Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Sorley is often mistaken for a teenage boy at first sight, but after a closer look its quite clear that there’s a ton of femininity to this woman. She keeps her black hair to a short crop thats taken in quite close on the sides and left a little longer on top, enough to have a short fringe of uneven bangs that hang just into her eyes. She has delicate, angular features a cute button nose and slightly tilted grey eyes that always seem to have residual eye shading around them.

Sorley isn’t a tall women, only about 5’5 and she puts off an air of being stronger than she actually is. She’s quick and agile yes, and she will tough through wing excercises, but she doesn’t have the brute strength for things like a ton of pushups or throwing around firestone for hours. She can do the normal routine and be a little sore for it, but anything overtly strenuous will kick her ass. However she’s limber as hell and can sprint circles around alot of folk.

If her tattoos are anything to judge by, though, she’s not a woman who’s too afraid of pain. Her right arm is a solid collection of intricate and heavily shaded designs, a thing that took her several turns to get finished and hurt like nothing else. She has a second, smaller piece, a cliche bit of work that depicts a dragon in flight on the left side of her lower back. But really, if someone’s into that sort of thing and impresses then, duh, they should have a dragon put on them.


Sorley is one of those snotty hot shots that is infuriatingly good at what she does. Riding fits her like a glove and she knows it and sure isn’t afraid to let everyone else know it. She’s as bad as any conceited bronzerider and, frustratingly, she has the record to back it up. Well, at least performance-wise, her behavioral record isn’t as shining. She breezed through weyrling training, graduated at the top of the class and even managed to pull out a daring rescue of a wingmate during the First Fall. No one can fault her performance, even though her attitude leaves much to be desired.

This is a woman who doesn’t have an understanding of pain and suffering. She’s never lacked for anything, had to go hungry (or even eat anything of questionable quality), been given hand-me-down clothes or had to deal with being told no. To her, she’s untouchable and this feeling of invincibility only makes her even more unbearable. It also makes her completely insensitive to people who have been through hardship; life has been so easy for her and she doesn’t get that it isn’t the same for everyone. To her people tend to just be whiners and it can’t really be *that* bad. Truly, starving can’t be all *that* terrible, right?

Obnoxious, arrogant, selfish and spoiled. Sorley might have been a prim and proper little Holder girl at one point, but she’s far from that now. Everything that she could never do or be has come out in excess. She drinks, she cusses, she jumps in the furs with anyone who’s a little pretty or willing (and then makes sure she goes between a whole lot to avoid any unwanted accidents). All the behaviors that were suppressed up until she moved to the Weyr are everything she’s throwing herself into with a great amount of enthusiasm.

Not that this is to be confused with joy. These things make her content to an extent and at least on the outside she seems pretty pleased with life, but she’s not exactly happy. She’s not totally lost in the grief the had encompassed her whole being, but it hasn’t completely let her go either. It shows when you would expect it, after she’s had a bad day or is letting stress get to her, when she drinks too much, and then it likes to broadside her unexpectedly. In the middle of drills, for example. Most days its fine, some days she hides up in her Weyr with a bottle of strong spirits which usually only makes it worse until it puts her out for the night.

She still misses Gravinor, probably always will, and the haunting memory of him keeps her far away from being interested in finding love again. Even if she were, the crippling fear of losing another lover doesn’t let her get too close. She’ll sleep around, even make some friends but anyone she threatens to get too attached to get dropped like a sack of garbage.


Birthplace : Unnamed Hold, 8.423.9.13

Sorley came from a very wealthy family. Her great-grandfather had gained control of a small mine that had a high yield of precious stones and turned it into a great deal of marks. Aside from being able to sell the raw stones, he hired smiths to turn out finished gems as well as a couple who could piece together what came to be some very highly sought after bits of work. Jewelry, knives… all things fancy that catered to the higher society of Pern. By the time Sorley’s father took charge the holding was worth a pretty mark indeed.

Her parents doted on her and her siblings, although with only two girls out of seven children, their daughters took the majority of the cosseting. That also meant they got the full force of their very protective parents and siblings. Her parents were always very hidebound, nearly backwards in their thinking. They were a higher class than the rest, driven by strict rules of propriety. Faranth forbid one of their pretty little daughters utter a dirty word or have wrong thoughts about a boy before they were married to them. They were especially horrified by the degraded lifestyle of the Weyrs. After all, who knew what they were getting up to while they were busy not fighting thread. This was environment Sorley grew up in, and it wasn’t so terrible. She wasn’t fond of the oppressiveness, but she tolerated, especially when she realized the boy she’d been madly in love with for as long as she could remember was her arranged husband.

Not many got that sort of luck; she’d heard stories of girls being wed off to the most horrible of men. But Gravinor, one of her father’s miners, he was something else and he actually loved her right back. They spent all of their time together, dreamed of their future. Sorley was even open to talking about children to him, something she never thought she would be open to.

