Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingleader
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Not short, but certainly often towered over in the Weyr, T'rian stands at 5'8". Every inch of it, with a nearly impeccable posture. He's far too fidgety to ever actually manage impeccable for long, and his constant hand motions and always-swift movements are as nearly a part of his appearance as anything else about him.

He has the unfortunate idea to think that having one, neutrally calm facial expression is all he needs. That has undoubtedly helped him to not have more wrinkles than the smatterings of ones he's developed all ready, but certainly does nothing like offer him any charisma. He has deep-set brown eyes that are always very alert and observant, even exhausted, it's clear that he's aware of his surroundings.

T'rian is one of those unfortunate riders that doesn't seem to be going bald. (Well, HE thinks it's unfortunate.) As a matter of fact, he inherited his mother's lovely head of thick chestnut brown hair, which now grows all smatterings of white. Bayleth adores T'rian's hair, and insists that he keeps it grown out as much as possible, but also in turn likes to tease and chortle at him every time it gets a millimeter out of regulation. Yeah. It's a thing with them.

He has not always been very wary of his own health, and he has been hard on himself. T'rian is solidly built, as any dragonrider will be, but he's on the lean side, and some rumors started somewhere that perhaps he's not as strong as he could be either. It is enough that a careful and trained eye might catch, and enough that there are quiet rumors, but not enough to have affected any of his duties and daily life.


T’rian is a very 'by the books' kind of man, rather punctilious and has absolutely no capacity for flexibility. This makes him someone who is excellent at drilling certain maneuvers until they are satisfactory. But should the situation call for something…a little innovative, or maybe needing improvisation, T’rian will try all the conventional methods before even thinking about trying something daring.

He’s very precise, neat, and well spoken, and he always studies up on everything so that he knows all the facts before stating his opinion. His wingriders respect him, because for all he is inflexible and drives them all to distraction in his pursuit for perfection, he is a fair leader, and he will at least pretend to listen to advice, even if he will discard it should it clash with his own views.

No one knows the rules, or all the teaching songs, stories, verses or traditions of Ista Weyr better than T'rian, and he thinks this is what makes him a good rider, although he gets a little brooding and resentful when others, with more charm and people skills, get elevated alongside him. This strong attribute of jealousy is T'rian's biggest flaw, and makes him a hard man to bond to. People respect him…but he resents that they do not love him too.

T'rian has a fabulous auditory memory (though not always an excellent visual one), and is known for being able to remember conversations word-for-word for some candlemarks after. He considers it rude to NOT listen to people, and though he won't shirk his own duties, he'll listen to anyone determined enough to speak while he works. He'll help where he can in that moment, though he rarely goes out of his way to do something other than to be a sounding board.


Birthplace: Unknown Hold, 8.407.1.13

Shortly after birth: Adopted, raised by a steward and harper: Tagerian "Tage"

At 11 Turns: (Brink of 12) Mother's death, father's dismissal from steward position, "for fashion," now that he and his wife are no longer a pair.

At 12 Turns: A mere month after his mother's death, Tage follows what was all ready to family plan to head to the Harper Craft Hall for training in law. Here he struggles greatly for a number of different reasons, and it's only both his previous learning and knowledge that his parents had sacrificed to save and send him for turns that helps him to manage. Tage finds himself under a technically capable but temperamental and untrustworthy teacher.

At 14 Turns: (End of 14) Gets a note that his father has been ill, and temporarily leaves the Craft Hall to see that his father is well. He leaves with a Journeyman Harper who has been assigned to the Ista territories.

At 15 Turns: (Beginning of 15) Search by dragonriders, Chose to go between the JM Harper's urgings and for the Searchrider's (unfulfilled) promise to use his flit to help Tage remain in communication with his father. His father insisted he was pleased both ways, but was clearly relieved at Tage's choice and grateful to the dragonrider's offer. MORE trouble followed, as Tage never quite adjusted to the Weyr as a candidate and didn't believe he could actually trust anyone for being soured by authorities and the searchrider's broken promise, but Dad was at least closer, and there were plenty of people to try to suck up to and get rides from to go visit.

