Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


An unassumingly good-looking young man, T'leesi is the boy next door, ‘cute’ without crossing over into gorgeous. Actually, especially as he gets older, T'leesi may in fact be perfectly capable of attaining that high mark of beauty, but a) he doesn’t put much importance in it, and b) he prefers to fly a bit more under the radar than that, so he’d just as well stick with what he’s got. What he has is charm in abundance. His smiles are hard to resist, and his coy little smirks are even worse. He has that kind of face, where one can’t tell if his expression is entirely earnest or a warning sign of mischief.

T'leesi’s dark blue eyes and rich brown hair are from his mother, but he otherwise favors his father’s side of the family. There’s a certain emotive intensity about his eyes, for instance, that he shares with his uncle T’berli. He’s tall, though he hasn’t yet filled out into the powerful build his father had; that may just be a matter of time and inclination. His hair is reasonably short, but long enough to be worn in somewhat purposeful disarray, because he’s well aware that ‘irrepressible scamp’ is a look that works for him.


T'leesi (or Vawlee, as he’s still commonly known) has always been something of an irrepressible scamp. He’s charmed and exasperated the lower caverns staff in nearly equal measure his entire life, and has long terrorized the stodgier, humorless residents of Ista with his pranks and boundless enthusiasm for getting a laugh out of everyone. He’s quick and clever, and it has long been the lament of those in charge of him that he turns that considerable wit and energy to less than ‘productive’ avenues when he could be so much more.

He’s a young man of excess. Even his foster mothers are hard pressed to think of a time where he’s ever run of out steam; they learned long ago that it’s better to distract him with something new than to hope to he’ll wear down. He’s a bottomless pit at the dinner table, has an insatiable taste for sweets, and when he laughs it’s long and hard, bringing tears to his eyes and stealing his breath.

It’s clear that he inherited the strong will and passion of his father’s side of the family, although perhaps not in the most traditional of forms. He’s as bright and exuberant as his father ever was, and forges his own path, but his route can look so different from T’lenen’s that the similarities can be overlooked.

T'leesi has never dealt well with anger, fear, or sadness. As a child he would have to be dragged to the infirmary forcefully before he’d ever admit he was that sick or hurt, and as a young adult not much has changed. He avoids and denies those powerful, negative feelings. He lacks healthy coping mechanisms, and he knows it, so he does everything he can to just pretend there’s nothing to be upset about in the first place.

He refuses to take himself too seriously. There are those who might suggest he takes nothing seriously at all. T'leesi is always That Guy diffusing uncomfortable tension with inappropriate humor, ready with an off-color quip or a childish prank. In the recent few turns since the Pass began, he’s struggled hard in an environment where levity can be hard to find when it’s so much more common for others to become mired in fear, resentment, discontent, and grief. The stress has built, and with it, T'leesi has become more targeted in those he harasses, lashing out in his own way against those who (in his mind) are so determined to drag him down with them.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.434.11.20

T'leesi’s life so far has in many ways been about as standard as they come for a weyrborn boy. Both his parents were riders and so he was raised in the creche for the first few turns of his life before he was fostered to one of the Weyr’s assistant headwomen and her (female) guard partner. Whether he was in the creche or with his foster mothers, it was all but guranteed that if there was mischief afoot in the Weyr among the children, T'leesi was leading the pack.

Everyone lost count of how many times he was assigned extra chore duty in the kitchens to make up for all the snacks and treats he sniped. In fact he became such a fixture there that more often than not he was put to work with the cooks, trusted in knowing his way around things. He actually proved to have a natural talent and deft hand at it, and though he entered candidacy at twelve like most of the other weyrborn boys, he received permanent work in the kitchens with the cooks. It might not be the sort of work someone would first expect out of him, but he's happy in his little niche.

Growing up, he was treated to the very occasional visit from his birth mother, but it was (unsurprisingly) his father's family who became a bigger influence. T'lenen visited with him a few times a turn, usually around T'leesi's birthday or when he could spare the time to treat him at a Gather, and T'berli and Tyenza were aware of him. And then there was Tamrel. Someone had to make sure the boy was living up to his father, after all, and once T'lenen was gone, and with T'leesi of an age to be easily pressured into measuring up, the standards he was held to were all the more demanding. It was made clear to him that he shouldn't become too comfortable in the kitchens; his place was on the back of a dragon among the fighting force of Ista.