They even talked crazy fantasies about running away to a Weyr and impressing dragons. This was mostly in joking, though Sorley had a curiosity about the place her parents hated so. It wasn’t enough to accept the search token that was offered her when she was seventeen, though. She had a happy, easy life ahead of her with Gravinor, she didn’t need some big flying beast or immoral people as intriguing as they might be.

They were married when Sorley was twenty and she bore him a child two turns later. Sorley was never a fan of children, but Gravinor loved their daughter enough for both of them. They had another turn together before Gravinor was killed in a mining accident.

It was as if Sorley’s world had ended. The joy had been sucked out of life and she lost all will to be in it any further. It was the arrival of another search dragon to their hold that brought any liveliness to Sorley. Thread was coming, they said. They needed soldiers to fight it, they said. You’d be good for a dragon, they said.

Whatever, she said and decided to go. She wanted to die, well at least she could do it seeing a place she’d had interest in, riding a dragon. Or something. Her parents were furious, but there was little they could, especially when they saw that their precious child was showing signs of at least attempting to recover. And really, someone of such high standing was better than impressing a dragon so chances were she would get over this little thing of hers and come home after the hatching.

Except little blue Kasheth had other plans. He claimed Sorley and the girl was thrown into the world of being a rider. Weyrlife was a whole other world and having Kasheth did wonders to begin helping Sorley heal. It gave her something to live for at least and after a short time they realized that they were bloody *awesome* at their new role.

Graduation came and went, turning out a whole different person than the girl that went in. Sorley and Kasheth flew brilliantly, showing up their wingmates regularly and winning a fair few of inter-wing races and competitions. Thread started falling and far from the many that were traumatized by the awful experience, Sorley was stoked. Not only had they gotten away unscathed, her and Kasheth had managed to save one of their wingmates from plummeting to his death.

And when the call from Ista came she was happy to sign up to go. A tropical paradise full of poor buggers for her to show off to? Awesome. Besides, she’d already slept with most of the people who were of any interest at Telgar, it was time for a change.



Unnamed Daughter


Husband: Gravinor

Sorley's Dragon: Blue Kasheth

Colour: Blue
Age: 5
Weyr of Origin: Telgar
Wing: Red Tide


Kasheth possibly the smallest male in the Weyr, and he carries himself in a way that shows he knows it, but is not satisfied with it. He stalks through life with his hackles up, glaring down anyone who gets in his way. Though little, he’s a very strong creature who will happily spend time working hard to get stronger. He doesn’t have the size to compete, so he’ll have the muscles to make up for it.

There isn’t much to make him stand out; he’s a dull greyish-blue that doesn’t have much shine to it and this clearly bothers him as well. So his answer? Gleaming decoration! He’s a bit of a hoarder of shiny things and he’ll happily show it all off; he wants everyone to know he’s got a thoroughly impressive stash. There’s plenty he can wear around the Weyr, showing off, even his fighting straps have a bit of bling sewn into them (though these are inexpensive bits of glass, just in case something gets on them). There are some great benefits to having a rider that comes from a wealthy family after all.


Kasheth is a tough as nails blue that doesn’t have the ability to back down from anything. He doesn’t have an option, either you win or you die and this is the the way he views everything. He came from a huge clutch of overly dominant dragons and, being the smallest male of the bunch, he had to fight to get anywhere. He clawed his way to the top of the food chain, earning (or forcing) respect from his peers, even some of the bronzes. Though small, he’s strong and has the grit to back up his muscles. This dirty determination to get it done is what makes him a good threadfighter. He doesn’t love it, but its a necessary war that he fights because that’s his job, and he has the pride to do it well.

He’s a rough guy who’s usually on the defense. Because he was so used to being stepped on, pushed around as a hatchling and always having to fight for everything that he’s always ready to take on whatever needs to be taken on. Underneath the swagger and tough talk there’s a big heart. He struggles to express himself and has a only a very basic understanding of emotions, but he will occasionally fumble his way around them when necessary.

Truthfully though, Kasheth would love to teach. He was never the most clever of the class; when it came to learning flight patterns or how thread fell, he struggled. He may have dominated physically, but it took longer for him to pick up the rest. Now that he knows it though and continues expand his understanding, he finds he loves it and would be happiest passing the knowledge on. And maybe there’s a part of him that loves the idea of being put in charge and showing that he’s better than the little underdog he was once.

His rider can be a struggle for him sometimes. Of course he loves her dearly and they are one hell of a fighting team, but sometimes he just doesn’t know what to do with her. The things she feels can be overwhelming and completely beyond his ability to deal with. It worries him and makes him angry when she loses herself in sadness, or drinks herself into oblivion and there’s frequent battles between the two over these issues. Despite this, he’s aggressively proud of his rider and nobody better say a thing against her.

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