At 15 Turns: (End of 15) Impression to Bronze Bayleth

At 17 Turns: Weyrling disaster, for which T'rian blamed himself for the deaths of other weyrlings. Weyrlingmaster disagreed with that assessment, but used it as a launching place to show the boy who very-well-knew all the rules, but hated and argued with them all too, how very important they were. It is at this point that T'rian switches from using the rules all to his advantage (finding loopholes, blackmailing others maybe, arguing about the foolishness of using "archaic" wisdom in a time where people should be "forward-thinking") to actually acknowledging their worth.

At 17 Turns: Weyrling graduation. Though some 6 months ago, T'rian had been toward the bottom of the class, he now graduated with the Weyrlingmaster opening backing him with full confidence and commendation. But he and others also expressed concern over T'rian's changed outlook, perhaps he now leaned unhealthily in the other direction. What was he trying to do, bring back the dead by studying the hides?

At 22 Turns: Promotion to WingThird. His persnickety outlook was then one that a large number of people believe he just naturally lived. He had gained the attention of his wing leader for his careful and intelligent observations, his respectful questions when he genuinely disagrees with some decision, and his dragon's playful way of getting some of the more distracted riders back on track.

At 25 Turns: Promotion to WingSecond. During this time, T'rian was far more notably relaxed than he'd been since the weyrling incident. Under the careful guidance of an older wingleader, he matured into understanding the nuances of people good and bad, and how mistakes and stupid choices neither define a person forever nor should ever define one's over-arching outlook of a group as a whole. Some of his impish behavior returned, and he again began to build some friendships, though he was now less quick to speak and more careful to listen and warn. Persnickety and overly serious were still words attached to his reputation.

At 32 Turns: Promotion to wing leader at retirement of his wing leader. With his now-wingsecond, N'mor, T'rian switched positions easily. Now HE was the drill-sergeant who made everyone work to perfection. N'mor was now the vaguely impish wingsecond who sometimes rolled his eyes at the wingleader, but always remained loyal and respectful. His wingriders at first teased him to his face about this, and he kept strong relationships with those who remained with him over the next 7 turns, but the new ones never really caught on to the joke, and T'rian forgot to let them in on it. He figured Bayleth's more light-hearted approach should have been enough to let them know. He didn't care that it wasn't. He had his niche.

At 39 Turns: Bayleth caught Sr. Queen Queth of Marvena, and T'rian becomes Weyrleader.

T'rian needed no other push in the world than to get told that he now had the whole of Ista Weyr riding on his shoulders than to fall back into what was the most comfortable thing in the world for him: The safety of rules, structure, and tradition. He was everything he wanted to be. Strict, firm, fair, and never once dismissive of someone just because he could be.

He was careful to listen and consider, because T'rian was one to believe in the power of gathered wisdom. He believed that not listening was rude, and would create anger toward authority. He believed simply dismissing another was never acceptable. There had to be reason to everything that was done. And he never, ever, EVER made an off-handed joke or showed anything like personality, because he was afraid of seeing something like the incident that had taken place when he was a weyrling repeated. He didn't want someone taking a joke or smile or nod of his the wrong way and doing something stupid so as to get themselves killed. So he remained distant.

Besides, the now hidebound bronzerider STILL had his niche with his friends. N'mor, who remained as a wingsecond, and other riders who'd long been a part of that same wing. Morvena. The pair found they took quite a liking to one another, and though it had been purely Bayleth's more youthful speed and smaller physique that had caused him to win that first flight, Queth looked for him in flights following. He didn't need to smile or be light-hearted or anything with the rest of the Weyr. He needed to be their leader, and make sure things were done PROPERLY.

