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The Shadowed Arms Egg


The embrace of a shadow is a curious thing to consider. Would it, like a ghost, just move through you? Or wait, a shadow is merely a trick of the light anyway – would it just cast the shadow of its arms upon you? Would you feel it? Would there be a chill where it touches, sending goosebumps across your skin and shivers up and down your spine?

Maybe we'll never know, but perhaps this egg does. It seems like a simple egg: smallish, plain white, everything you'd expect an avian egg to be, if not a dragon egg. Somehow it gives the impression of being cool to the touch, though a gentle hand upon it reveals that it's just as warm as any of its clutchmates.

Why, then, have the shadows chosen to pick on this particular egg? Because that's exactly what it looks like: a pair of indistinct shadowy arms, in black and purple and veering into blue, emerging from the darkened corner of the Cavern at the back of the clutch and curling around the little white egg. They seem almost to shimmer in a way – not the way that light shimmers, but the way that water ripples with light on a clear day, though there's nothing really wet nor bright about it. What do they want with this simple egg? Is it a warm, protective embrace full of love and comfort? Or are they grasping it to pull it back into the shadows from whence they came, wrapping tightly so that there's no escape?

Green Nishikith - Aleya

Though a rather small green, and a bit on the slender side, Nishikith somehow manages to avoid being dainty. She’s long-limbed but well put-together, lean and sleek, with smallish neck ridges and an easy way of moving, even when she’s hard at work. Her face is somehow lovely in its lack of specialness — it’s average, you might say, nicely proportionate but with no real outstanding features, and somehow it suits her. It seems… earthy. Her hide is a pale green, with streaks of brighter grass green sweeping from the center of her chest back over her shoulders, blending indistinctly and disappearing back into her hide randomly so that it can be hard to make out at a distance. Her neck ridges and wingsails are that same bright grass green only bolder and with starker contrast, standing out sharply against the softer color of the rest of her hide.

Despite how others may perceive her casual, optimistic, free-as-a-bird behavior, Nishikith is neither lazy nor silly. She doesn't play games /instead/ of working, she merely seamlessly integrates the two. She's wise in that she understands that there are certain things in life that must be done – in her dragon's life, that is training and Threadfighting – and not only is there no point in fighting that which is essential, there's not even any point in /resenting/ it, or even merely wishing one was doing something else. Best to enjoy it, not despite what it is, but because of it! Just calm down, everyone. Enjoyment isn't about avoiding work, it's about tackling it the same way you'd tackle leisure. What's that you say? Leisure isn't something you /tackle/? EXACTLY.

It's this approach to life that makes Nishikith seem so carefree, makes everything she does look so easy. She breezes through life seemingly without worry. She's tolerant of others' mischief and forgiving of any insults. She's intelligent and good at reading a situation, which may make her an excellent tactician someday, but she's content merely to advise those who seem to need glory more than she does. She's secure in her ideology, unconcerned with the negative opinions of others, utterly confident in her own untouchability – maybe even dangerously /over/confident. And why shouldn't she feel invincible? Her anger is incredibly difficult to rouse, her emotions almost unshakeable, and her body… well, can she be blamed, then, if she thinks that almost nothing can cause her physical harm, too?

Maybe it's this attitude – or the idea that she has no trouble of her own — that leads her to look for trouble in others. Oh, not in the same way as some of her siblings, causing a ruckus and making people unhappy. No, it's Nishikith's hobby to try to solve all the troubles and woes of others, wherever she may find them. Because happiness comes so naturally to her, she has difficulty understanding why others seem to be so easily confounded by things that seem very simple to her, but she does her best to help out, regardless. She will happily offer advice anywhere it seems needed, and will come to the aid of anyone who asks, if it's something in her power to assist with. Playing the hero to those around her is one of her favorite games, one she savors, and she always endeavors to do the right and honorable thing on their behalf – right up until someone tries to sully the game by resorting to low blows. Then the gloves come off, if only for the sake of keeping the game on an even playing board. And you don't want Nishikith's gloves to come off.

Like everything else in her life, mating will be a joyous game, perhaps the only one she enjoys more than the hero game. There seems to be no rush or effort in her ardor, and not a single ounce of belief that the males are somehow /winning/ her. She'll always believe that she's coupled with whomever she wishes, and while she will rarely pick the same mate twice, she may show a tendency to bestow her favor upon those least likely to win, such as the very young, the very old, or those males simply less physically-inclined or less-favored by the other green ladies. Even in mating she's playing the hero – after all, it's pleasurable for her either way, so why /not/ offer a pity-flight to the needy?

The Chaos Rising Egg


There is nothing subtle and nothing orderly about the Chaos Rising Egg.

It screams to be noticed with its almost violent shades of aqua, pink, white, yellow, red, green and everything in between, all smushed together to create a kind of chaotic beauty of its own. It is not a soft egg, there is no dreamlike quality to those colours or the spiky pattern on its shell. No this is an egg here and now and determined to be noticed and not glamourised.

But this egg is not for everyone. Some people will be drawn to its wildness, the untamed beauty of those sharp colours. Others will look at it for a few moments and then away, a headache brewing behind their eyes. This egg cannot be tamed…

Will the baby dragon within be just as wild?

Brown Ceretith - Adoptable

Some say that there are many kinds of beauty, and certainly Ceretith is a rather good looking dragon, in a strange, off beat sort of way. Really he should be too thin, too angular, his face too sharp to be any kind of appealing at all. And yet he is. His face is rather sculptured, haughty, and there’s a cold aloofness to it that, while quite attractive, might scare some off. His hide is tumultuous, with every possible shade of brown imaginable splattered across his hide with no rhyme or reason to it at all. The shapes the colours make are all different too, circle, blob, spatter, sharp spikes and there is no pattern. None at all.

He’s also an incredibly out of balance little dragon, he’ll grow into a long creature but when he is little his wings will be far too large and his tail far too long, and his legs far too spindly. He’ll crash into everything and everyone although never seems to be the one who comes to harm.

Ceretith hates order, hates routine, hates predictability and he most certainly hates people trying to impose such restrictions upon him. He believes that order makes people feel safe and secure, and therefore lazy and unmotivated. Nothing brings out the best in people like a challenge, strife, struggle or adversity. And so Ceretith takes it upon himself to cause as many problems for people as he can. This ranges from small misdemeanors like hiding someone’s straps to actually damaging straps to give the other a scare. He never wants anyone to get hurt of course, but he does want them to wake up out of complacency. Different people get different levels of Ceretith’s form of schooling; friends get little things to keep them on their toes, enemies much bigger things and his rider is no exception.

The trouble is that most of the time the things are hard to really pin on him, he’s not responsible for how people react to his meddlings after all, they are responsible for their own actions, he’s purely the catalyst, the instigator, and the first one not around when the real shit goes down. He’s just an expert at judging who will react badly, and pressing those buttons from a distance.

Brutal honesty, or at least the appearance of honesty, will be one of Ceretith’s calling cards. He’ll say it with flair with a little twist to hide it’s cruel edge, but the words will always have a cutting, brutal edge. Unless he is fond of them. To the lady dragons he actually likes he will hide this nastier streak, showing them a side of pure gentility, but woe betide them if he is scorned. Male dragons too may warrant his friendship and therefore a reprieve from his harsher mannerisms but the smallest sign of ‘betrayal’ could warrant a vicious retaliation.

Because any perceived slight will be met with Ceretith’s form of vindictive justice.

However all of this doesn’t mean he’s without his good qualities. He’s a swift flier, and very clever. He’ll always be one of the dragons to pick up formations and movements first. He’s also very charming, even if times there may be a sly insult or double headed barb hidden somewhere in his conversation. He has that soothing air, the poise, the elegance of gesture and movement like a gentleman. But you can be sure that Ceretith knows everything that’s going on…and has some machination in progress.

