his hidework.

But that’s not going to stop T’vel from trying to manage everything, from his possibly insane dragonet to his definitely insane classmates. Because, you see, T’vel has a bit of an ego. Oh, not the showy kind of ego, he’s too grounded for that, but the “I know best and Thread would stop falling if we simply did things my way…or at the very least we wouldn’t have lost half the weyr the first time we flew it” sort of ego. He doesn’t brag or lose his temper, but is quick with a gentle lecture and a knowing smile. And T’vel is thoroughly convinced he knows everything there is to know, or everything important, at any rate. He spent over ten turns as a Candidate. He knows this weyr inside and out. As for T’vel’s way? It’s by the book, through and through. T’vel is polite, respectful and rule-abiding, but one thing he is not is particularly creative. He likes his certainties and the security of routine far too much to ever attempt anything particularly daring on his own free will. T’vel lives a modest lifestyle, for a dragon rider. He dresses simply, drinks no more than a single glass of wine a night, saves his marks, avoids overly rich foods and rarely engages in sexual relations. He has his duty and performs it with as few diversions as possible. He does make time to unwind, of course, but he prefers a quiet evening with a couple of good friends over anything particularly exciting. In truth, large crowds make him a bit nervous. There are just too many people, making too much noise. Not that he’d ever admit to being anything less than perfect. However, for all his confidence and poise, T’vel is surprisingly prone to anxiety, particularly in a social context. T’vel very much wishes to be liked, or if not liked, at least respected. He generally conducts himself pretty when discussing something distant and professional, but as soon as talk turns remotely personal all of T’vel’s carefully studied words leave him. He knows he’s not a terribly interesting person and is generally okay with that, but he’s not okay with everybody knowing he’s an exceptionally boring one.

T’vel is as proud of his weyr as he is of himself. He sees nothing wrong with Ista, short of a few turns of incompetent leadership and some poor executive planning. They don’t need the Outsiders, whose ways are strange and foreign and a bit frightening. T’vel isn’t going to go out sabotaging the newcomers or anything (they’re doing a perfectly good job of that all on their own), but he’s not exactly welcoming them in with open arms either. And if they all happen to die in threadfall? Well it’s their own fault for doing everything wrong.

Common Knowledge

…Pretty much everything. T’vel’s an open book and been around the weyr long enough that most people know him by face, if not by name.
All four of T’vel’s grandparents were crafters at Ista Weyr, although one transferred in from Fort. Three of the four stood as Candidates but aged out. T’vel’s mother also aged out of Candidacy, while his father never stood.

General reputation

T’vel’s Candidacy was nothing exceptional. He was considered a steady, decent Candidate but rarely talked about
Since Impressing, T’vel’s gone downhill. Has he taken to drink? Or can he just not handle the pressures of Weyrlinghood?


Birthdate: 8.428.4.13
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

T’vel would be the first to admit he had no major traumas in his childhood. Born Teravel, to a Weaver and a Smith, he is quite certainly not an accidental pregnancy. His parents might have been Crafters, but they were still weyrfolk. Said parents personally raised him and his siblings themselves rather than sending them off to the Creche, their nuclear family a rarity within the weyr. Otherwise, Teravel attended Harper lessons, made a few friends and did general weyrbrat things. When he turned 12, he entered the Candidate
program, not because he particularly wanted a dragon, but because he was weyrborn and that was what twelve turn old weyr boys did. And his mother, a failed Candidate herself, looked so proud when he moved into the barracks, only a monster would have quit after that.

He was a good Candidate from the start, always trying his best and never so much as bending the rules. Sure, he was never at the top of his class, but he never slipped below the middle and no one could accuse him of not giving it an honest effort. He also began training in Tannercraft, as there was a shortage of apprentices in his turn and Teravel wanted to contribute to the weyr as well as he was able. Teravel liked Candidacy for the most part. As the son of two non-riders, he found dragons fascinating, if a bit confusing, and it was nice to finally have someone explain the inner workings of the weyr. Hatchings weren’t his favorite thing on Pern, with the crowds and the noise and the inevitable disappointment, but the baby dragons were sort of cute, in an ugly kind of way. And Teravel couldn’t help marveling at the sight of complete and utter adoration and astonishment on a new rider’s face.
When Teravel was nineteen, his brother joined him in the Candidate barracks. To the entire family’s delight, Atera Impressed at his very first Hatching, bonding to green Imoxith at the tender age of twelve and becoming the first rider of his line in generations. While Teravel was a bit disappointed by his own lack of success, he couldn’t be jealous of his brother, not when Imoxith was so clearly perfect for A’ra, not when he saw A’ra’s dreamy smile every time he so much as heard his dragon’s name.

