Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


T’dagus isn’t a handsome young man exactly, though his sharp features are striking in their own way. With heavy brow, high cheekbones, a long roman nose and a decently strong jaw he is a strange mixture of aristocratic and fierce in looks. His skin is a deep olive with hazel eyes that are dark enough to look black except in direct sunlight. He keeps his thick black hair short and neat, though its still long enough to show that there’s a bit of a curl to it.

He’s a tall guy, long and lean and clearly built for speed and agility more than anything. He can run for miles, but struggles with anything that requirers brute strength. He keeps himself in shape using body-weight excercises more than anything and a mixture of smooth-flowing postures to keep himself flexible. Its clear he doesn’t mind hard work, but he doesn’t ever put in more effort than is necessary. Why over-exert himself when he can do precisely the right amount and achieve pretty much the same result?


Like his brother, T’dagus is quiet. Quietly hostile, that is. He hadn’t been quite so bad before transferring, but he still struggled to trust anyone unless they were proven to be worthwhile. More than anything he judges people based on what others think of them, mainly people he already trusts. Its possible for someone to really work hard to show they’re worth it, but even then he’ll always turn to someone who he *actually* has faith in just to make sure. He relies heavily on the word of those close to him, especially his brother and father. If they approve… well he’ll make considerations at least. Part of it is arrogance and not feeling that anyone is as good as his family (and certainly no Weyr can equal Igen) and the few friends he has close to him. But the other part is just that he doesn’t really *know* how to trust his own judgement. How is he supposed to really tell if a person his honest and not going to screw him over? After all, a sad amount of his teenage life had a reoccurring theme of being lied to and used.

This has only gotten worse since coming to Ista. This is a foreign Weyr full of strangers that he knows nothing about and don’t exactly have a good reputation after Thread started falling, how on Pern is he suppose to know if they’re safe? So he turns to his brother, the most solid piece of stability in his life, to figure out what’s okay and what’s not. He’ll hardly even talk to any of the locals without T’ricus’ approval first.

When he does go out of his way to actually speak he’s a soft-spoken fellow, rarely saying more than is necessary, except of course when it comes to throwing out smart remarks or putting to use his well-developed sarcasm. Sometimes its difficult to keep them in — especially when there is so much blatant *stupidity* in the world — and coming from a place where his friends used to appreciate his snappy wit it tends to be an unthinking reaction now.

That said, T’dagus actually isn’t interested in fighting. Physical violence is a waste of time and really is just stupid. Why would he want to throw himself into something that would only end in dirt, bruises and probably some blood? He doesn’t do overly well in verbal arguments either and tends to end up flustered once he’s gotten out whatever snide thing that may have started it. He just really dislikes being in the confrontation, though after the fact he can think of a million things he *should* have said or done.

There’s an old-fashioned quality to T’dagus to go along with his own sort of arrogance. Its not that he thinks he’s better just for the sake of it, its just *fact* that Igen is the best Weyr and that his bloodlines are excellent. Isn’t it obvious? He believes strongly in duty and puts a little more faith in the ranking system than some do. To him bronzes and gold *are* the best and you don’t question it, just do as you’re told. Not that there’s anything wrong at all with blues or greens, every army needs a common soldier to fill the ranks after all. There’s honor to be had in that as well, its just a different sort than the leaders get. He does believe though that difference ought to be given to the colours above, this is how you keep the Weyr functioning properly. Seeing the ‘lower’ colours in positions of rank weirds him out completely and to him it just has the feeling that something is bound to go terribly wrong.

This is also true when it comes to women fighters. He has nothing against females, not at all, but it doesn’t seem right that they should be on blues and greens. How can they hope to cope with everything required of them? Very young riders are grouped into this feeling and he strongly believes that the age for candidates ought to be raised. You just can’t expect a *child* to do a man’s work!

Underneath all of these things there is a potential for a pleasant young man to shine through, but its unlikely that he’ll be found anytime soon. This is a guy who went from being spoiled and desirable to absolutely nothing. He’s a bitter teenager who’s fresh out of having his heart broken for the first time, having his friends turns their backs on him and has been thrown into strange setting that he doesn’t know quite how to deal with. He’s terribly homesick, despite the fact that the people he cared about there seem to think he betrayed them by leaving. And it doesn’t help that he impressed a blue when he was hoping for something a little higher. Still, he has moments now and then where he’ll surprise everyone by doing something very selfless or showing that even he can be a little compassionate.

Having Kerwalth at his side can only do wonders to help push him into a more enjoyable direction. The little blue will turn into an inspiration to T’dagus, though it will take time for the boy to accept that so much of the source of his distrust and hostility comes from his own insecurities and that he really does need to have the positive little ray of sunshine that is Kerwalth in his life. This will perhaps even extend to other people at Ista, if they can get past his attitude and if he can be convinced they're not backstabbing assholes.


Birthdate: 11.02

Life was never anything very difficult for Turdagus growing up. He had a common weyrbrat’s upbringing, with perhaps a little more attention from his family than usual. He was raised with plenty of pride and was spoiled enough to make him a bit of an unpleasant child sometimes. He came from a long line of good solid riders, one of the older bloodlines at Igen and his family was staunchly proud of this fact.