The Etched Grandeur Egg


If ever there was an egg fit for a Lord Holder, surely this must be it. Even surrounded by its siblings, colorful as they are, and even with at least one just-as-shiny egg to contend with, this egg manages to stand out. At first glance it seems as if the egg has been dipped in molten silver and gold, hot metal still swirling over the surface, sliding over the shell and around and about each other but never actually mixing. Upon closer inspection, though, the metal looks a bit more solid – a lot more solid, in fact, as if its been etched onto the egg in an intricate design by a master craftsman whose goal was only to create a thing of admittedly ostentatious beauty.

The idea of such a thing being carefully etched and deliberately created, though, lends it an air of authority. Indeed, there's something about the way it sits there, seated perfectly erect on its little mound of sand near the center of the clutch, catching the light of the Hatching Cavern's glows and reflecting it back upon its surrounding clutchmates, that seems rather dignified despite its rather eye-catching shell. If eggs could be described in such terms, this egg would be old money – all the trappings and bearing and confidence of the ancestrally rich, quite capable of showing off but somehow managing to do so without actually trying. This egg doesn't have to fall all over itself to make its presence known. It does quite well just sitting there quietly.

Interestingly, the glowbaskets in the Hatching Cavern are spaced in such a way, and the egg is positioned in such a way, that it catches light from nearly every angle… and casts no shadow. And yet, somehow, the light it reflects down onto its clutchmates is a bit like a shadow in its own way, isn't it? Do they resent it? Is it better to be cold in the shadow of your sibling, or to bathe constantly in the heat of their unforgiving gaze?

More importantly, what sort of shadow will be cast by the dragon inside?

Bronze Gavilth - R'thriel

Standing tall even beside his bronze fellows, Gavilth is a difficult dragon to miss. He’s a lean, leggy bronze, given more to height than substance, with a long slender tail and a gracefully arching neck to match his body. His features seem finely-sculpted, as if from stone, with angular eye-ridges in an angular face, prominent cheekbones, perfectly sharp and uniform neck-ridges, and long narrow wings built for better speed and maneuvering than most of his color. When he sits he sits tall, neck raised and head angled downward to look down upon whomever he’s addressing — he’d not call it a position of arrogance, he’d call it a position of authority. You might expect a dragon with such long legs to either stumble awkwardly like a lanky teenager or mince about like a little dragon priss, but somehow Gavilth does neither — he moves deliberately and decisively, no movement wasted and with no hesitation, at a brisk pace yet never quite a rush. His hide is a pale, gleaming bronze, as if the most perfectly-mixed alloy was polished to as much of a shine as possible. His neck-ridges and wingsails are a somewhat darker shade, but even that seems deliberate — his coloring is very orderly and “within-the-lines”, with no other variations, and if you were to ask him whether or not he feels that he’s attractive, he would simply say that he is symmetrical, and that is enough.

Gavilth does not suffer from hesitance or indecision as some dragons do. And why should he – or anyone, he wonders — when his world is so easy to understand? Stark black and whites are all that this bronze is capable of seeing, and that makes his path in any given circumstance very clear. A thing is either difficult or easy, wrong or right, good or bad, and that's that – there's no such thing as grey! Not naturally, anyway. “Grey” is just smoke and mirrors, something that happens when someone muddies up the issue, and Gavilth /hates/ mud. Mud is only good for getting you stuck.

Not that he'd come up with such a metaphor himself. Gavilth is intelligent, make no mistake, but he's hardly a creative soul. There's no room for flowery fiffle-faffling in his world of black and white lines and angles. From the moment of hatching he's keenly aware of the color of his hide and the burden placed upon him by it, and he'll learn early on that he seems to be the only one gifted with such a clear view of right and wrong, and so it will become his mission in life to stomp out those muddy waters and steer his fellow dragons down the proper path. His authority is absolute, his fist like iron – not because he's ambitious or craves status, but because he honestly believes that he has to do what he was hatched to do. This is his purpose in life. Gavilth is a big proponent of order, of clarity of purpose and role, and the color-rank hierarchy is an important part of that. Early on he'll be shuffling and ordering his siblings by color, expecting them to respect the natural way of things even when interacting with one another, and he'll have a difficult time going against his own nature – he'll /never/ bow will to a brown and will even have trouble taking instruction from older bronzes, not because he doesn't respect their age and rank, but because being bronze and in-charge just comes so naturally to him that he sees himself as their peer even when he's fresh from the egg. Golds are a bit of a special case – he'll respect them when it comes to their domain, to mothering and nurturing, but they're no warriors and he'll not bow to a bulheaded gold trying to tell him how to keep his class in order. He's the leader here, and she's merely a female to be courted when the time comes.

And there is no compromise in Gavilth's world. People often whine about things being unfair, but Gavilth's brand of “fair” is the sort that no one really wants: true, pure, absolute letter-of-the-law equality when it comes to decision-making. That means no mitigating circumstances, no favoritism, and swift, harsh judgment. If he were human, he would be a proponent of punishing thieves exactly the same no matter if they're an adult who robbed a bank or a child who stole a candy. Both ladies claim the baby? Well, cut it in half so each can have their share – only he may have completely missed the point of Solomon's classic proposal. Gavilth takes things at face value, you see, and expects others to do the same. If everyone were as plain and honest as he is, then there would be no need to look deeper at anything!

He /is/ that, at least: honest to a fault, honorable even in his harshness, absolutely dependable and, admittedly, predictable. His fellow dragons may find him cold, harsh, and distant, may wonder if he has any real emotions inside him, but that's the rub: he /does/. Inside, Gavilth is a roiling bundle of emotion who, like anyone, just wants to be liked. But he believes his decisions are correct and necessary, that his authority must not be compromised lest it end in chaos (/gasp/ his most feared adversary!) and disaster for all, and so he suppresses the vulnerable parts of himself because he can't risk compromising his decisions with feelings. It's more important to be a leader than to be a friend… and because Gavilth can't compromise, he can't see any way those two things can co-exist. He'll be the leader, the ever-vigilant, dependable officer up on the hill who will command his men but never truly be a part of their games, and he'll swallow all the wishes and bitterness and heartbreak because he can't let that interfere either. In his effort to keep his negative emotions suppressed he'll end up suppressing /all/ of his emotions, and he may go his entire life with no one but his rider truly understanding just how many layers there are beneath his shining bronze surface.

The Green Will Always Grow Egg


Next to some of its gaudier siblings sits the Green Will Always Grow egg. It’s not an egg of haughtiness, or pride, there is no precious gold, no shimmering gemstones, no reflective shine, no vibrant gloss. This is an egg that could quite easily be mistaken for something entirely different if it wasn’t sitting on the hot sands of the Hatching Cavern.

It appears to be a rough, worn, dark brown stone, weathered with time, by rain and wind and sun. It looks like the stones found all over Pern. And over the top of it grows soft greenery. It looks like soft moss, the kind you love to rub your hand through and feel sliding through your fingers, leaving little droplets of damp on your skin.

This isn’t an egg for the bright, burning, hot sun of Ista. This is an egg for the cool underground, where water ripples in deep caverns and the soft moss grows, or even under Ista’s famed oceans, where lichen and seaweed grow.

There is life to be found everywhere, this egg seems to say, inviting you to run your hand over the surface, warm and comforting. It does not want to be any more than it is and that will draw some Candidates to it. Could this egg hatch a green like the growth that covers it? Or will it be a strong blue, brown or even bronze, as solid and strong as the stone it grows over. Only Hatching day will tell.

