Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


T’gran stands about five feet and nine inches tall, and while he's not extremely tall he tends to carry himself with a commanding presence. He isn't one that will ever be called bulky, his muscle tending more towards wiry and compact. With his honey brown hair, hazel eyes and olive complexion he's easy enough on the eyes. Or at least he is when he's not scowling in a most impressive manner. Starting at the back of his neck just below his hairline and continuing down his right arm is a set of scars, well healed and darkened with age.


Being born in a Weyr and then fostered out to a distant Hold gave T’gran a good set of standards even if some of them were a bit skewed.He's a serious man, his scowl more prominent than most any other expression but he's not unfriendly. Once one gets to know him they understand that being a bronzerider and doing his duties to lifemate and Weyr are what come first for him always. Only after that do family and friends figure into the picture. He’s not harsh, just driven and it takes something special to break through that facet of his personality but a few have gone to the trouble and he’s a better person for it. While he might have an occasional softhearted tendency he quashes them thinking them a sign of weakness not worthy of of his lifemate or their ambitions. His queerness with being bisexual has eased over the turns but it’s a fact of life he accepts and moves


Birth Place: High Reaches Weyr, 8.417.7.7

Talasi gave birth to a large baby boy nearly nine months exactly after a gold flight. She had been a candidate at the clutch before and had decided to stay on at the Weyr.

While she ended up pregnant from the experience she wasn't really any worse for the wear, that having been the outcome that occasionally comes about from such things. The child that resulted from her assignation was a gift and she saw him as such. Unlike most women though she had him fostered out to her former home. A way for her parents to remain connected with her, even though she didn’t want to come home.

So Tiergan was raised as a much loved child who knew that he was fathered by a bronzerider, just not which one. His fosterage gained him a bit of an odd view of the Weyrs, as his mother was from a distant minor Hold that is even farther north than High Reaches Hold itself. His grandparents doted on him but they also instilled some of their more hidebound notions into his development, the kind that just sort of stick with you regardless of if you learn better afterwards.

There weren’t a great many children his age at the small Hold but those few that there were he made sure to assert himself as the one in charge. It was in his blood, both from his mother’s family and his bronzeriding father. He just knew it. Shortly after his thirteenth turnday a dragon dropped by the minor Hold, to give the place a once over in preparation for the Threadfall that was said to be coming within their generation. During that inspection Tiergan took the opportunity to check out the dragon itself. After all he had been told he was fathered by a dragonrider and that meant he was destined for great things as well. To be fair the dragon was only a blue but it was the first time he'd seen a dragon since he was old enough to remember.

The rider seemed to watch him oddly while they went about the inspection but it wasn't until the end that Tiergan figured out the attention was important. He ended up searched, taken to stand on the sands at the Weyr.He quickly found his feet, quashing that part of himself as much as he could in those early turns. The Weyr had a great purpose, one even more important than Holding after his grandfather, it protected /everyone/ and the next Pass was coming.

The first hatching that he stood for was mere sevendays after his arrival at the Weyr. A green hatchling had been stumbling its way toward him and a small group of candidates on the sands and instead of chancing that it choose /him/ he turned his back on it, he was inhibited still in that regard and just couldn't help it. This earned him a pretty extensive clawing from the poor uncoordinated thing, but it chose another and that day he was most grateful even if he was left standing.

The next hatching he stood for was a turn or so later and this time he wasn't left standing, a wickedly lean bronze chose him and his confidence soared. Weyrlinghood went well enough for them, they learned what they needed to know and found a few comrades to fly at their wingtips along the way. T’gran, as he was now known, is not one for best friends though, he does his job and he does it well. A harsh taskmasker on himself, he also made the High Reaches Weyrleader’s life a living trial for the Senior Gold’s flights. Ever since the pair of them have been old enough to figure they’d do good as Weyrleader they've been after it.

First Fall over Ista changed all that though, T’gran’s Weyrleader saw a chance to rid himself of a rival that was a thorn in his side. (Even though he was a crack rider otherwise, so no guilt over giving Ista nothing but chaff) T’gran took the transfer with a bit of annoyance for he thought of the Istans as a bunch of soft island roaming misfits. They’ve got no snow! How can a man know just what he can endure when the deprivations of winter don’t even concern them? At the very least T’gran saw this as an opportunity to make an impression and he’s sure to rise within the ranks.



Mother: Talasi, kitchen worker
Father: Unknown High Reaches Bronzerider

T'gran's Dragon: Bronze Lorcanth

Dragon Name: Lorcanth
Colour: Bronze
Age: 19
Weyr of Origin: High Reaches Weyr
Wing: Red Tide


This bronze dragon is far leaner than most of his contemporaries, he’s also on the large size for one of his color and neither seem to detract from the fact that he just looks wicked. In coloring he’s a mixture of dark and light, for the most part his entire length is covered in a bronze that lends itself more towards gold a patterning on his hide that seems almost marbled with variations in the hue. There are a few dark points of nearly blackened bronze though, along his muzzle, like war paint, and a spot along his haunches that looks as if someone just rested their hand there and the darker color remained. Some have remarked that he almost looks like a bronze that was over baked within the hatching sands, lightly toasted but thankfully not burnt.


This bronze isn’t much of a talker, he prefers the physical demands of doing and showing rather than having something as mundane as a conversation about it. In this way he and T’gran are very well suited, neither of them like to beat around the bush. A favorite saying of his is “It is far easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to seek permission.” He’s not a maverick by any means but he tends to be in favor of a quick whip of his take to an errant dragon who is not paying heed to him rather than reprimand them verbally.

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