Turdagus was never very close with his father. Perhaps it was the fear of letting the man down the way Turicus seemed to have, but Turdagus kept his distance and let the other sons have the attention. Instead he became attached to his uncle who was a ridiculously popular bronzerider with very strong opinions on just about everything. Turdagus grew up absorbing everything T’larus had to say and the bronzerider — who seemed to thrive on being fawned over — was happy to impart his wisdom on the boy. As the kid who was closest to this cool, handsome and decorated daredevil, Turdagus became popular in his own right. Apparently folk seemed to think he was going to follow along after T’larus and would be a big deal some day. Or at least maybe these impressionable youths could get in with the man if they went through Turdagus.

And then word got out that the boys were accepting the transfer to Ista and life changed very quickly. Suddenly they were the bottom of the barrel, the scum you scrape off of your shoe. Turdagus’ so-called friends rapidly turned, wasting no time in showing him just what they thought of this development. His girlfriend went from loving him one moment to hanging off the arm of one of his friends in the next. Granted, she had possibly been playing him for a quite a while to get close to T’larus (as a good handful of his friends had), but either way, he was heart-broken. When the time came to transfer he was happy to get away from the taunts and bullying and ridiculous teenage drama.

Life at Ista quickly made him long for home, though, and he was really just going through the motions to get by until they could go back to Igen. He did his work, yes, but made little effort to assimilate beyond what was required to keep him in the candidate program. When hatching day came no one in their family really expected either of the boys to impress. They were meant for Igen dragons when they finally returned home, though with his brother getting older they didn’t want to waste any chances, even if it was an Istan clutch. Turdagus was hesitant at first, but he wasn’t about to let his brother go into anything without being their to support him, so together they joined the Istan candidates on hatching day.

… And then were floored when they both walked off the sands with a dragon. T’ricus a brown and T’dagus with blue Kerwalth.



Father: Brownrider T’morus
Brother: Brownrider T'ricus
Uncle at Igen: Bronzerider T’larus


Pretty much everyone right now.


Dragon Name: Kerwalth
Colour: Blue
Age: Just hatched
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Small but well-built, Kerwalth shows a lot of promise, even straight out of the shell. He's well-proportioned, strong but sleek, with just the right balance of muscle for his frame. His face is long and his headknobs even moreso (unusually so), but his cheeks are wide and his muzzle rather roundish at the end, which somewhat softens the effect. His hide is a dark, bold shade of sapphire, with tiny speckles of sky blue sprinkled here and there. They're so small that they don't even show up from any real distance, but up close one can make them out clearly — they're sparse in some areas, and cluster lightly in others, like distant twinkling clusters of stars. If there's a map of the heavens laid out on this blue's hide, it certainly isn't the night sky as it's visible from Pern, though that may not stop people from getting the urge to connect some constellations of their own when walking past him.


If there are those who see the glass half-empty, and those who see the glass half-full, Kerwalth is the dragon who will point out that the glass is always overflowing, because even when it seems empty it's still full of air, and air is wonderful, because how else would he fly, and also breathe?

There's not really much that can get this little dragon down. He can look on the bright side of almost anything, and most of the time he doesn't even really have to try. He just naturally appreciates a lot of the small things that other people often overlook, like how a rainy day can be a bit of a welcome relief, or how being really hungry seems to make the food taste even better when it finally comes. He enjoys nearly every moment of his life, and when the pain and sadness does come, he is forever hopeful that tomorrow will be bright and beautiful again if he can just wait it out. Tomorrow will be better. Surely tomorrow will be better!

If his rider or wingmates are unhappy, he'll always have trouble understanding why. Surely it can't be as bad as they think it is? He doesn't mean to trivialize anyone's pain, but some may see it as exactly that, and resent his hopeful presence. He knows that sometimes things hurt, and that life is scary sometimes, but he really honestly, from the bottom of his little blue heart, believes that things will get better, and he wants all his loved ones to know that so that they'll feel better. He has absolutely no understanding of the idea of catharsis, or a good therapeutic cry, or the thought that sometimes it's good to be angry or sad for a while. No no no, those are awful things, and it hurts his heart to see others in so much pain. Look, the sun is still shining – please don't cry! He knows you lost a wing, but you still have another one – aren't you lucky dragons are hatched with two?

It's sad, in a way, that he does care so much about everyone else. If he didn't, Kerwalth could flit through life as the happiest dragon on the planet, enjoying as much of his life as is possible to enjoy. As it is, once it becomes obvious that not everyone is as happy as he is, he will quickly develop a tendency to worry over, and along with, others. If he's ever sad it will likely be because his rider or a friend are sad, and if he grieves it will be less because he misses the lost loved one (they went between, they're just waiting somewhere far away on the other side!), and more because it hurts him that everyone else is so miserable about it. He'll be the dragon to sit up all night to comfort an injured wingmate, and the one who might just be cajoled into going along with something stupid just because he wants, ever so much, to make someone happy. He just wants everyone to be as happy as he is, and even if people yell at him or tell him to go away, or tell him he's blind or stupid or naive, he'll never stop trying to help. Kerwalth will never lose hope in you… even if you lose hope in him.

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