At 43 Turns: Thread Fell. And the proud Wingleader who boasted of the best-drilled riders of Pern lost half of his riders to that Fall. What could be said in a short space to describe the resulting actions and behaviors? Whatever else anyone believes, T'rian remained proud of his riders and Weyr and determined to protect his Hold. He was at first maybe a bit naive and idealistic with words like, "All dragonriders have the same code of honor, the same traditional values and training, and the same heart against the same enemy." that he actually BELIEVED would pull the Weyr, those of Ista and those not, together as one unit. That changed rapidly, into something that soured.

Rules, standards, traditions, and the belief that All Good People held on to those things fell through the cracks. They had failed him. So T'rian had failed his Weyr.

He never quite got over that.

At 43 Turns: Weyrleadrship ended, with R'fan as the new Weyrleader.

T'rian left the position quietly. And because rules, standards, and traditions had failed him before… He stuck to them more, believing that maybe he'd not tried HARD ENOUGH, and that he had to be more hard-nosed to make a Wing the Best Wing of Pern.

T'rian no longer joked even with old comrades.

Current: Demoted to Wingrider. By one of those he trusted to become one of the Istans.

Clearly his beloved Weyr is still not whole, and it is still not mending. Clearly something has to be done to fix that.

T'rian's not foolish enough to not realize that he has neither the power or the endearment of others to single-handedly do such a thing. He understands why he doesn't have the first, but it is beyond him as to why he doesn't have the second. All he ever did was for the betterment of everyone else. Now he had that taken away from him. Everything he ever lived for for nearly two decades gone.

He doesn't really know what to do with himself. And he really doesn't handle not being busy about something very well.


[possible NPC, may or may not be deceased?] N'mor of brown Quraveth

Vivaeldi — T'rian greatly respects this green rider who helped to support him during some rough times, and is one of the few people he's remained connected to.

V'ler] — As T'rian respects Vivaeldi and connects to her for having some similar traits and outlooks, he's found her brother, so accustomed to HER methods, also makes a comfortable companion for T'rian.

Family Members

Riandel, Tagera, deceased parents

[a likely splattering of children?]

T'rian's Dragon: Bronze Bayleth

Dragon Name: Bayleth
Colour: Bronze
Age: 30
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Clutch: 8.422.4.24


Bayleth is a very long dragon, if not the longest of the bronzes now, may have been at one point. But he is not a very bulky one. He's one of the swifter bronzes in the Weyr for it, though certainly not the strongest. He's not at all a uniform bronze color, in some places so dull as to be nearly brown in coloration, while in some places quite bright. His most striking natural feature is a long, curved streak of bright bronze along a much darker coloration from the base of his neck to his haunches. T'rian called it in the past Bayleth's treasure-vein.


Bayleth is an observant dragon much like his rider is. He takes joy in seeing patterns and the way things work together. He's fascinated to sit atop a ridge somewhere and watch people come and go. He's learned a lot of people's schedules that way, and sometimes gets curious if someone has failed to meet their usual scheduled appearances. T'rian tells him that's creepy, and to stop it, so he rarely asks another dragon about it if that person happens to be a rider. But he really would like to if he could.

Patterns are good things. Bayleth loves patterns, and so like his rider, really loves regulations. Because regulations help keep things patterned. Drill. Do it again. Drill it again. Hah! Isn't fun? He loves pointing out how practice makes perfect, and perfection makes patterns, and patterns are just really cool!

Bayleth quick to take notice if there's something out of sorts with his patterns. But he really, really likes to see them bent too. Did you know that T'rian's hair takes exactly 9.5 days before it gets out of regulation? You know what's really fun? Letting it go 10.5 days before mentioning it and watching T'rian get predictably unhinged! Hah! Bayleth also gets a ridiculous amount of glee out of watching that one candidate line over there that always does that specific chore in the morning when maybe there's a bunch of 'brats playing in their way, and how that affects matters.

Bayleth really is his rider all over again, but instead of going to rules, regulations, and traditions for the sake of escape and comfort, Bayleth just gets giddy-happy. Sometimes he forgets to be social because he's looking at things so much, but he likes to share his happiness too. It's just… no one really gets it. So he's learned to keep his favorite past times to himself.

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