It was also around this time (while the clutch that would eventually hatch Imoxith was hardening on the sands, actually) that Teravel began a brief affair with his fellow Candidate and sort-of-sometimes-friend, Miannae. While Teravel was very, very good, he was also a teenage boy. Too shy and uptight to initiate a flirtation himself, he gladly accepted what Miannae offered and never questioned her sudden affection for him. Even when, nine months after their affair began and eight after it ended, she bore a daughter she named Yeonna.
Teravel never even considered ignoring his child, having always been close to his own parents. He briefly contemplated quitting Candidacy, as he seemed unlikely to Impress anyway, to raise Yeonna himself rather than sending him off to be fostered. After an earnest talk with his mother, however, he recognized that he was not ready to raise a child on his own and, as he could hardly ask Miannae to quit Candidacy to help him, it would be best to let her be raised in the Creche, by people who understood children better than he did. He continued to visit her as often as his schedule permitted, building her little toys and telling her stories about Passes long over. He even developed a degree of fondness for Yeonna’s older brother, Myeonnok, whose own father never made any overtures and with whom Yeonna was exceptionally close. His parents, meanwhile, made it clear their rooms were always open to both children. Teravel adored his daughter from the start, but decided to refrain from further sexual experiences until he was older and ready to be a proper parent.

As Teravel approached 24, he began making arrangements for life after Candidacy. There was a clutch hardening on the sands, but with his birthday so close, the odds were good he would not make the cut. Make it he did though, if only barely, and, at the last Hatching of his Candidate career, Teravel, now T’vel, finally Impressed to brown Ceretith. He’s still not quite sure how he feels about that. Of course he loves Ceretith, they are lifemates, after all, but he’s not convinced he likes him, which he feels pretty terrible about. What kind of rider doesn’t even like his own dragon?

It doesn’t help that the rest of T’vel’s life has been falling to shreds, little by little. The day of the Hatching, Ceretith knocked Yeonna over and made her cry. T’vel doesn’t think Ceretith meant to do it (even he must have some morals…right?) but it was clear that Ceretith should not be around Yeonna and Ceretith was too young to be left on his own for long. T’vel hasn’t seen his daughter or her brother since that day. He rarely speaks to his old friends, most of whom remain Crafters or Candidates, on entirely different schedules from T’vel and his new teachers have branded him flighty and irresponsible (mostly thanks to Ceretith, but what sort of rider rats out their own dragon?). Every now and then T’vel catches himself dwelling on how much better his life would be if he hadn’t Impressed, which is an awful thing to think. He doesn’t hate Ceretith, not really, but he’s fairly sure the brown hates him. Why else go to such lengths to thwart his own rider?



Mother: Aravel, 46, Senior Journeywoman Weaver
Father: Terval, 52, Senior Journeyman Smith
Sister: Valara, 14, Candidate
Brother: A’ra (Born Atera), 16, wingrider to Green Imoxith
Daughter: Yeonna, 4, Weyrbrat


Ceretith (?)
Miannae, although their friendship has cooled considerably since T’vel’s Impression


Miannae for a few weeks when he was twenty



T’vel’s Dragon: Brown Ceretith

Dragon Name: Ceretith
Color: Brown
Age: <1 turn
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:, SunRunners


Some say that there are many kinds of beauty, and certainly Ceretith is a rather good looking dragon, in a strange, off beat sort of way. Really he should be too thin, too angular, his face too sharp to be any kind of appealing at all. And yet he is. His face is rather sculptured, haughty, and there’s a cold aloofness to it that, while quite attractive, might scare some off. His hide is tumultuous, with every possible shade of brown imaginable splattered across his hide with no rhyme or reason to it at all. The shapes the colours make are all different too, circle, blob, spatter, sharp spikes and there is no pattern. None at all.

He’s also an incredibly out of balance little dragon, he’ll grow into a long creature but when he is little his wings will be far too large and his tail far too long, and his legs far too spindly. He’ll crash into everything and everyone although never seems to be the one who comes to harm.


Ceretith hates order, hates routine, hates predictability and he most certainly hates people trying to impose such restrictions upon him. He believes that order makes people feel safe and secure, and therefore lazy and unmotivated. Nothing brings out the best in people like a challenge, strife, struggle or adversity. And so Ceretith takes it upon himself to cause as many problems for people as he can. This ranges from small misdemeanors like hiding someone’s straps to actually damaging straps to give the other a scare. He never wants anyone to get hurt of course, but he does want them to wake up out of complacency. Different people get different levels of Ceretith’s form of schooling; friends get little things to keep them on their toes, enemies much bigger things and his rider is no exception.

The trouble is that most of the time the things are hard to really pin on him, he’s not responsible for how people react to his meddlings after all, they are responsible for their own actions, he’s purely the catalyst, the instigator, and the first one not around when the real shit goes down. He’s just an expert at judging who will react badly, and pressing those buttons from a distance.

Brutal honesty, or at least the appearance of honesty, will be one of Ceretith’s calling cards. He’ll say it with flair with a little twist to hide its cruel edge, but the words will always have a cutting, brutal edge. Unless he is fond of them. To the lady dragons he actually likes he will hide this nastier streak, showing them a side of pure gentility, but woe betide them if he is scorned. Male dragons too may warrant his friendship and therefore a reprieve from his harsher mannerisms but the smallest sign of ‘betrayal’ could warrant a vicious retaliation.

Because any perceived slight will be met with Ceretith’s form of vindictive justice.

However all of this doesn’t mean he’s without his good qualities. He’s a swift flier, and very clever. He’ll always be one of the dragons to pick up formations and movements first. He’s also very charming, even if at times there may be a sly insult or double headed barb hidden somewhere in his conversation. He has that soothing air, the poise, the elegance of gesture and movement like a gentleman. But you can be sure that Ceretith knows everything that’s going on…and has some machination in progress.

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