Father: Bronzerider T’lenen
Mother: Bluerider Valawee

Foster mothers: Assistant Headwoman Nusyri and Guard Ahana

Also Featuring:
Grandmother: Bluerider Tamrel
Uncle: Brownrider T'berli
Aunt: Greenrider Tyenza
(Likely more on his mother’s side, but let’s be honest, the Tamrel-clan kinda grabs all the attention)


Dragon Name: Rixath
Color: Brown
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: Date


Rixath is definitely on the larger side for a brown, and is noticeably the largest of the three brown brothers at Hatching. He’s built like a mountain, tall in the shoulder and broad in the chest, and he will always find it very easy to put on muscle. For all that he is one of the larger browns going around; Rixath has a gentle face, with round, features. When he hatches, he will hatch a little bit plump, a little tubby, and he will be quite sensitive about that fact even after training quickly turns that baby fat to muscle. He will always be a little prickly to the suggestion that he is anything less than fighting fit. His hide is a deep sable brown, like charcoal and he will be flecked with lighter specks of various shades. It’s not the most striking pattern, but he rather likes that his hide isn’t as loud as some of the others.


This is a brown of solid earth and stubborn stone. He’s practical, and not overly prone to being idealistic. Yes he wants the world to be better, but he doesn’t expect it to just happen, or expect anyone on Pern to suddenly develop a good moral compass. Change what you can, do what you can, protect who you can, that’s the creed that Rixath lives by. Some might think him stupid, for his size and the fact that he doesn’t blurt out every thought that crosses his mind. He has no desire to show off what he knows, content in the knowledge itself and the trust in his own abilities.

Rixath will always be a very talented dragon in the air. His talents will lie in his size and his strength. Where smaller dragons might get buffeted about by the harsh tropical storm winds, Rixath will be a steady bulwark. Yes this does mean that his idea of problem solving is to hit the object not working until it does work, or to charge through obstacles rather than dance around them. What does it matter, as long as the job is done, and people are safe?

Telling him that this is the way to do something because ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’, won’t fly with Rixath. He respects tradition and ceremony as long as it doesn’t interfere with function. Doing the job the best way possible is the aim of the game here, not hamstringing yourself with red tape. Wingleaders who insist on procedure to the letter will chafe on Rixath, making him mutinous and grumbly, and he will detest endless paperwork, meetings and politics. Schemes and politics will never be of interest to this brown and he will try and keep T'leesi out of them too. Those who seek power, those who want to keep power…what interest does he have in that? He wants to fight thread, nothing more. As such he will always be a little leery of his rider’s family, of the expectations and pressures they put on him. T'leesi is HIS rider, and that is more important now than being T’lenen’s son…whoever that was.

In short Rixath is a military man, a soldier at heart, and a talented one at that. He’s also got a natural knack for leadership and knowing where best to put riders so they shine. For all he abhors politics, he could one day rise to be a wingleader, and grow to love it. He’s a friendly dragon, cheerful with those he trusts and with a dry sense of humor. Why not enjoy your job? As long as you’re working as hard as you can, why not share a joke, or a story or a laugh? He is stubborn too however, and nowhere more is it shown than in his dislike of twittering conversation and faux tinkling laughs. He will detest flirtatious greens who act like they haven’t got more than empty space in their heads, and he’ll dislike schemers of all colours. Of everyone, he feels the most sorry for the golds, grounded and forced to play at politics all day….kill him now before that ever happens to him!

He’s happiest among his wingmates, but interactions outside of the comradery of his fellow fighters will be difficult in him. Socially he tends to turn into a block of wood, silent and looming, or cover up his discomfort with snark and grumbling at T'leesi. He’s a fighter, not a runner preened for show. And it doesn’t help that he’s a little self conscious about his weight, and how tubby he was as a baby. He was born to fight, not dress up the majesty of the Weyr, or pander to the false faces. Loyalty is everything. Friends are valued, those he can depend on are embraced. But others, especially flirts who don’t know him, or don’t want him for him, well…he has no time for them.

Blunt and sometimes a little tactless, Rixath does what he thinks is right, and damn the consequences. He has no compunctions about telling it exactly how he sees it, and he respects straight forward talk from other dragons too. No way will he tolerate them talking to T'leesi though, that’s HIS rider, and no way is he going to let anyone put his rider down, or make him feel less of himself. Family or Outsider, it doesn’t matter which, if they make his T'leesi feel badly about himself with no good reason? Well then. He’s a big brown, a shoulder charge or two never hurt anyone right? Fuck em.

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