Green Danuath - S'kand

From the moment she hatches, Danuath will be a lovely little green. Everything about her seems warm, soft and comforting. There are no hard edges, no firm lines. Her face is softly rounded rather than angular, her body is well fleshed, not tubby but certainly not heavily muscled, and not rail thin either. She’s large in size for a green, one of the largest in this class of dragons, but unlike others that might charge their way with bulk, Danuath is simply a warm presence.

Her hide also makes her quite unique. The predominant shade of green over her smooth hide, is a soft pale shade, almost blurry, like the hide underneath is fuzzy rather than sleek. Down her spine is one long stripe of dark green, from between her headknobs to down to the tip of her tail, and curling from it are branch like tendrils, in all the shades of green you can imagine, with little shapes almost like leaves sprouting from them, making her a very distinctive little green. And one that blends in very well around trees.

Somewhere in this clutch of passionate and combative personalities, there surely had to be someone steady, and it seems that Danuath is that dragon. The instant her feet touch the ground she is the voice of common sense and of reason. She is the dragon who points out the hole in the plan, the reckless foolishness it holds and she is the dragon who very much thrives on pointing out the practicalities of the world. And she is very practical.

This is not a dragon of whimsy, not one to lose her head in the clouds or in a panic. No this is a dragon of strong earth, sensible, level headed, intelligent, and calm.

She will always have a fascination with the lower caverns and with the crafters of the weyr, finding their work completely intriguing, and her rider should be prepared for her to bring a whole slough of ideas home to personalise their home, first their wallow and then their weyr. In her mind the place they live should be a home, and while it doesn’t have to be perfect, she does want it to feel like it is theirs, and only theirs.

You will not see Danuath lose her temper, in fact you may wonder if this lovely little dragon even has one. She will be fierce in fighting thread, protecting her home and the people she considers her family. But most of the time she will be calm, steady and strong, unhurried and unruffled. But that also means she will form strong attachments. Her clutch and then her Wing will be her family, she will love them, and protect them with her life. Her rider will very likely have to stop her from spiralling into despair with every loss sustained during their years as a fighting pair.

The Flesh Of My Enemies Egg


Um…ew…is that egg made of…meat?

On closer inspection it becomes clear that yes…this egg’s shell is patterned like flesh, like skin, like muscle, like sinew. This is an egg that looks like the inside of someone, under the skin. Squeamish candidates will avoid this egg like the plague, it’s gross! Eggs are supposed to be pretty! Why would Tameketh lay an egg so…disgusting?

The thing is, the life of a dragon or it’s rider is not always glamourous. Sometimes there will be injuries, sometimes people die. It’s the battle that matters, about making a difference. That is what this egg seems to say, sitting there staunchly, a little larger than some of it’s fellows, and not shrinking away when people shudder at it.

This egg doesn’t care what you think…but what about the dragon inside?

Brown Sarezarth - M'khai

Some dragons are lucky enough to be hatched in what almost seems to be a smaller version of their adult bodies, while others at least possess a hint of their adult forms. Sarezarth, unfortunately, is not one of those dragons. He's gangly and big-footed at hatching, with a body a bit too skinny and a head that seems big enough to topple him over, and it will take months for him to grow into the dragon he's destined to be. But oh, once he does! He'll end up average in size overall, but he'll even out all over, his once-large feet now perfectly-sized, unwavering at the end of sinewy limbs that rope into muscular shoulders and hips. A lean sort of strength will be evident in his body, poised and ever-ready for action, just as he's always imagined himself to be. His once-scrawny neck will fill in more than anyone ever expected, thick and solid, holding aloft a large skull with broad jaws and a wide muzzle. His hide, a rich reddish-tinted burnt umber, only becomes more vibrant with age… except for the dark, greyish soot brown markings that shadow his entire body like a vision of the bones beneath: a line down his muzzle and along both jaws, over the top of his head and leaving two perfect open circles around his eyes like sockets, down the back of his neck and all the way down his spine to his tail-fork, a thick line down each segment of each limb and digit, broken by unmarked hide at each joint.

“Impatient” doesn't even begin to describe Sarezarth. He always seems to be on pins and needles, waiting for something to happen, pacing restlessly when forced to wait – and he won't wait long. What's all this talk for? Where is the /action/? If there's one thing a dragon's hatched knowing, it's that he's hatched to /fight/, and Sarezarth will never understand how his fellows can get so caught up in other things instead. Training is great, training is a semi-acceptable substitute for fighting. Food is fine, food is fuel for the fight. Games? What good are games when there's fighting to be done? He's very single-minded, and not so much a creative thinker – any training exercises presented to him during Weyrlinghood had better be very direct and easy to understand, because if their relevance to the fight isn't completely obvious, he'll have no time for it. His every muscle burns to be used, his brain is aflame with the desire to rage, and he'll /find/ something to rage about if nothing is readily available. He /needs/ something to be passionate about, something to focus on and throw his entire heart and soul and body into loving, or hating, or fighting – it's all tied together, you see, love for one thing naturally resulting in hate for anything that might threaten it, or hatred for no other reason than to have something to fight resulting in love for anything that might condone or better, venerate him for his hard-won battles.

Sarezarth's entire life is a whirlwind of these things, particularly in his first turn of restrictions and rules. Maturity, and the ability to fight Thread, will offer him some measure of peace and validation – an appropriate outlet for his aggressive tendencies – but even then, he'll grow restless and growly during periods of rest. He'll always be an angry sort of dragon, with no patience for anyone but his rider and not much even with /him/ sometimes, and his temper is somehow predictable in its very unpredictability. It's easy to insult him – he has a strong sense of his own honor and worth and is prickly about any perceived snubs – and easy to set off his temper, but at the same time, his temper doesn't even always require any prodding at all. Sometimes he'll rage for absolutely no reason – or he'll find a reason, because the only time Sarezarth feels as if he's truly alive is when he's fighting, and anything will serve as a substitute in the absence of Thread. He's good at fighting, after all, with excellent instincts and high marks in almost every physical skill a dragon can have, and even if loud, belligerent arguing and passionate defenses of whatever cause he's adopted aren't quite the same as actual Threadfighting, well, they're better than nothing, right?

In 'Fall he'll be far steadier than one might expect. If his passion for the battle overtakes him he'll be hard to keep under control, true, but he'll be unfazed by anything the sky might throw at him: clumps, ovoids, heavy winds, or rain. There's nothing Sarezarth won't meet head-on and conquer! The deaths of his own wingmates won't affect his performance – he's too focused on the battle, he'll keen after it's done, or perhaps not at all. After all, his mates were warriors and they died doing what they were hatched to do. What is there to grieve?

The Less Than Precious Egg


This egg is thought provoking, and many people will spend time just staring at it puzzled for a long time before they realise just what it is about this egg that is so odd.

It’s silvery white in colour, pattered slightly across its smooth white shell, but it’s not like glass, or like metal…it’s like…some kind of material that they aren’t sure about. It looks tough, like they could smack it, but still in a way beautiful.

This egg just sits, calm and serene, on a little mound off to the side, slightly higher than some of the others, seemingly content to observe the other eggs around it. It would never be so uncouth as to demand your love and attention. Oh no…it wants it, but it wil never demand it. If you do not give it because you want to, then this egg has no wish for your attention or your love.

Will the dragon inside be just as lofty and haughty as it’s egg? We will have to wait and see.

Blue Mavenath - F'liau

Mavenath is a very stately sort of blue. He’s not particularly handsome, or flashy, or cute or anything like that, he’s just regal, stately, classic. He’s like a statue of what someone would carve a blue dragon looking as and that air of refinement certainly helps him win attention from the ladies. He’s a slender dragon, built to stroll rather than lumber, with an elegant tail that, when he sits upright, he hooks over his arm like a cane, or suit jacket. He’s very erect, which makes him look larger than he is. In all actuality he’s quite average in build, but his straight back and proud head gives him a good boost over other more casual dragons.

