Location Ista Weyr
Position Senior Journeyman Dragonhealer
Birthdate 8.418.2.15 (35)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Homosexual
Played-By Kandyse McClure
Player Siarna

Sudaje’s body is a map of experiences. She has plenty of scars- many of these from Interval hatchings or Games- too many of them are recent or over the last few turns. Some of these are mistakes, a wrong place at a wrong time, or just plain bad luck. Others are successes; hatchlings properly bonded with their rider, dragons able to fly again, a limb that didn’t need to be amputated. She’s usually nursing a new scrape or bruise every Threadfall, though thankfully it doesn’t get much worse than that. She pulled something in her left shoulder during the First Fall that she’s ignored since; in her idle moments she tends to roll it. She says that it’s nothing to worry about, just the burdens of her craft. Besides, it warns her before it rains and before hatchings start.

She is a typical Istan woman of average height, with a semi-athletic build straight from clambering over and under dragons on a day to day basis. All things considered, she has an average form, and she wouldn’t be surprised that she would be passed over for the curvier, more nubile young women of the Weyr. She moves between petite and athletic on a month-to-month basis, going for days or sevendays before realizing that she had forgotten to eat most meals or sleep more than a candlemark or two a night. Her clothes- generally whatever is cleanest OR what has been set out for her- fluctuates from well-fitting to ‘studiously messy’ every fortnight. While she isn’t strongly opposed to dresses and skirts, trousers are the proper article to wear while on-shift- although she takes proper care to wear them whenever she needs to visit Braughan and/or Sooty for any kind of reason.

Her hair falls to about halfway down her back when let free, in thick, tumbling waves that could make other women jealous if it wasn’t tied tightly back into a bun or piled at the top of her neck. There’s a tinge of premature grey filtering in (possibly from her Mother’s side, as Therden still has no gray to this very day). Her eyes are a dark brown that have a habit of peering over a mug or hides to observe. She has a particularly serious face, with perpetually furrowed eyebrows and a mouth pulled into a thin line.


Call her what you will, but Sudaje is tough as nails. One has to be when it comes down to wrestling dragons and riders into submission- forcing a dragon to lie still or holding a man back while a healer forces fellis down his throat- takes both a physical and mental toll on a person. Sudaje is demanding and vocal when she needs to be and often when she doesn’t. She’ll come off as ‘a little’ abrasive at first impression, but it’s because her patients are her first (and generally only) priority, so get out of the infirmary or get the shards out of her sight.

A weyrbrat at heart, Sudaje always feels a little out of place when she first steps into the infirmary. It’s always been full of Holder-born crafters as long as she can remember, but she still finds the little ways in which they are so different. Some of them are particularly entertaining to flaunt, especially if said Holder is new or hasn’t quite acclimated to Weyr culture. She takes it in stride that she’s the odd one in the private circle of Healers, and while sometimes it can be confusing or strange, she wouldn’t change anything (and the way some of these healers react is just so perfect).

Sudaje is smart. Hella smart. She practically danced her way through her apprenticeship, not really buckling down nor studying like many of her peers. Healing comes as naturally as breathing to her, and she thoroughly enjoys it. Some kids might have thought she cheated on her exams, with Daddy being the Masterhealer, but she won’t hear a word of that. She’s gotten to where she is now because she’s intelligent, quick on her feet, and stubborn as a mule. If she wasn’t all of these things, she would have been severely hurt or worse by now and left to brew fellis or make redwort wash until her hands were stained and gnarled.

She’s a wee bit awkward, too, something that can be both endearing and infuriating. Dragons make sense. They tend to speak honestly and candidly- what’s hurting, what they did to hurt it, and will stick to their physio for as long as they can remember it. People are…less honest, and it takes someone with better intuition than her to navigate that field outside of patient-healer interactions.

Maybe it was Weyr life or maybe it was devotion to her work, but Sudaje never seriously considered settling down like many of the other crafters. Flings and short romances were one thing- all in good fun- but she rarely thought about having a weyrmate or a family of her own. As she’s realized since integrating herself with the healerstaff, she is particularly fond of children; they bring out a tender side to her that rarely appears. This is one reason (besides Nesseley) that she generally stays on good terms with Braughan- she adores his horde of children, from Dusty all the way up to the twins. Ellou is a particular favorite of hers and a point of contention with the Healer. She’s been dropping hints over the last few turns to the girl about switching over to dragonhealing. She’s fooled Braughan before and damn straight she’ll do it again.

