Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Moving


He is a handsome man, with a stubbled jaw, an expressive mouth, neat facial features and intense hazel green eyes. At the moment he's quite a serious man, prone to serious frowns and displeased looks, he's been shunted from his home after all, so those blindingly bright smiles are rare. He's one of those men that, while quite handsome, isn't exceptionally so, you could see him growing up as a kid in the next hold over for instance. He's built for strength, with wide shoulders, and tapered waist. He's compact rather than large, but he carries himself like someone not to be underestimated, despite his height disadvantage.


T'razen is a difficult man to get a read on.

He's not loud or brash like some men, he doesn't like to beat his own drum or push himself forward at the detriment of others. He's a committed rider, determined and focused, and he wants nothing more than to be there for his fellow riders, his wingmates, his brothers and sisters in arms. The problem with T'razen is that he's bright, really very smart, and he understands Threadfighting combat well. He wouldn't hesitate to question a superiors order if he thought it would save lives. It would be better for him probably if he didn't stick his neck out like that, but that's not his way.

Unfortunately T'razen tends to internalise his emotions, unless he gets pushed far enough that he gets angry. It's not hard to do, he has a few very large buttons which will do the job, no problem. He holds onto grudges and guilt alike and he blames himself for things gone wrong. It's something that a good wingleader will monitor, because T'razen is a talented wingrider, his weakness is himself.

Under all that however T'razen is a loving man, who sees his purpose in life is to protect Pern. He's kind, a little sassy at times, snarky, but essentially a good man. He can be gruff, but really deep down, he's a bit of a teddybear.


Birthplace: Benden Hold, 8.424.12.1

Torazen was born the younger of twins, his older sister having been born 10 minutes before him. He grew up in a loving family, one that worked on one of the small mines in the Benden Protectorate. It was a happy childhood until he turned 10 turns old, and lost both parents in a mining accident. His sister decided to stay, to learn to run the tiny cothold, but Torazen left, heading to Benden Hold and then Benden Weyr, to pursue a career as a guard. He worked hard at his chosen profession, showing physical aptitude and brains enough to grasp tactics.

During his time at the Weyr he'd been told he had the potential for a rider, but had resisted Standing until he reached 22 turns old. The lure of being a dragonrider and the fact that it may be his last opportunity meant that he Stood for the next clutch on the sands. To his surprise he did indeed Impress, to Kudeth, his charming brown lifemate.

T'razen threw himself into being a dragonrider, and dedicated himself to being the best rider he could be for Benden. The Pass came ever closer, and T'razen absorbed all the knowledge he could. But he didn't content himself with the hides given to him by his wingleader or the drills performed in the air. He went to other wingleaders, found other hides, he picked the minds of the older and more talented, he even went rummaging in the hide archives, so determined was he to achieve his full potential. No way was he going to fail the Weyr he'd chosen as his home.

Fall came and one thing led to another, including T'razen questioning an order by his Wingleader. He had done it with good intentions, and the blue and green dragons had listened and survived, but even though the incident was kept between the four of them, T'razen had made an enemy of his immediate superior. Which was why, when he was given the option, his wingleader unhesitatingly put T'razen's name forward for Transfer to Ista.

Surprised and bitterly resentful that his home was casting him away, T'razen left and went to Ista, where he has found that the Outsiders are not being welcomed as he might have hoped. BitterlyT'razen wonders when Ista will bundle them all off somewhere else too…



Father: Razhon, Cotholder/ Miner
Mother: Tirimm, Cotholder/ Miner
Sister: Sarzanta, Cotholder


T'berli, Rider of who-gives-a-fuck, the guy's a dickhead Istan.

T'razen's Dragon: Kudeth

Dragon Name: Kudeth
Colour: Brown
Age: 6
Weyr of Origin: Benden


This is a handsome brown. He's solid, with strong muscles that gleam after being oiled. He's perfectly in proportion, except for a rather larger than normal tail, which can knock things over it he isn't paying attention. His hide is a rich, dark, chocolate colour with even darker shading around. He's not an arrogant brown and it shows, so for all his handsomeness, this brown is more likely to get down and roughhouse with you than glide on by all snooty like. He's a dragon of action, and he looks it, fit and ready.


Kudeth is a charmer, full of enthusiasm, and oodles of playfulness. He has no trouble with walking up to a pretty green lady and telling her just how fiiine her hide is that morning. And that his tail aint the only big thing he's got. But he's a down to earth dragon, perfectly willing to get down and dirty and do the hard yards in order for the Weyr to succeed. His easy going attitude balances out his riders neuroses, but he isn't a slacker. He does the work, he just doesn't obsess about it like T'razen. He is content to spend his off duty hours flirting with the ladies, or playing games with anyone who wants. Kudeth is going to live life to the fullest, you just see if he doesn't.

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