His hide is that deep royal blue, not the bright shade but the more satin version that gleams. There is no variation to it across his hide except for across his head, which has a darker marking, almost like a cap or a helmet. His mind voice is soft, deep and cultured, with that soothing cadence that makes you want to listen to it talk about paint drying.

Mavenath is one of those dragons that hatches older than his turns. He rolls into the world with an air of experience and with an attitude of ‘I think I know a bit more than you do’. To be fair Mavenath is a wise little dragon; his ideas make good sense, he often finds good workable solutions to problems, but he is far from infallible. Sometimes his attitude comes across as a little bit ‘know it all’, a little bit smug about his knowledge and chance to educate you. He doesn’t mean to rub people the wrong way but…sometimes smart guys who share their brains do just that.

He’s not obnoxious though, which is a point in his favour. If he makes a mistake he is more than happy to admit his fault, unless you’re being an asshole about it. Because if there is one thing that Mavenath hates it’s people being rude or disrespectful. He’s a blue of Ista, he’s one of the smartest in his class, in his Wing. He is due respect, or at least the illusion of courtesy and if you do not give him that…well…things will get nasty.

Mavenath has no compunctions about using his brains and wit to embarrass someone who crosses him, to trip them up publically just to get even. He’s a lovely natured little dragon, but sometimes even the loveliest people have a mean streak when they’re crossed.

In all though Mavenath is the dragon you go to when you need a problem solved, when something isn’t working, when you can’t remember some piece of trivia. His mind is perfect for remembering step by step instructions as well as random facts, which he is more than content to share with anyone who asks. He will be intrigued by craftsmen, and will watch how they do things, memorising the steps for his own curiosity, which he can then rattle off to whoever asks.

The Proud Plumage Egg


There are many beautiful and brightly coloured birds on Ista island, their feathers a treasured collection item for any adventurous youngster. This egg looks like the tail of one of those bright birds, feathers lacing across the shell in a bright, bold pattern of avian beauty. This isn’t about sitting by and waiting for it, this is about fanning your tailfeathers out and demanding that everyone take a look, and wish you had a piece of that.

For all that though the pattern on the shell is even, symmetrical, a pleasing lattice to the eye. Boys who covet this egg will want to touch the shapes it makes, to stare at its iridescent gleam. This is no egg for a wallflower. Surely the dragon within is as flamboyant as it’s feathered egg.

Blue Zalqueth - Lelani

Zalqueth is, without a doubt, one of the showiest blues going around. His hide is that very bright, almost extreme, blue colour and patterned all over with a paler shade that is no less eye catching. Why does the pattern stand out so much? Well the light areas form the shape of feathers, hundreds of feathers all across his body, making him look less like he has the warm, soft, buttery leather hide that dragons are supposed to have, and more like the sleek feathers of a great bird of prey, albeit a bright blue one. Other than his attention demanding hide however Zalqueth is otherwise quite normal in appearance. He’s of normal build, average size, in proportion, with headknobs that kind of curve slightly. However his propensity to pose, and to draw attention back to himself often fools an observer into thinking that he is a much grander size than he actually is.

Zalqueth is the epitome of the frustrated performer, the dragon who craves the attention and finds any opportunity to bring the attention back onto himself. All he wants is the glory, the accolades and most importantly he wants suitable tributes paid to him, especially gifts. Because of his diva-esque tendencies, Zalqueth quite often refuses to do anything until his ego has been assuaged. No amount of shouting or punishments will work, however flattery does work quite well, and bribery works best of all. Gifts just seem to be this dragons weakness, little treats encouraging him to actually get moving rather than sitting there belligerently. It will certainly be a useful technique for his rider, but possibly a costly one, as he will frequently and adamantly refuse to budge.

Forgiveness will have to be earned through buying off this dragon too, with a gift proportional to the ‘crime’ perpetrated against him. It could just be a simple misunderstanding, or small error on his riders part, but it will still require some small treat before Zalqueth will forgive whoever it is. Big errors or indiscretions will demand a much larger gift.

Full of opinions, which vary between being horribly wrong, and actually correct, Zalqueth has no qualms about sharing his thoughts with the world, and insisting they be treated as correct. His classmates and wingmates will regularly be treated by a broadcast of his opinion, ‘The World According To Zalqueth, which he announces with great aplomb and then barrells through, ignoring any objections or corrections.

Stroppy and demanding he may be, but when push comes to shove, he really does love his rider and even his wingmates and classmates. If someone tried to hurt one of them he would absolutely charge in headfirst to guard their honour. The death of someone he cares about will be probably the only time you will see Zalqueth subdued…and he will be…for a while afterwards.

The Cosmos Contained Egg


High in the sky at night everyone on Pern can see the stars, the celestial lights that gleam above them. They look so far away, but many find reassurance in the slow turn of the heavens. This egg is like an embodiment of that feeling. The smooth shell is awash with soft pools of light, little splashes of iridescent colour interspersed with soft clouds of purple and grey.

But the coloured pools are not the only marking on this interesting egg. There are lights, white lights that gleam through the smokiness of the shell, almost as though it were lit from within by glows. This is an egg of timelessness, of infinite patience, poise and quiet, but also beauty…and intent…

Because people should always remember that the stars are so very far away…and some can be dangerous too. Mystery is what this egg exudes…and its dragon is the biggest secret of all.

Green Sarteth - Emley

What a sleek little green.

Sarteth is without a doubt one of the most graceful greens to come out of this clutch, but rather than gliding or floating, this green saunters, she prowls. She’s slender, all long sleek limbs and long, thin curving tail. Her headknobs are delicately pointed, and her eyes are slightly more almond than the usual draconic shape. Her hide is lovely too, a very pale green with darker green spots all along it. The darker green also runs a long line down her spine and up over her cheeks to her eyes, lining them in thick dark green lines, giving her an exotic look. She’s not excitable either. Some little dragons exude enthusiasm, but Sarteth is pure languorous movement, steady and purposeful.

From the moment she hatches Sarteth is an independent little dragon, and not in that childish, ‘I do what I want’ way so many others do. She just doesn’t really seem to need anyone and seems perfectly content in her own company, without need of others to talk to or entertain her. That’s not to say that Sarteth doesn’t like company, in fact she does enjoy spending time with other dragons and little candidates, it’s just not something she HAS to have.

It is a shame perhaps that this little dragon is in fact green, rather than gold, simply because she has a wonderful sense of maternal instinct, and would have made a fine mother for Ista’s future dragons. As it is however, she channels these protective, nurturing urges into the little creche brats and the candidates. She has a strong affinity for them, and will often spend her spare sunning time in a patch of sun near where they will be performing their activities. She doesn’t coddle them however, or act adoringly, in fact she’s quite firm, and has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. These children, as much as the baby dragons the golds produce, are the future of Ista, and she refuses to coddle them. Because to do so might weaken them, and place them in more danger than if she had been firm to begin with,.

All of this means that when she’s old enough Sarteth will be one of the best Search dragons Ista has to offer, one with that innate, natural talent to spot out potential. And she will, most likely, rarely be wrong.

There is a muted sensuality to Sarteth, a huskier note to her mind voice, a measured, intelligent way of speaking, as well as her lithe movements. She will not discourage male attention, in fact she quite enjoys it, as long as they realise that she is who she is, her own dragon. She will actually have a particular fondness for blues, rather than the bolder, (stupider, she thinks) bronzes. Browns she does not mind, but blues…blues are the ones that make her heart race a little faster. Especially if they can keep up with her mentally.