Sudaje is always hard at work. Always. It’s a rare thing to see her actually resting on a restday, and even during Gathers and Holidays she struggles to sit back and relax. There is always something more to be done, some writing to finish, some dragon to tend, that her own personal needs seem tiny in comparison or forgotten about entirely. She’s the person that will forget her own turnday (or her father’s, or her lover’s) if there is something that attracts her fascination or her determination. She can get well into the thick of things, so intent on one thing or another that she forgets about eating or sleeping. She needs to be reminded to do the simple, everyday things: laundry and cleaning being a particular concern. Her apprentices are well trained for these scenarios; the staff joke that she helps them weed out those who don’t make the grade.



A native to Ista Weyr, Sudaje was one of the many brats in the creche with only a basic understanding of who her parents were. Her Father, Therden was a man-of-the-hour to her greenrider mother, a situation that she still doesn’t want to think too long on. She and her Mother had a typical rider-children relationship, which means the two never really talked or interacted in any meaningful way. Her Mother did, once in a while, visit as Sudaje grew, but only to see exactly what her daughter looked like and that she wasn’t getting into any trouble. This visits slowed and then ended altogether well before Sudaje hit her teens.

Sudaje bounced between the creche and her Father’s care throughout her childhood, spending day or days between them. While her Father loved her and was determined to be a part of her life, it was difficult to balance both her and his work as a dragonhealer at once. Most of her days were spent in the creche with the other weyrborn children, while her evenings and nights were spent with her Father. She remembers stories by the hearth and simple homemade meals from his home Hold- a place that she’s never visited yet holds in high regard.

When all the other kids joined candidacy at twelve (or eleven, like that brat Jalnala) Sudaje didn’t follow. Threadfall was coming, they said. The Weyr needed to prepare for the oncoming threat. Sudaje took it to heart, as all the other kids, but instead of trying to join the ranks of riders she joined the Healers. She didn’t want to be part of the front lines. But there were others who did, her friends and family, and she knew they would need Healers for the coming storm. As it turns out, she excelled as a healer. She was good at it. As soon as she finished the basics she transferred over to the Dragonhealers. It was difficult, strenuous work, but there was nothing more rewarding than working with the great beasts. She walked the tables as expected in her early twenties. It took her some time to get used to it (and she’s still not comfortable taking apprentices, the silly things).

First Fall wasn’t what any of them expected. It was a bloodbath. Sudaje still has nightmares about those first few falls, of all the dragons and riders that they couldn’t save. The riders weren’t the only ones injured; she suffered her own injuries trying to tend to crazed riders. She wrenched a shoulder, bruised some ribs, and got her own cuts and scrapes in the process. She appreciated all the extra help that flooded into the infirmary, whether it was lower caverns staff or candidates.She welcomed the new healers with open arms. They lightened the pressure on the staff already stretched too thin. Over the last few turns Sudaje has been promoted to Senior Journeyman. Her main focus has transferred from general care into Threadscores, and it’s made her a workaholic, between sending information to the other Weyrs and doing her job.

Unlike most of the Weyrfolk, she doesn’t mind the Outsiders flooding into the Weyr. Perhaps she was used to it, with a majority of the Healer staff coming from off the Island as it was. An injured dragon is an injured dragon; everyone bleeds the same.

Very recently she has connected with Nesseley, a journeyman healer that arrived with the bulk of the Outsider Rides. Before Ness, she hadn’t thought about having a weyrmate or settling down, but the other healer is starting to change her mind on many things.

Common Knowledge

Had K’vrett as an Apprentice. Was also one of the many that covered for the boy when he switched into Candidacy. K’vrett was a good apprentice and a good kid. She’s turning her eyes to Ellou now, and will always give the girl some ‘chores’ to do if she ever turns up in the dragon infirmary.
Despite being such a workaholic, was one person that was almost guaranteed to be near a Flightroom when she was off-duty. Was really the only time she got her giggles, outside of Gathers and Hatching Feasts.
Might be a little jelous about Ness’ family, if Ness is close to them at all. She only has her father- and while normally she it doesn’t bother her- she wonders sometimes what having a large family is like.
Bucnar and Sarada’s off and on relationship is one of the BEST bits of Weyr drama she’s ever seen, and that’s only because Chip and Bertie Impressing is the actual best thing that has ever happened in the History of Pern.


Father: Therden, Master Dragonhealer
Mother: Suda, greenrider at Ista (adoptable?)
Smattering of half-sibs, foster sibs, cousins, etc at Ista Weyr
Nesseley, Journeyman Healer, weyrmate


Braughan, self important bastard

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