Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


T’mah was never what you’d call a manly man. He stood out in his family of big people, men and women alike, mostly either fishers or riders, and was often teased on his smaller stature. He’s quite short for his age, just 5’2”, though he weighs around 120 pounds thanks to his Turns as a rider. It's not his fault none of his musculature shows. Small and lithe, he just… *looks* weak and pathetic. There was some hushed talk that perhaps he was born in the wrong family or that his mother had been unfaithful, though his physical appearance matching familial traits far too closely and his mother’s devout fidelity made it impossible for that to be true.

Stick-straight hair the color of klah bark frames a face with high cheekbones, a slightly hooked thin nose, and combined with a chin that sticks out just a touch, T’mah is undoubtedly his father’s get. His body is obviously not suited to the life of a fisher, more like a Harper or maybe a healer, though T’mah had never had a aspirations to be either. If anything, the youngster would have enjoyed being a weaver what with his nimble fingers. He would often be found with the Weyr weavers and worked with them for his Craft candlemarks before Arcanith found her abrupt way into his life.


Fitting his size and appearance, T’mah tends to be a shy creature unlikely to interact directly with anyone on his own unless he absolutely has to. It’s not that he’s anxious, he’s just shy. He’s a mousy little thing as far as attitude goes, but once someone talks to him, he’ll gladly converse with them. He’s only hesitant when he’s the one needed to start a conversation, but if someone talks to him first, then he’s fine with that and even becomes surprisingly verbose. Incredibly nonconfrontational, he’ll be the first one to back out if an argument comes up and let the other person “be right”. T’mah will never be in the middle of a fight unless it’s with him curled in a ball on the floor. He would far rather be beaten up than fight back. Since the moment he chose to Stand as a candidate, he worried about Rider Duels for that very reason. He couldn’t back down, but he just… didn’t know what he’d do. This is true also for Outsiders. T’mah won’t confront them outright and, if confronted, he’ll try to either back right down or find the nearest Istan who he knew could help him.

When it comes to his relationship partners, T’mah would far rather be the quiet and submissive one, on the bottom in bed and a step behind in public. He’s the kind that would be the henchman or assistant rather than the man in charge, the Wingthird’s errand boy instead of the actual Wingthird. All during Candidacy and at each Hatching, Toomah would think strong thoughts towards any greens or maybe blues that he could and each time he was left alone. He strongly willed bronzes and browns away and almost had physical accidents when they’d get too close. During goldflights, Toomah would purposefully position himself near crowds of men in the (often successful) hopes that he’d be their moth.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.413.3.23

Born in Ista Weyr on 3.23, Toomah grew with his family that was spread in the Lower Caverns and even extended to the fishing hall. Not suited for the Fishercraft, he’d spent his time either aiding the support staff in the Weyr or running errands for whomever needed it. Toomah developed a good endurance because of it as far as running went and carried that over into his Candidacy, helping him ace the obstacle course with decent times. His family had tried to talk him back from joining, saying that he’d never make it, but ultimately it was his and the CandidateMaster’s decision. Toomah was accepted at twelve and began his life as a Candidate, working hard to prove to himself and his family that he was worthy to be a rider. No, he didn’t aspire to a big hulking bronze or brown like the other boys in his family; honestly he would have been thrilled with a blue or, even better, a green. Those dreams were fulfilled the joyful day that the Starfish clutch hatched and Arcanith literally plowed into him, thinking he needed to be saved from the adult dragons nearby.

Weyrlinghood was an interesting time to say the least. Two months after his own Impression, another class joined theirs and became somewhat of rivals to the older class. Starfish and Seahorse rivalries were the bane of most adult riders’ existence to the point that often several classmates would wind up scolded by the Weyrleaders. T’mah was never really among the troublemakers, at least of his own accord. Arcanith’s tendency to be protective of her clutchsiblings, though, would see the greenpair before authority more than once. Thankfully, most arguments happened with the younger class, but the fact that they happened still bothered T’mah.

The first Fall was a travesty for all involved. Arcanith herself didn’t escape unscathed, taking a score across her muzzle, another perpendicular against her left eye, and a large smattering over the rest of her body.



Nephew: Foylo
Oh god so many

T'mah's Dragon: Green Arcanith

Dragon Name: Arcanith
Colour: green
Age: 25
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.429.2.19


Arcanith is a powerfully built, stocky green with a short, compact body and a thick tail, useful for powerfully propelling her through the air and keeping her balance on land. Her hide is a vivid acid green with deep forest green slashes all along her form with well-pronounced, almost pointed headknobs and back ridges. Her underside is a darker green in contrast to the rest of her. If ever a dragon could even be thought to be built for running, Arcanith is the one. Even her wings are slim and compact enough to make her glides fast and controlled and her ground-based movement stabilized. She's a toothy dragon, and her large upper fangs are visible when her mouth is closed, adding to her rather fierce visage.
Threadscores pattern the already-intricate hide despite Thread only falling for two Turns, making her look like an old veteran. They make her overall appearance just downright frightening to those who don’t know her or her rider, but she stands out like few other greens when in a mating flight.


Arcanith is clever for a green, well-focused and not prone to silliness in the least, though she'll view her flightier clutchmates with a great deal of fondness. In this sense, she’s like a large and fierce guard canine who happens to also be besotted with the family baby. She is fiercely brave, a champion of the weak, without an ounce of cowardice in her. She'll boldly leap into danger in order to protect those she cares about, and those who she views as needing her protection. Of course, because of this Arcanith frequently gets hurt but she wears her scores and scrapes with pride! Badges of honour they are!

Arcanith is fiercely loyal and dependable, with her first loyalty naturally being to her rider and the second being to her Weyr, her Ista. If something is wrong or if one of her friends are threatened, she will rush to stand up in their defense and not back down without a direct order from her superior. The day she first encountered firelizards, she identified them as smaller dragons and thought of them as hatchlings. No matter what anyone says, she forever calls them draglets. Why? No one knows. When she was grown, she became a great fighter, with less agility than the average green but it’s more than made up for with the amount of stamina, and she also possesses a spectacular flame. A scorching inferno that is capable of toasting the bigger clumps of thread that are usually left to the bigger dragons.

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