No one will ever be able to say this is a silly little green, she’s quite smart, and level headed, although she is a ferocious fighter in the air. When she’s fighting thread, all the chilled, smooth calm dissipates and Sarteth becomes a ruthless fighter in the wings.

Nothing will ever be as important to this little green than fufilling her purpose; to protect Pern. It’s a role she takes very seriously and does not take kindly to people treating it like a bit of a joke. There is plenty of time to play after drills after all, why do you have to be so immature and fudge around now! She has a habit of hissing when she’s annoyed and will often glide past and hiss irritably at someone slacking off.

She has to protect her Weyr, this is her home, and it is home to the little ones that she would do anything to keep safe.

The Gem Without Price Egg


What a unique little egg!

Golden strands gleam along the shell, tempered with dark blue, almost lapis lazuli like stone, all rippled like hardened magma that’s flowed incrimentally down from a volcano. It looks solid, weighty, like it really is stone, something precious, something that a Lord Holder would display in his hall as a great and beautiful prize.

It appears like Tameketh is rather fond of this egg too. It’s quite close to her, and occassionally, when she isn’t fussing over /that egg/ she will be tending fondly to The Gem Without Price egg.

Candidates will be drawn to that gleam of gold, that promise of something special waiting within. And all of them will wonder if that special little dragon will be all theirs. But they will have to wait and see.

Blue Skalmith - Luptu

There's something about Skalmith that just seems indistinct, hard to pin down, even though he may be standing right in front of you. Though he's a decently-built young blue, large for his color (if a trifle too barrel-chested), tightly-muscled and coiled like a spring, the coloring of his hide seems almost to detract from that – or distract from it, certainly. He's smokey all over – primarily slate blue but unevenly so, mottled subtly paler and darker here and there, like a watercolor painting of a stormy sky. His face, front forearms and a stripe down his back are all navy blue, swirling and blending into the rest of his hide like an incoming fog. He has an open sort of face, short but a bit roundish, though the lines of his muzzle and eyeridges are distinct and finely-sculpted. He's also a very physically-expressive dragon, prone to gesturing to accent his mindspeech: tilting his head, posing a wing, crossing his forearms when lying down casually. He may even begin to pick up gestures commonly used by humans but not typical of dragons: pointing to indicate direction, throwing his head back to laugh heartily, vocalizing chortles and sighs.

Have you met Skalmith? Well if you haven't, you will soon enough. In fact, it's only a matter of time before all the Weyr, dragons and people included, know Skalmith. It's just as well that his crisp, rich mindvoice, somewhat deeper than one might expect, is so pleasant, because he makes it his business to mingle with everyone. He's not a babbler, no. He just doesn't seem to possess the same boundaries that most dragons have about who to speak to and who not to. He finds something interesting about almost everyone, and he'd like to hear your story, if you've the time and inclination. No? Well that's all right then – perhaps some other time? You could call him nosy, perhaps, but he means no mischief by it – he's only friendly and a bit curious, too, and what does a dragon have to do in his free time but sleep or mingle, yes?

It's probably for the best that he's so well-spoken and always so polite. It's a casual sort of politeness, not at all hung up on rules or decorum but more based in simple common courtesy – ask permission, apologize when you're wrong, thank when appropriate. Well-spoken in Skalmith's case doesn't mean using big words all the time, either, though he's certainly capable of it and more prone than other dragons, perhaps. Most of the time, it means being a good communicator – instinctively knowing what words to use, or gestures or whatever it takes, to get his point across to whomever he's speaking to. Some understand better with big words, some don't, some will get a metaphor before they'll understand a long drawn-out explanation, and the older Skalmith gets, the better he will become at having just the right explanation to suit almost anyone. Such a gift could be useful in a leader, but Skalmith has very little ambition himself and doesn't mind at all that he's not more important – he's happy to help in whatever way he can.

In fact, he's generally happy to do anything. He's a positive sort of dragon, very much a team player who loves to be in the thick of other dragons and people, just basking in their company. The big picture, the group, the /family/ — these are the things he thrives on, the things he loves, and he understands the importance of these things in ways that others might not. He loves celebrating the successes of his friends, trumpeting tales of their valiant deeds to any who will listen, and sharing in their sorrows when they need a shoulder to cry on. No one will keen as loud or long as Skalmith when a comrade dies, and no one will trumpet as joyously when eggs are laid or victory has been declared. Sure, he tends to be a bit over-dramatic, but everything he expresses are emotions he genuinely feels – even if he's feeling them on behalf of someone else. He's extremely empathetic, and that combined with his ability to read others (half of good communication is knowing how to listen and understand, after all!) will make him an excellent Searchdragon someday… though some of his more peculiar quirks might occasionally interfere. If not kept on task, he's easily distracted by and impressed by small irrelevant details sometimes, for instance – someone's look or coloring or even just their name can please him to the point that he'll be more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sounds are very important to him, as are rhythm and cadence, and he'll find ways to use words that are pleasing to his ear, or reasons to drop names that he finds exceptional. He loves music and poetry, flow and syncopation, and may be the only dragon who enjoys marching drills, or who learns his maneuvers by counting wingbeats and keeping rhythm.

There's a lot going on inside this dragon, a lot of thought and feeling, cleverness and emotion, but he'll need his rider to remind him, occasionally, when it's best to use his head instead of his heart.

The Storm Within Egg


You know those glass balls the glasscrafters make? The ones with glitter or fake snow or sparkly things inside as funny little entertainments? Well this egg kind of looks like that, except instead of harmless little flakes inside it, there looks to be a storm brewing.

Lightning jags through clouds that roll underneath the glass surface, rain seems to gather, turning everything a dimmer shade of blue. This is one of Ista’s great tropical storms, held perfectly on the outside of this one dragon egg.

Istan’s know the importance of the weather, how it can help or hinder, so Istan Candidates may find themselves drawn to this egg, marvelling at it but also respectful.

After all a dragon from this egg could either be an ally….or a dangerous enemy.

Green Kajurath- ADOPTABLE

There is something very earthy about this little green’s appearance, something very natural, very organic. Her base hide is a dark green, so dark as to be almost black, while still retaining some of that green to it. You don’t see too much of it though, it is truly just a base for the artwork that is Kajurath’s hide. From tip to tail Kajurath is covered by dots, some small, some large, in different shades of green, all of which can be found around Pern in the jungles, forests, grasslands and scrub. There are no extra bright shades, no extra hit of colour, they are simply as they are, pure and natural, all up and down her hide, separating her by colour into sections; tail, backlegs, waist, front legs, neck and head. On her face are the palest shade, deliberate large dots that stretch up in two lines to headknobs, down to her nose, and over her cheeks, the rest being the dark shade, the most you see of it on her hide.

She’s stocky for a green, not built to be sensual, or for the attentions of male dragons. She’s built for her primary purpose, the fighting of thread, no frills or ruffles attached. She’s built to be steady, with strong, wide wings that will make her an excellent glider, adept at riding wind currents.

This is no foolish green to be dismissed as a flighty creature, or relegated to a minor role simply because she cannot keep up. This green is a fierce fighter, determined to be the best she can be simply because any less is just not acceptable to her. She’s not a workaholic, she knows there is more to life than just fighting thread, but she never loses the fact that as a dragon, her job, her duty is to fight thread, and to protect Ista and it’s territories. So during wing drills or weyrling training, during the class time dedicated to learning, she is determinedly focused, almost single minded in her drive to improve. But the instant class is dismissed, or wing drills end for the day, Kajurath lets all of it slip away immediately, to be replaced by a playful dragon ready to enjoy herself.

