Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Standing nearly 5' 8” Talgryan has the potential to gain just a few inches more before he stops growing. He's on the lighter side of muscled and rather compact for his weight giving the lad a solid and sometimes intimidating appearance. His blue eyes, inherited from his mother are striking and seem to brighten when he takes a particular interest. Honey brown hair stands only an inch or two from his head with the sides nearly shaved to the skin. His skin an olive complexion and a light scruff has started growing in along his chin and jaw. Talgryan's expressions aren't quite as serious as his father's. Often times there's a smirk to the lad's smile that often times comes across as cocky even under pressure.


Talgryan showed himself to be intelligent at a young age. His ability to read and retain information is impressive. He can recite back harper songs, lessons, stories and rules as if second nature, especially if something perks his interest like being a candidate and eventually a rider. The rules were memorized the moment Talgryan was old enough to join the program. Once shown a task he can repeat the process often with ease. Quick thinking on his feet, Talgryan knows how to push a confrontation in either direction with choice chosen words but does have the athletic skill for a physical fight if necessary.

Talgryan is a very confident lad, appearing cocky and perhaps self entitled to most. Being the son of a bronzerider is something he wears proudly. With his father T'gran as his main influence, Talgryan quickly caught on to the bronzer's sense of duty to his Weyr and dragon. There is no more noble a future then to impress a dragon of his own and it drives the lad in everything he does. He wants to know the Weyr like the back of his hand, knowledgeable in it's secrets and able to take advantage of any situation presented to him. High Reaches was his playground, having explored nearly every corridor he could. Now there's a greater challenge and new adventure in leaving for Ista.


Birth Place: High Reaches Weyr, 8.434.9.18

Talgryan (Tal-gran) was born to Valayana, likely the results of her green Taellath being caught by T'gran's bronze Lorcanth. Unfortunately the young woman didn't survive child birth, leaving her one and only son to the creche's care. His father was a frequent enough visitor that the bronzer's values and personality heavily influenced the lad as he grew up. He never longed or mourned for his mother, having never knew her.

Growing up the lad started to idolize his father, wanting to follow in T'gran's foot steps as a great bronzerider of High Reaches. Being a smart lad Talgryan picked up his studies quickly, too fast at times. He occasionally found himself bored which led to exploring around the Weyr and often times successfully talking his way out of trouble when boundaries were crossed..

Once he was age to become a candidate, Talgryan jumped at the chance, just one step closer to the future that he had so carefully planned. The lad had watched his father successfully rise over the turns to become not just another bronzerider but competition for Weyrleader as well. When T'gran's transfer orders came, his son insisted on leaving for Ista as well. Surely if the island Weyr needed better riders to fill it's ranks, they'd need better candidates too.



Mother: Valayana of green Taellath
Father: T'gran (Tiergran) of bronze Lorcanth, High Reaches transfer to Ista Weyr

T'gryn's Dragon: Bronze Thowrath

Dragon Name: Thowrath
Colour: Bronze
Age: 3
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:
Wing: x


Some dragons are small for their colour, others, perfectly formed. Thowrath is neither of these; in fact this bronze is massive. He’s quite possibly the largest bronze hatched at Ista for quite a long time, and he’s solid too, built for strength and durability. He’s also quite striking to look at, one of those pale bronze colours that washes into red bronze over his wings and chest before fading back into pale. This is accentuated by the metallic gleam to his hide. It’s not the muted look of raw metal, no this hide has the burnished, shining gleam of polished metal, and he revels in his own lustre.

Of course for a dragon of his size it is unsurprising that he lumbers a bit on land, and it’s also understandable that his wings are a little oversized, to compensate for the sheer bulk and muscle mass that this young dragon carries. Landing will never be Thowrath’s strong suit. In fact he will always struggle with it. The Weyr will soon grow used to the loud thumps, which come from the large bronze landing heavily, or perhaps even crashing into something. Like a wall. It happens a lot.


The thing is, under the bulk, the muscle and that bright eyecatching coat, Thowrath is a bit of a sweetheart. That’s not to say he’s a pushover, on quite the contrary he is absolutely capable of bowling someone over with his massive tail or, if he’s feeling unusually vindictive, spraying the blood from his latest feed over the unfortunate victim. No, what makes Thowrath ‘sweet’ is how much he /cares/ about his fellows. His clutchmates will have no stauncher ally, his wingmates will not wish for a loyaler comrade, and Ista will want for no greater champion. He will be there for any of them, through thick and thin, and stand between them and any obstacle. Of course if there are conflicts inside the group he is terribly concerned about it. What does he do? He knows it’s not right that Biffith and Boffeth are fighting, it doesn’t serve the betterment or glory of Ista, but there is no obvious right and wrong! How does he stop it!

Unfortunately this rather simplistic view of the world makes Thowrath rather gullible, easily manipulated. He believes the best in everyone, loves wholeheartedly and trusts implicitly. He cannot comprehend betrayal; he would never do such to his companions, so he cannot even imagine they would do so to him. Why would they? They are brothers in arms!

That being said, Thowrath isn’t all soft and squishy feelings. He has those yes, but he also has a propensity towards being arrogant, cocksure, and disobedient. He isn’t deliberately being a problem, that’s the kicker, he firmly believes he’s doing the right thing, which makes it doubly important to keep Thowrath’s ego in check. Left to his own devices he would try to drag his rider off to fight Thread on his own, or correct his wingleader, accidentally challenging his leadership. He absolutely believes he is right, and his reckless, boundless enthusiasm for fighting thread has to be monitored. Only time will mature Thowrath, as well as the loss of fellows in battle.

In time, he will be a fine leader, a true asset to Ista. Many dragons will respect him, and with a strong rider, they will be a force to be reckoned with. The trick will be making sure that they live long enough to reach their potential.

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