Mischievous, Kajurath will forever be a dragon to try and take others by surprise with little pranks and tricks. After all recreation time is for relaxing right? And she absolutely wants to help facilitate that for her friends. As a young dragon she will have the habit of pouncing other dragons, in her class and older and engaging them in playful wrestling. She might grow out of it, if discouraged in it enough, or she might retain it for life, although she is very careful never to pounce a dragon smaller, or lighter than her. She does not want to hurt them after all. It’s just play.

She will have a fondness for the small things of the world, the quiet underdogs, the ones not beating their own drums. She will have all the time in the world for the lower caverns workers, and maybe on occasion Candidates as well. Bullies had better watch out as well, because if Kajurath spots anyone messing with someone smaller and weaker than them then that person will get a face full of angry, snarling, green. And maybe even a good dunking in the ocean to teach them a lesson. Her rider may well have to keep an eye on this unpredictable behaviour…Kajurath might misinterpret something and mistake it for bullying, causing trouble only for herself.

But Kajurath’s greatest asset will be discovered only after she begins to fly in earnest. Those terrible stoms of Ista, the howling winds that the dragons sometimes have to fight through? Kajurath is a natural at navigating them, even using them to her advantage. From the beginning she will adore the storms, and then when she flies, she will somehow always know which way the wind will gust, and how to use it for herself. It will make her an incredible asset to any wing and along with her dedication may well set her up for a healthy career.

The Here To Stay Egg


It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that's so unsettling about this egg.

It's not that remarkable really. It's average in size, a solid dark brownish-red in color, with a faint rough sort of textured look to it. It's unique certainly, but hardly a cause for alarm. And yet, somehow, there's something about it that gives some viewers a funny little twinge, like that little prickle at the back of your neck that tells you you're being watched, and the resulting flutter of fear in your belly that may accompany it.

The truth is, there's the color of blood, fresh and wet and urgent, and then there's this: a wound scabbed over, dark and angry and somehow ominous. It shouldn't be, really. A scab means the worst is over, right? It may be uncomfortable, but it's for the best. It may be ugly, but it's healing.

Maybe it's the fact that the scab is a sign that there was a wound in the first place. Or maybe it's just that the idea of an old wound, left untreated, calls to mind a lingering sickness that no one wants to contemplate. Dried flecks of blood, like a dusting of rust, give an impression of age and neglect and decay, and like a scab that never heals over, this egg seems content to blemish the pristine Sands with its infection. It sits there mired in its shallow little hole, slightly apart from the others, just waiting. Watching. Festering.

Brown Vildhunth - N'valu

Some creatures seem to age before their time. Vildhunth, it seems, was hatched old. There’s certainly nothing frail about him, no — though only average in height and length he’s as sturdy and solid as any skybroom tree, with a thick chest and neck and limbs, and the beginnings of a good strong musculature that will become quite well-developed as he grows to adulthood. It’s more that he just seems to be… weathered. Like that same old skybroom, he already seems to have stood the test of time, been lashed by life and the elements and survived with only the scars left in his hide to tell the tale of what he has endured. They aren’t real scars, of course — not yet, though certainly he’ll pick some up in time. His hide, medium brown primarily, just seems to bear premature marks of age. Jagged lining of darker brown around his mouth and eyes makes them seem cracked and weathered. His eyes, deep-set beneath prominent ridges on his broad, short-muzzled head, peer out as if from shadows. Darkened elbows and subtle paler shading winding around his legs seem to make them look almost gnarled, like a tree trunk shaped by the wind over many turns. His neck ridges aren’t smooth and uniform, but rather jagged and a bit uneven in shape and size. The tip of one tail-fork is missing even though he’s fresh from the shell. Even as a baby Vildhunth seems to have been through much and emerged stronger for it, for there’s nothing weak or wavering about his stance or movements: the brown doesn’t have to posture, all he has to do is stand solidly like the trees he resembles and stare you down.

Vildhunth is not a hesitant dragon, but nor is he showy or flashy. There's a confidence there, the sort possessed by someone who knows he's important, who doesn't need attention or validation from others to remind himself that he's special, or to remind others that he's special. In fact, he doesn't care one bit what anyone else thinks about him, and actually seems to prefer being overlooked, fading into the background. He watches everything, he learns much. He's restrained, always completely in control of himself. As a hatchling he may play with his siblings, but he will never be wiggly or enthusiastic – he may not even be gentle or kind about it, because everything is serious to him. Oh, he's not uptight exactly – he knows the difference between war and play – but he also knows that things learned in play translate to knowledge needed later, and if cuffing a sibling in the head with one swipe of a paw now means said sibling will think twice about losing control of his excitement later, then he'll do it. He could explain that to them, of course, but it's quicker, easier, and better remembered if he just takes a swipe. He doesn't feel the need to correct every little mishap – in fact, he's largely indifferent most of the time, a bit aloof, a loner – but when he does take notice, it's swift and brutal and with no warning or fanfare. He's a dragon who says little, maybe even nothing at all, until he has /something/ to say – and when he does, his voice is solid, strong, deep, and altogether hard to ignore. It's the voice of someone who expects everyone to listen or else, a voice that assumes they will because they must, and when he speaks it may just remind everyone of something easy to forget during his silences: Vildhunth is far smarter than anyone realizes, Vildhunth is able to comprehend intangible concepts in ways that dragons typically can't (human relationships, for instance), Vildhunth understands the passing of time in ways that dragons typically don't, and Vildhunth remembers far, far more than a dragon should.

It remains to be seen whether or not that memory will have a negative effect on him in the future, as popular theory has always been that short memories are part of what keep dragons mentally functioning even after terrible scorings and many lost wingmates. As a young dragon, though, and even later in his life, his intelligence and confidence may prove to be a troublesome combination. They could make him an excellent Threadfighter, or even an excellent leader, but the problem is that Vildhunth will never believe that anyone knows better than he does. He may not even waste the time arguing the point – if he disagrees, he'll just go do things /his/ way, and to /between/ with anyone who's unhappy about it. Make no mistake: his priorities always lie with the group, he always has the interests of his wing and Weyr at heart, but he doesn’t trust anyone else to care as much about the greater good, or be as wise about the correct course of action, as himself. He'll always be prone to going about things however he wants to go about them, and he's likely to drag his unfortunate rider right along with him unless that rider is extremely strong-willed or figures out another way to keep Vildhunth in check – because, guess what? Vildhunth, though he may love and trust his rider more than anyone else, /still/ believes that /he/ is the brains of the operation, that /he/ is in control, and that his /rider/ is the one who needs to be firmly handled and controlled. He’ll demand absolute loyalty, and won’t share his attention easily, or with just anyone. Just who is doing all the work here, after all? Yes, that's what he thought. Now sit down, strap in so you don't fall off, and let him work.

One thing will become clear by the time he rises to meet Thread for the first time, though: Vildhunth has a fierce side. It may come out earlier, if violent or stressful circumstances befall him in weyrlinghood, but if not, it will surely happen the first time he fights Thread. When forced to act, Vildhunth's blood suddenly boils, his control slips just enough to let the savage beast inside shine through, and he /acts/. When the time comes to fight, he'll lead the charge with nostrils flaring and flame barely contained in his eagerness to meet his enemy, and while it would be unwise to assume all his intelligence has suddenly disappeared (oh, he's still himself in there, all right), it will certainly be unexpected for those who have always known him for his quiet restraint… and downright terrifying for whomever, or whatever, might be the object of his fury.

The Beauty In Shadows Egg


Compared to some of its loud, bright and colourful counterparts, the Beauty In Shadows egg might be called boring or drab, at least at first glance. If you don’t dismiss it from your mind and look away however, this egg reveals some surprising beauty to it. It looks smooth to the touch, like polished glass over rippling satin and it isn’t boring in its conformity either. In fact this egg doesn’t even appear to be perfectly egg-like in shape, with its smooth contours, ridges and hills.

People who take the time to observe this egg may find themselves captivated by its subtle, quiet beauty, the way it doesn’t demand attention, but just sits, quietly to the side near the back, light occasionally sliding over the glossy surface. There is a confidence to it, strong, silent confidence, but one that needs time to really look beneath the layers.

The Candidates who are drawn to this egg will always find something new to look at, something different, something special, with every glance. It’s like the egg unpacks itself to the viewer; With every glance a new beauty revealed, like the egg was unsure about showing it all at once.

Surely the dragon to come from this egg must be something special indeed.

Green Hasheth - Ashabel

Next to the bold patterns and bright colours of her siblings, one might be forgiven for overlooking Hasheth who has neither of these. Her hide at first glance is a dark, dark green, almost black and seemingly uniform across her entire hide. That is until she moves, or a stray shard of light hits her a certain way. Then she gleams, the part illuminated by the light revealing itself to be almost iridescently green, subtle but very beautiful in its own way, and visible only now and then. Most probably won’t ever even notice these flashes of beauty, leaving Hasheth to be largely ignored.

Considering that this green is one of the larger ones of her colour in this class it is even more remarkable that she is so often overlooked. She’s beautifully in proportion and slender rather than thin, with elegant, trailing wings. She’s also very graceful, even as a baby, seeming to glide silently rather than fumble about like her siblings. In all, those who actually pay attention to her will actually realise what a beauty they have hidden right under their very noses.

Hasheth is the quiet achiever of her class of young dragons. She’s the little dragon who is up there with the top of her class, but always seems to be forgotten as larger, brighter and more flamboyant dragons take the limelight. She’s by far one of the brightest in the class, one of the best fliers, and one of the nicest natured, but she has a habit of stepping aside and letting others take her spotlight. She’s always there though, in the background, supportive, quiet, and she seems to be aware of everything that happens around her.

People seem to come to Hasheth for things, be it help, or advice, Hasheth is the ultimate guidance counselor. Male dragons ask her for advice on lady dragons because they see her as a friend, female dragons ask for advice about the male ones they fancy, because she’s not a threat, her wingleader will probably consult with her too it they are sensible because Hasheth has one of those perfect memories. She will have in her mind a perfect crystalised memory of every mistake anyone made in fall, every nuance of a scene, every word spoken and everyone’s thoughts about things, because people tell her things…or they talk about things while she’s there.

When it comes to her own personal life Hasheth is far from perfect. She gives great advice, when the dragon concerned isn’t her, and when it is her, and her life…well…she always feels like she’s going to muck it up. Her biggest fear is one day putting herself out there…and no one wanting her. There’s a bit of the romantic to Hasheth even if she’s too shy to admit it.

She will be a collector too, of beautiful things, or rather things she finds beautiful. And the first item is a fragment of her shell. She isn’t a dragon of temper, or unpredictability, but if someone were to mess with her beloved collection, or with one of her friends, well…Hasheth’s rage is that quiet rage. Where she is completely calm but you just know…you’re in trouble. She doesn’t yell, doesn’t hurt you. She just lets you know how much you hurt her…and leaves you alone, pretending you don’t exist, because for Hasheth…there’s just no other way for her to show it.

The Shell of Reflection Egg


Boom! Shiny!

How can you not notice this egg? The answer is you just plainly can’t. This egg is out there, it’s bright, it’s bold and it’s right there where it demands your attention. The bright polished silver and bold blue ripple across the shell of the egg, almost like a shell on the beach.

Reaching out to touch it you can almost imagine your fingers tracing along the bumps and dips of the ripples, even as you only touch smooth shell and warmth. This is an egg to celebrate bold choices, fun choices, live life to the fullest and in the limelight of everyone’s attention.

Candidates who love this egg may crave that attention for themselves, hoping a little bit of that bright silver might rub off on them. Because surely the dragon who comes from this egg must be a partner worth having.

The audience awaits!

Bronze Bacayath- H'jorek

There are many shades of bronze, and many shades of bronze dragon. Bacayath is the obnoxious shade, so metallic in appearance he almost is reflective, bright and so very, very loud. The only variation in his hide are darker rivers, well blended in, that curve around the lines of his body, the curves of his muscles and contours of his face and body. They make these contours extra defined and therefore make him look much more than he really is.

But this is the sort of bronze every young boy imagines. He’s big, and imposing, and he’s a very handsome bronze too with a chiseled face, graceful and yet strong. But there is an approachability to Bacayath, a sort of air about him that encourages you to like him, and an exuberance that may well have come from the dragon that sired him.

And Bacayath is absolutely exuberant. He lives for life, wants to grab every bit of excitement, pleasure and joy he can get out of it. He is a master of loving things until everyone around him is thoroughly sick of it, before bounding on to the next thing, bringing everyone along with him. And somehow there is always someone there with him, because Bacayath is just, simply fun. He is ridiculous, self deprecating without currying for compliments, enthusiastic without fear of judgement and never looks back at the carnage that may have come in his wake.

‘There are no mistakes’ is Bacayath’s outlook on life, ‘only the choices that make us who we are’. And he lives by that creed. Some might well envy this bronze his freedom, that lack of fear he feels when confronted with uncertainty. If he survives the early brash years, Bacayath could well be a great leader in Threadfighting, instilling this fight to the last man mentality in his wingmates, as the years shape the boldness into a more mature bravery.

But time will never change Bacayath from being a dragon of excess. He will eat more meat than he needs, and the stomach ache will just be the price he plays for enjoyment, he will encourage his rider to drink wine skin upon wine skin, so as to loosen him up and to enjoy life, he will not be able to restrict himself on the dragons he chases, be they green or gold, and he certainly won’t hold back from encouraging his rider to sleep with as many other humans as possible, be they male or female.

He will however one day have one true love, a female dragon that he will devote himself to loving. He’d never be faithful, or whatever that crazy human notion is, and he certainly won’t give up his fun, his chasing, or his charming of the ladies..or male dragons, but this female, whoever she is, will be the one dragon he will curl up with at the end of the day, consistently, time and again, and whose attentions, will always be accepted above any others.

The Woodcarver's Jewel Egg


Next to the bold and attention seeking eggs beside it, the Woodcarver’s Treasure is not exactly thrilling. In fact it’s quite plain, looking just like an egg carved from smoothed, glossed and polished wood. But it does appeal somehow. Maybe it’s the smoothness, the way you long to stroke your hand over the gleaming wood. You crave to touch it, to caress it, it’s just…you want to.

It’s the familiarity this egg offers that grants it its biggest appeal. Wood is such a huge resource, everyone knows it and uses it. Seeing it here, on the shell of a dragon egg, some of the more retiring Candidates might feel more at home, more comfortable there on the sands, touching it gently.

Will the dragon from this egg be as comfortable as it’s shell suggests? No one can know.

Blue Pheradith - Q'tasin

Behold, this blue is possibly one of the most beautiful dragons ever hatched. His proportions are perfect, aesthetically flawless, dimensions exact and size most excellent of a swift, strong blue. His hide is gorgeous, a ripple of blues of every shade, so with every movement of his body you’re unsure what kind of blue he really is. There is a shimmer to him, like a metal blue, or blue glass, and people will always itch to touch him, even if they hesitate, unsure of whether or not they should. His face is sculpted, wide eyes, elegant headknobs, graceful limbs, and a flowing prance to his movements that draw eyes from near and far. His mind voice is a deep croon, sensual and very pleasing to both human and draconic ears.

One might almost say he’s too perfect to look at. Some might long for some kind of flaw, any kind of flaw just to make that kind of beauty real, rather than the unreality of such unceasing beauty.

Fortunately for everyone Pheradith’s personality more than makes up for his seemingly flawless appearance. He’s vain the moment he steps from his egg, fastidious about his appearance and a real tyrant when it comes to bathing and oiling. His rider will be held to standards that boggle the mind, and the time the blue expects to be put into his appearance is something that will cause his rider a great deal of stress, discomfort and hard work. He must be clean; his hide will only gleam best when it is oiled just right and no one can ever say that Pheradith does not look his best. And when he is old enough, every mark and scar and blemish on his hide from fighting thread will be each mourned like a dearly beloved thread had passed on.

And if things don’t go his way? Be prepared for a hell of a tantrum until you give in and beg for mercy.

Threadfighting is not high on this blue’s priority list. Oh he can fight a mean fight if he wants to, and that petty streak can come in pretty handy when he is avenging a wound on his person, but it’s not his principle purpose. His one true love will always be himself, but just underneath that are the green ladies. He adores greens, and is a master at flattering and composing odes to their loveliness, as long as none of them are considered more desirable than he. He wants all of the greens, which means that when he is old enough he will want to chase every single one he can, fancying himself madly besotted each time. Of course, should they scorn him, he is vindictive in his retribution. Scathing asides, mutterings about weight, a question about whether their nose looks crooked, huh he never noticed before, no wonder he didn’t want to win.

The golden rule of Pheradith is this…he never loses, he chooses not to win.

Behind all of this fluff and frippery however Pheradith has a rather keen mind. Of course it is focused on entirely the wrong things, but he is clever, and shrewd, and above all…he is ambitious. He envies the bronzes and the golds their high place, their ability to stand there and seemingly control his life. He doesn’t like that at all. So he uses his charm and handsome face to ingratiate himself with the leadership, while establishing a little posse of his own.

One day, Pheradith thinks, one day…he could be a wingsecond, or even wingleader or Weyrsecond. He just has to butter up the right people…and be a stud with the ladies. Everyone wants someone popular in power right?

The Golden Apple Egg


No matter how many bright, bold and beautiful eggs there are in this clutch, everyone will always look at this one first.

It’s a coveted gold egg, resting proudly on it’s mound, separate from the other eggs and close to the protective embrace of it’s large golden mother. Within the golden shell is a Queen dragon, a little Istan Gold, ready to help rebuild the home decimated by Thread.

There is something bright about it, the gold, not pale or brassy, but pure…only tempered by the soft ripples across the shell. Girls will crave to come forward and stroke it, perhaps even talk to the little dragon within. They will crave her attention, long for her to choose them, and this egg seems to thrive on that.

What will this egg bring come hatching day? And who will be the one lucky girl? Only time will tell.

Gold Miaranth - Caulan

Though built on graceful lines, it would be unadvisable to mistake Miaranth for a delicate creature. She's slender of bone and build, true, with nary a hint of unnecessary bulk or bulge to her frame, but there's an undeniable strength there, coiled tight beneath sleek, yellow-golden hide. Lean, lengthy legs will make her take-offs and landings enviably smooth, but they'll also grant her an easy, natural gait on land that most dragons lack. Long wings, angled slightly back and broader of sail than one might expect, are clearly built for speed, and once she learns to fly she'll be a rocket among golds, able to easily outrace most of her peer-sisters. She may not be able to maintain her top speed for long, but if she can just harness her patience and master pacing herself, she'll be a force to be reckoned with. Her face, narrow but too gently-curved to ever be angular, her slender shoulders, the front of her wings and the front of her legs are lit by an extremely pale, almost silvery-cast gold – as if she stood, face to the moon, to meet its light on a clear night and walked away with its touch permanently kissed onto her hide where it touched her the most.

Miaranth will always be a dragon who fiercely values her independence, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. She revels in the strength of her own body, in the things it can do and the places it can take her, and will enjoy testing herself, pushing herself to the limits. It's not about showing off to other people, or about some boring sense of duty. (Miaranth can't understand people who do things only because they're supposed to rather than because they want to – if it's “the right thing to do”, whatever that is, you should still want to do it or else maybe it's not the right thing or maybe you're not the right person?) It's about testing herself, enjoying that which she has been born with and taking it to the highest level she can take it. For her and no one else! Her mind is her own, too, and she'll never accept anything at face value. She doesn't reject things just for the sake of being difficult, no, but she does require an explanation. “Because I said so” or “because it's always been done this way” simply isn't good enough – in fact, it's an insult to her intelligence that she'll greatly resent, and the former response is even likely to provoke her into pulling the “I'm your queen” card, which she rarely employs otherwise. She'd rather be respected for who she is than the color of her hide, you see, but she's smart enough to realize that people are going to get all hung up on her color anyway, so maybe it's not so bad to use it occasionally. She can respect tradition and all, once she understands why it's traditional and why it's really the best way. If she doesn't believe it's the best, way, well… she's likely to just go her own way.

And really, her own way will always be her favorite way. She's not in it to make waves, she just likes being her own dragon – and in many ways, that will make being gold exceptionally hard on her. Early weyrlinghood, with its many restrictions on where they can go and who they can speak to, will really wear on her. Why, she's not some baby who needs to be babysat! She's not going to go fall off a cliff, she just wants to explore on her own, that's all. She isn't going to flip out because her rider hugged somebody. Why, if she thought her rider was going to cheat on her, she wouldn't have picked that person in the first place! What a stupid notion. Miaranth is very secure in her bond from the beginning, and secure in herself, and secure in what she believes her place in the world is – less so in what the world seems to expect of her in return. She can appreciate being admired, but she doesn't like being fawned over, and once she realizes how much status and politics are involved in the wooing of someone of her color, she'll be highly skeptical of any compliments she receives. Not of their veracity (of course she's beautiful – it's her body, she's very well aware and doesn't need to be told!), but of the motives behind them. Her exultation in the idea of flying, of pushing herself and leading the males on a merry chase, will be tainted by the knowledge that they see her as a prize to be won, something to be conquered, not because Miaranth is Miaranth and incredible and a challenge, but simply because she's a gold. She dislikes the idea of being conquered, and she dislikes being just “a gold”. She doesn’t wish to be any different than what she is, doesn’t wish she was green or any other silly thing (she is what she is and you can kiss your own tail if you don’t like it!), she merely wants to be recognized as an individual first, a gold dragon second, rather than the other way around. Likewise, when she's stuck on the Sands tending her eggs while all her fellows fly, she'll suffer from an unhappy sense of cabin fever. Oh, she enjoys being a mother, and enjoys tending the eggs, but struggles with the way it ties her down and keeps her from her beloved skies… and once the adorable little buggers have hatched she'll be all too ready to kick them loose to sink or swim on their own.

That's really the attitude she has about her fellow dragons in general. Oh, she *does* care about the group – quite a lot, in fact — but sometimes she may stubbornly resent the fact that she cares, because it does make things ever so complicated. And her brand of caring isn't smothering them or preventing them from making mistakes, no. She'd rather keep a distant eye on them, letting them do stupid things and get burned for it, letting them learn the hard way. She'll even push them towards a mistake if she thinks they need it – she's certainly got an acerbic enough tongue for it. A clever dragon will learn more from Miaranth by observing her rather than asking her outright: her sharp focus, keen awareness of the sky around her, and prowess in flight will make her a fighter to be reckoned even with a flamethrower on her back, and her near-silent wingbeats and sharp eyesight will make her second-to-none as a hunter. Don't ever make the mistake of telling Miaranth that she's not a fighting dragon!

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